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Moisturizers -Pixi -Rose Ceramide Cream

on 9/10/2018 9:59:00 AM


One use was enough to show me that this product is not for me. Calling it a cream is misleading. It’s more like a gel moisturiser. It’s simply not nourishing enough for my dry skin. I put it on and my skin immediately absorbed it. My skin didn't feel anymore nourished. It still felt dry. I had to put something else on. The scent is nice. It’s not overpowering, but I wish Pixi would stop putting essential oils in their skincare.

This product would be good for combo-oily skin. I will be returning it.

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Skincare - Body -Banana Boat -After Sun Lotion with Aloe

on 9/10/2018 9:57:00 AM


I borrowed this off a friend to soothe irritated skin and it was amazing. Instantly calming. I'll have to get my own.
(they may have updated the packaging-- the one I tried was a clear bottle with a yellow cap and translucent teal gel)

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Primer/ Corrector -GUERLAIN -L'OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold

on 9/10/2018 9:53:00 AM


As a woman with combination to oily skin this product is amazing. That being said, the ridiculous price of this does not seem to tempt me to purchase this again. I do know there are some possible dupes or close to it BUT this is amazing without a doubt. I gives you a glow from within in a way no other product has.

The unfortunate issue with this amazing product is that for a primer to be almost $100.00; it isn't realistic for a working person to justify this cost. I could buy a great alternative primer and a foundation as well as maybe a couple more things for the same price.

If you have the money to spare; then YES! For all of us mere mortals it just does not make financial sense for the amount of product you get!

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Masks -Unlisted Brand -Elizavecca - Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack

on 9/10/2018 9:53:00 AM


I like the scent of this - it reminds me of blackcurrant tea.

The texture and look are SO weird: an unappealing mud-brown jelly. It feels cool going on, which has been nice during the summer. Feels sticky when you first put it on, but this goes away.

I've been using it as a sleeping pack 3-4 times per week (alternating with a retinol cream), and I do feel like my skin is softer and plumper in the morning, though the results aren't super dramatic. I use it on face, neck, chest, and hands. This was particularly soothing after a really hot day spent mostly inside.

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX Professional Makeup -Can't Stop Won't Stop Matte Primer

on 9/10/2018 9:07:00 AM


This is the true gem in the Cant Stop Won’t Stop range for me. I am next level oily. Always have been and most of my base makeup purchases are centered around correcting that. This is a dupe for Becca Evermatte Primer and Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying primer. I swear this. It is so thick that I had to use pressure to squeeze out a good amount. It is so effective that I cannot use it with the accompanying foundation because that is too matte for me. So what we have here is the drugstore primer to extend the wear of every other foundation I have. So far I have paired this with my holy grail drugstore favorite, Maybelline Healthy Skin. And it extended the wear time 4 hours. I only needed to blot at night and the foundation was good as new after. Outstanding product. I will continue to pair it with others as I see fit.

Planning on Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless, Fenty Pro Filter, L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte, Colourpop Foundation, Diorskin Forever and Star Foundations, Kat Von D, Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, Covergirl True Blend Matte Made and Wet N Wild Photo Focus next as they could use more mattification. I do not ever plan on pairing this with NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix, Estée Lauder Double Wear or Rimmel Stay Matte as those foundations are already more than enough mattification for me.

For all those who say primer is a scam, I disagree provided you have certain issues with your skin. This product speaks to 2 of those issues I have. It fills in pores and mattifies very well. I only use it on my nose, forehead and chin. So this will last a long time because I do not go overboard. I am glad this was a fall release as I doubt I will be able to use it during the winter when my skin is more dehydrated but still oily. I will continue to purchase this over and over.

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Crème -Urban Decay -Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation

on 9/10/2018 9:04:00 AM


This was a totally random find at an open air market here in Milan. I always take a look at the make up benches, as I often find great deals for ridicolous prices.
So, last time I got this product in the shade Trance. There were only two pieces avaiable, this one and another darker one. They were sealed and there were no testers, so I had to do a leap of faith and buy it - but for 2,50 euros who cares. I still would have got a great brand for a ridicolous price. After a quick search online, I found out it was pretty much more expensive and quite loved in the make up community.
The shade appeared too dark for me but once applied, it looked so nice and healthy on my city-tanned skin! I haven't use any full coverage foundations this summer because of the heat, so I stuck to bb and cc creams, and I wasn't used anymore to see my skin this perfect. It's slightly luminous and applies easily with the included brush. At first there are some strikes but blends withing the skin beautifully. I wouldn't use another brush because this one picks up just the right amount of product. Is it thick? Indeed it is, felt a bit heavy but it looked so good.
I have dry skin and had no problems with this foundation - at first I thought it was better for greasy skins due to the powder effect - which is a bit of a stretch, it really doesn't look powdery and that's cool for me. I thought it was going to make me break out around the mouth but it was just the itchiness I feel when I try something new.
So: great find for a ridicolous price, not sure if I would buy it full price as I already have my hgs and it appears to be discontinued, but I will gladly and often use it!

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Pressed Powders -Charlotte Tilbury -Airbrush Flawless Finish

on 9/10/2018 8:58:00 AM


This is a luxurious powder I didn't know I needed. It is smoothing and mattifying, and sets foundation and concealer like a dream. It is so finely milled so I use sparingly under my eyes and layer in my T-zone, where it controls oil pretty well.

