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Liquid -Algenist -REVEAL Color Correcting Anti-Aging Serum Foundation SPF 15

on 1/12/2019 2:31:00 PM


I like many of the Algenist skincare products but not this makeup product. For me, this foundation accentuates my fine lines and pores, and does not provide enough coverage after two coats. I do like the serum texture that makes it easy to apply on the face.

Lipstick -Maybelline New York -Color Sensational Lipstick - Warm Me Up

on 1/12/2019 2:17:00 PM


This colour is almost exactly the same shade as my natural lip colour. My natural lips are dark, very pigmented brick red sort of shade, and this colour is too, except Warm Me Up has that hint of rosy pink that my lips are lacking. So you could say it's an improvement over my natural lip colour because I have no pink at all in my lips, and this lipstick adds in that pink that I need so much. But since it is so similar to my natural lip shade and I am not too crazy about my natural lip colour (I would've preferred to have pinker or redder lips) well I am not all that crazy about this lipstick colour either. But I find it does look very good on me, it looks natural and like I am not wearing any lipstick at all (which is hardly surprising since it's the same colour as my lips). Since it's the same colour as my lips it goes well with my skin tone and colouring. The quality is very good, the lipstick goes on solid and smooth and it doesn't streak or fade. It also adds a nice gloss or sheen. I would say it's more a colour suitable for business meetings, job interviews or a formal dinner out, it's not really a fun colour, it's more a professional, serious looking colour. I don't have a high profile job with business meetings and I like having fun, I'm not much into formal events so I don't see myself reaching for this lipstick a lot but it's always nice to have a lipstick around that is the same colour as your lips and a girl always needs a good lipstick for formal or professional occasions.

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Pressed Powders -COVERGIRL -Clean

on 1/12/2019 1:59:00 PM


I love the scent of this, so retro and nostalgic.
The formula is sheer but gives just enough coverage. It cuts the redness and shine on my nose from my frequent allergies and evens out my skin tone overall.
I don't like the puff that comes with it. Picks up too much powder and makes me look dry. I replace it with a sponge for smoother application.
I'm also SO glad Covergirl is certified cruelty free so I can buy them again!

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Pressed Powders -Maybelline New York -Fit Me Set Smooth Pressed Powder

on 1/12/2019 1:43:00 PM


The powder is ok, but the packaging is the worst part. I'll not purchase it again.

Eyeliner -Dior -On Stage Liquid Eyeliner - Matte Black

on 1/12/2019 1:42:00 PM


Ok so this is matte black but its still more shiney than i prefer. I am a Kat Von D Trooper type of girl so for me most liners look leathery and shiney. The KVD has been fading on me so ive been on a hunt. I do like the Stila mictotip. This is not as shiney as Stila but def not a true matte. If Stila microtip was matte, itd be hg.
This is more intense than KVD, on the same intensity as Stila. It doesnt fade as fast as KVD, Though, I prefer the brushtip on it more. I guess the perfect liquid liner is hard to find lol. This liner has a long felt tip and it is somewhat easy to control. It makes a sharp tip and also easy to correct with a qtip. It doesnt smudge and stays on my lids well after it sets. Goes on top of falsie lashband easily. I bought this on a whim because ive been using Diorshow mascara for years and thought why not try the liner since it says its matte black. Kind of dissapointed in the finish of this but id use this up. Its a maybe on repurchase, for now i do like it but Stila is a bit cheaper and has the same effect.

Edit- surprisingly, this works well on the waterline for tightlining.(tried this with Stila and it didnt work out at all) this stayed put and does not smudge onto my lower lashes like gel or pencil liners do. Though it does fade but in a way where it still looks like i have good coverage since its draw so close to my actual lash line. Basically covering the part thats close to the lashes where it really matters when it comes to tightlighning. I dont see white parts of my lashline but i do see parts of it dissapearing where its closer to my actual eyeball. It doesnt transfer anywhere. Its nice and easy to use with a very fine and long tip. BUT Its a no on repurchase because i just found out Chanel made a liquid liner with a brushtip just like KVD! Just ordered it! I think i am returning this.

