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Lotions/ Creams -The Body Shop -Hemp Hand Protector

on 12/1/2018 10:42:00 PM


Why is this cream so stinky!!! I can tolerate it for a while, but after half an hour I begin to despise it! The metal tube packaging is also very fragile as it becomes cracked at places and cream comes out from those cracks, making my vanity bag a total mess. It made me transfer the product to a different empty tub which I now carry in my bag. But, the moisturizing quality of it- amazing in a word! I have seb dermatitis and nothing works for my hands except petroleum jelly, and this stinky stuff. It makes my hands softer, heals the drier areas due to dermatitis. I consider it more as a medicine than a hand cream. But I'm not gonna repurchase it for sure. After I finish it, I'll go for shea or British rose hand creams from tbs.

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Treatments (Face) -CHANTECAILLE -Nano Gold Firming Treatment

I received a deluxe sample of this that lasted me a month. Did not appreciate the gold shimmer it left behind. Did it fulfill all its claims? Not really. It kept my skin hydrated. Tightened....yes. Made me look younger....I'm 44 years old but told I look 25....I didnt revert to 18 years It didnt break me out and it did provide clarity but I can name a dozen moisturizers with a lower price tag that can offer the same benefits and then some. I definitely would not purchase full size of this product.

Cleansers -Unlisted Brand -Indie Lee -- Brightening Cleanser

on 12/1/2018 10:23:00 PM

I love that this cleanser is available @ bluemercury so it’s easily accessible. I went through the entire bottle and was not impressed with the results. I used it as the second step in my double cleanse. About 3-4 pumps gets everything off.
It smells wonderful! I really did enjoy my nighttime routine because of the strawberry scent. However I did not feel like it cleansed well hence the 3-4 pumps. After rinsing it off and running my hands over my face, I felt a thin film residue on my skin. I could not get over that fact so I decided not to repurchase.

Lipstick -REVLON -Gentlemen Prefer Pink

on 12/1/2018 10:08:00 PM


As cringeworthy as the name of this product is, it's an amazingly perfect pink, which is hard to find anywhere.

Since I searched for years everywhere and finally found it, it's my everyday lip color. I'm 59 and look a bit washed out without anything. I always wear lipstick. One coat of this is MLBB. Two or three quick coats give a nice blue based pink, but not too bright. I literally just held one up to the MUA photo and in real life it is less barbie pink. It is in the "pearl" category of the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks, but it's not frosty pink at all. Just the right amount. It's not a balm, but it is not drying. It feels good. I absolutely love the packaging. It is as classy as Chanel or any other high end lipstick. Iconic. Without any of the numerous discounts etc, it is under $10 a tube. It deserves recognition in the hall of fame of American products.

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Liquid -Lancôme -Absolue BX foundation

on 12/1/2018 9:53:00 PM


This is a beautiful creamy foundation with a wide color selection. I wear 215n and I find that the slight peach tone gives my dry, aging skin a lift. I like this one almost as well as Estee Lauder perfectionist but the color range in Lancome is better than the EL, so I reach for this more often. This is just a bit too hydrating for me, whereas the EL is perfect in terms of texture, but I just blot this and use a touch of powder. if you have dry skin this is worth a try. Very smooth, very hydrating, lovely.

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Fragrances -Giorgio Armani -Si

on 12/1/2018 9:52:00 PM


Stays long which I like - Woody vanilla scent with a twist.. not my fav but really cozy scent during colder days...

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Liquid -Dior -Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation

on 12/1/2018 7:17:00 PM


This foundation is just awful. I have tried to use it in all kinds of ways for the past half a year but for me it is a major failure. No matter how I apply it it looks heavy. It accentuates every single dry spot i have on my face. It cakes up. It has 0 oil control. It separates on the oiliest areas of my skin. The lightest shade is way too dark for light skin tones and has orange cast to it. It does nothing to hide the pores. It sits in them perfectly though. I have no words for this foundation. It is the worst I have ever tried. Didn’t expect this from Dior.

Lipstick -Lancôme -Rouge Sensation - Crushed Rose

on 12/1/2018 6:50:00 PM


I bought this rosy color to wear as an everyday color. It’s a fairly neutral rose shade. I found that it doesn’t flatter my pale cool skin tones as much as I would like. Using different colored lip pencils make a difference to how well it looks. I think I tend to like a little brighter colors and this one is subtle enough for most people’s taste.

Lipstick -REVLON -Super Lustrous in Wine with Everything

on 12/1/2018 6:33:00 PM


I bought this in the frosty version. I am so surprised how flattering this color is. It’s sort of a soft medium pinky red color that many people can probably wear. I have pale, cool tone skin tones and it looks good. I wear it everyday right now and get many compliments. It’s not too flashy or bright but shows up nicely. It can almost be worn as a neutral with some umph to it. I am on my second tube of this and will continue to buy it.

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Moisturizers -Olay -Complete All Day Moisturizer SPF 15 - Sensitive

on 12/1/2018 6:31:00 PM


I have used this moisturizer for 8 years because acne started young for me and my grandma told me this was a good one. It seemed alright, but recently I was stuck because of a long layover and didn't have my luggage, so I had to use hand lotion on my face and couldn't use my Olay in the morning. Then, something weird happened--my skin literally cleared 50% overnight. I expected to break out horribly but I was so pleasantly surprised.

Of course, I googled why this might be, thinking it may be the sunscreen. Turns out that this moisturizer uses chemical sunscreens, which I found out break people out pretty often. I immediately went out and bought a different sunscreen with physical sunscreen (i.e. zinc oxide and titanium something) and I've had ONE pimple since then.

Long story short, I used this religiously because I know that sunscreen on your face is super important. It made my face greasy, so I thought I had crazy oily skin, and broke me out with small closed comodones and larger cystic acne as well. My makeup would break apart and separate on my face after 8-10 hours, even if I wore oil free long lasting foundations and powdered heavily, and now it looks 75% better after the same amount of time.

I am NEVER using this product EVER again. Avoid this moisturizer if you are acne prone in the very least. It's just not worth it.

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