The shade range is quite narrow, but since this powder is not designed to provide coverage it isn't a problem for me (I'm an NC20), although I do think at least 3 darker shades should be added.

I highly recommend this powder even with the hefty pricetag. CT doesn't test on animals and that was a big reason I started buying her stuff.

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Lipstick -Kat Von D -Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick - Outlaw

on 9/10/2018 8:54:00 AM


Warning: I will cuss a lot in this review.

So, I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday, not a big amount in it - 30 euros, but it was from a good friend who couldn't really afford anything more and I was as grateful as she gifted me the Queen jewels. I had massive consideration of her gift so I wanted to spend it on something cute and worthy. Spent the night before browsing the sephora website for ideas (I hate their saleswomen, sorry) in order to go in, get what I needed and get out. I needed a couple of new liquid lipsticks as mine were finished, so I used to opportunity to try this famous and bantered lipstick. I also got a simple Sephora one I'll review later.
So, that morning, I brought my husband to the barbershop and meanwhile I went shopping at Sephora. I got what I needed, and met him later for lunch. I showed him my purchases, and he enthusiastically asked me to try "the one in the black goth box". Sure baby. The colour of the body looked great, I applied it and.. what the ****? It was so dark I looked like a weird goth kid of the 90s. The application was terrible, all patchy and cheap. The goddamn saleswoman gave me the shade Nosferatu while I specifically asked for Outlaw! God I hate these ladies, working at a marvellous place yet caring less than zero about what clients ask. I was so pissed - it felt like throwing my friend's hard earned money away. It hurt more than wasting my own money. 25 euros for this s***? Just f*** off.
I threw in in the bag to forget it.

But I mean okay, I can't really judge a range of wolrdwide sold out lipsticks by an error and a colour that is quite hard to spread and wear in general.

In italian, we have a saying that sounds like "having the face like the ass", meaning having no chill and no holding back in being cheeky and insolent. Generally said about people who ask for favours and want to climb the social ladder, it's not a concept that could be applied to me. Except this time. I never asked in my whole life for a refund (except on Amazon for serious problems), let alone in a shop. So, a week later, I walked to another Sephora shop closer to home, and asked to speak to somebody for changing a product. I totally know that products should be sealed, but I hold this enormous grudge towards those saleswomen and wanted to test them. So, the first lady asked "Is it sealed?", "Yeah"; "Ok go at the check out, here's the shade you wanted" and handed me the Outlaw shade. I was literally half meter from the door and could easily go away with no security check. But as I'm a decent person, I wanted to do it right - while still testing those idiots. At the check out, three cashiers were laughing and gossiping, brought my USED Nosferatu shade back in its aisle and said ok bye. They didn't even check the receipt I gave them. It could have been from the veggie shop down the road and nobody would have noticed.

I walked away, realizing I will not shop at Sephora EVER again. I gladly got rid of a shade I didn't like so it was a win win situation for me, but felt embarassed that FOUR people didn't check if I was telling the truth and they re-sold my used product (luckily I'm 200% healthy and maniacally clean). In italy we have extremely tight rules about changing stuff, like, they won't accept a piece of clothing if it hasn't the price tag still attached and you have it in your hand. Let alone hygiene products!
Kat Von D Everlasting lipsticks are absolute s*** when it comes to packaging, as the idea of returning it came to me when I realized that the box had no seal and I could easily close it without any visible sign of use.

But I got my Outlaw lipstick with the chance of trying another shade for free.
And you know what?

"Everlasting" my big fat a**. The shade is sexy and the colour is intense but fades and ruins withing minutes. Let alone smoking a cigarette or eating something: my face looked like an infant playing with colours at day care. Absolute f***** s***.

A month later I met a friend for a coffee, a fellow make up junkie. When she noticed the lipstick in my make up bag, she looked at me in horror and asked why would I spend so much money on such a bad product. I was like "oh honey, I know"..and we spent the whole morning talking s*** about it and other high range yet terrible products.


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Liquid -NYX Professional Makeup -Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation

on 9/10/2018 8:50:00 AM


This foundation is Outstanding. I love all the shades available. Mahogany turned out to be best for me and baby when I tell you this is oily skinned love. I had no plans to purchase until all the reviews came in with people praising it for being matte and transfer proof. I will say that yes, this is matte as hell and I have oily skin. This is a long lasting option for me. If I wanted to just put on a foundation and not worry about checking it all day, this would be the one I gravitated towards. And let’s face it, that is my plan every day. To not have to check my makeup every second. I applied this with a beauty blender over the accompanying primer. Never again will I use them together. The mattress created cracks and no, I do not fault either of them. I will just save the primer for use with other foundations. This foundation does not need a primer unless you are super dry. And then you should use a hydrating one. For pores or line smoothing, I’d use a primer with this as well but that is it. I am giving this a 5 out of 5 because it definitely won’t stop. This is not a DoubleWear dupe. It is more matte than DoubleWear. And honestly I think $15 is high for a drugstore foundation but this is high end quality. Very well done and the only foundation from NYX that I will not be returning.

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Lipstick -Estée Lauder -Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick - Dynamic

on 9/10/2018 8:41:00 AM


I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! This is exactly what I was looking for :-)!! I have fair-medium skin tone, brown eyes and brown hair. I was looking for a lipstick that would be wearable for everyday life and this lipstick is just perfect. Not too pink, not too red, this shade is just perfect, very suitable for my skin/hair colour. I will keep buying it forever!!!!!!!!!!!

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