Palettes -Morphe -35O2 - Second Nature

on 1/12/2019 1:39:00 PM


The thirty five eyeshadow shades [in a nice mix of matte and shimmer] are a medley of warm neutrals; nude, brown, orange, red, bronze and copper. I'm an autumnal girl, so the changing-and-falling-leaves colour palette screams "get me on your face now", but I think the shades are appealing in any season. The shades are all earthy and warm toned. I think that the shades picked are universally flattering, that [going off online swatch photos] can be worn on all skintones making it a very inclusive palette; it can be used for a variety of complete eye looks, with a variety of shades to suit every skintone - such a major plus, with including everyone with this. You get the following shades in Second Nature; Universal (peach brown matte), Pure (golden cream chrome), Orb (orange brown matte), Tan (warm tan matte), Sizzle (orange copper foil), Amber (rose-gold cayenne shimmer), Bronzie (rusty bronze foil), Flux (cinnamon matte), Contour (golden brown matte), Heat (warm red matte), Ablaze (red orange velvet matte), Sauce (gilded orange foil), Fire (intense red orange matte), Ruby (red coral shimmer) Zodiac (bronze gold chrome), Polished (rose gold duo chrome), Spice (medium peachy brown matte), Terracotta (reddish brown matte), Brick (rusty velvet matte), Rustic (peachy golden red foil), Zippy (copper brown chrome), Dust (ash muddy brown matte), Risky (warm red brown matte), Chestnut (reddish plum brown matte), Halo (deep taupe plum shimmer), Rich (warm chestnut brown matte), Brave (intense reddish brown matte), In the Zone (warm burgundy brown matte), Fawn (deep taupe brown matte), Stone (ash brown matte), So Warm (deep warm brown matte), Toast (warm chestnut brown matte), Brunette (deep plum brown matte), Muddy (deep ash brown matte) and Whiz (intense deep black matte).

I have liked the majority of looks I've done to date. The blendability is mostly good - I've noticed that layering a matte shadow over a shimmer one when shadowing the edges of the eye can be iffy to blend out. There isn't much fallout compared to the other palette from Morphe that I've used in the past. I think that for the most part the pigmentation is really nice and there is no colour fading. There is some creasing on my heavily hooded eyes at the end of a nine hour workday, but that's become pretty normal for me over the past several months, as I'm very concerned that the folds in my lids are becoming more pronounced. There are also plenty of eyebrow options here, for when I'm too lazy to search for my actual brow powders.

However what first attracted me to this palette was the matte red shade Fire and the metallic red shade Ruby, but both shades take a lot of layering [and foiling with Ruby] to show up anywhere close to the pan shade - they do look and wear well once built up, but having the stand-out shades be such iffy quality has put me off Second Nature quite a bit (if you are looking for good-quality cruelty free/vegan reds, KvD has a metallic eyeshadow single named Swoon and a matte single named Bloodmilk). I have an issue with the hard-packed formula and pigmentation on the darker matte shades too; some of them don't apply as deep as they look in their pans, and are a bit on the patchy side. They build up okay, but still look a bit muted. Also; there are a quite a few taupe and brown shades that end up looking pretty much the same after they've been applied and blended, so Morphe could have easily cut down the Second Nature colour story into a 20-pan palette and charged customers less money. Finally; the shade names of the products are printed on a clear plastic shadow shield that slips and slides everywhere so I'll inevitably lose it, rather than on the actual palette. This niggle doesn't effect the actual products in any way so I don't mean to make a big deal about it, but it's something that winds me up because - as I know I've repeated a few times now - I like to know exactly what I'm wearing, and if I find a tutorial somewhere and want to copy it, then it'd be easier if the shades were on the palette - I'm rather surprised that a brand made popular via social media didn't get on top of this issue sooner then they did.

I don't regret buying this palette, as it is a good quality for the price and the shade range is impressive. I'll continue to use the palette for now, but I have realized that I've hardly reached for it lately; this is just sitting around unloved most of the time now. I don't know why, maybe because I zoom in on the bits I'm not keen on? I think that this is destined for the purge-pile. Second Nature actually has lots of the same kind of warm neutrals that are in the Jaclyn Hill palette and I prefer the bold colour pops in Second Nature, so I wish that I'd skipped the JH palette and had gone straight to this one; we're getting the same sort of shades I love, but for £14 cheaper. Sadly I'm still not satisfied since we are paying for lots of shades that are essentially the same as each other and some of the more unique shades just don't cut it quality-wise. Morphe have been improving in quality lately, but still not quite enough for me due to the inconsistencies.

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Blush -CHANEL -Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 260 Alezane

on 1/12/2019 1:36:00 PM


This is the closest MAC Warm Soul (original) dupe, even better than Margin(used to be my hg fav until i discovered this). This is also benefit Rockateur dupe. I do not own the og Warm Soul to swatch but ive seen an online review and swatches of them and they look identical. The reason i prefer Chanel blushes is because of the formulation. Mac blushes tend to hard pan very easily on me and its annoying to always tape it away. Anyways this blush is gorgeous. It gives me a healthy glow from within that does not lean orange at all or pink, its very neutral and super natural, i look like i woke up like this and i naturally have a nice rosey tan. This is not bright but def not boring, not dull. It enhances my complexion in a gentle way and puts a radiant flush to my cheeks on the healthy and sunkissed side. Not sunburned like Mac Sunbasque. It does not make me look unnatural in any way. ITS DEF a hg favorite and i can see myself using this every day with whatever looks i am doing. Though it does have little flecks of glitter but it isnt too noticeable. I can see 2 to 3 glitter flecks when i move my face around. If you want zero glitter id say dont pick this up. I dont mind it at all. The formula is soft and blends so seamlessly into the skin. Bare or on top of foundation. It looks so good and just rosey in a warm ive been out and got kissed by the sun. I will repurchase and forever love Chanel blushes. I also like their Rose Initial for innocent pink blush days but this is my favorite. This is my bronzey rose blush days. I wear this along with both the Chanel soleil tan cream bronzer and sheer fluid. The smell never bothered me but it does have a floral fresh fragrance. Does not irritate me. Love this blush so much.

Edit- been only reaching for this and everytime i glance in the mirror i fall in love with my skin and cheek makeup. Looks great with Chanel Undertone cream shadow on the eyes, Melted Honey rouge coco gloss or even a dark red lip!

Bronzers -CHANEL -Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

on 1/12/2019 1:31:00 PM


I am nc20 C1 chanel beige 20. I find this to be orange if i put too much on. With a stippling brush like the mac 130, it diffuses the product and blend it seamlessly. It bronzes up my face in such a soft and natural way, i fell in love. It doesnt stay tacky and turns from cream to powder like a soft satin finish. It doesnt transfer! Cream bronzer and cream highlight are my go to. I wear this with Mac cream color base in Hush. Its super natural glowy and never over the top. I use this on top of Mac Face and body foundation, i do not set with powder, i also put some on the eyelids to give some color, pop some Chanel Alezane blush across my cheeks and nose and i am sunkissed and good to go! I gave this 4 lippies because of the price but this will lasts me ages. Also it can turn orange if i go overboard! Once you get the hang of it its a lovely product.

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Mascara -Dior -Diorshow Mascara

on 1/12/2019 1:28:00 PM


I went through 20 of these back in highschool. About 10 years ago. I just took off my lash extenstions and have hideous short wimpy straight lashes. I have this in waterproof. Though i dont like it as much as i did in highschool because i have less lashes now and this is a separating and defining type of mascara. I love this in conjunction with a volumizing mascara like Chanel Le Volume. This coats the lashes naturally and lengthens the lashes while somewhat holding the curl. I am sure there are drugstore dupes but i honestly bought this for nostalgic reasons. The perfume does not bother me in this. I dont know if i would repurchase, for now i do love using it! I will check back, maybe i will find a dupe, but obviously it wont be as pretty of packaging , i am a sucker for sleek and elegant packaging.

Edit- after this mascara had some time to dry its been hard to layer. I now am waiting to try pml essense mascara base to go under Le volume de chanel to see how it works. Sigh i guess this oldie isnt that much of a goodie after all.

Concealers -CHANEL -Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer

on 1/12/2019 1:24:00 PM


I hate that i love this. Its very expensive but hands down the very best. I have tried Tartes Shape tape and cc clay color corrector, too faced born this way super coverage, nars complete and radiant creamy, All of Mac concealers and my journey in search of the perfect concealer officially ends here. Ive used and loved some of the previous but they were all lacking in things that others offers. I hated the color range of Nars, drying of mac and heaviness of too faced and shape tape. CHANEL is the holy grail that hits everything i need in a concealer. You can say i am obssessed and never knew there would be such a perfect product out there for me until i tried it. Does not crease, never ever drying, gel to powder formula thats easy to apply with fingers and does not need setting powder. Lasts long and looks natural. I am 20beige in everything chanel but i went with 10beige in this concealer. i am Nc20 C1 in mac.

This is so worth the money. Its def a repurchase. I think they reformulated this also. Its in a pretty frosted bottle and the doe foot is the perfect size. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Nothing i can say thats bad about this concealer. NOTHING.

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