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Deodorants -Equate -Aluminum Free Deodorant

on 1/7/2019 9:48:00 PM


I tried this deodorant on a whim and I've ended up loving it. Up until now I've used the Secret Gel deodorant for years, which would sometimes dry white, and it was difficult to remove when showering because it really sticks to the skin. I have the apricot scent from Equate, it does have a hint of dish-soapy-ness but I still like it. This leaves no white mark on my skin or clothes and I haven't found myself sweating through it even after the gym. I haven't tried the Toms of Maine Natural deodorant this is supposed to be comparable to, but I don't think I need to now. I think that with this type of product individual body chemistry is important so ymmv.

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Treatments (Face) -Perricone -Cold Plasma SubD

on 1/7/2019 9:35:00 PM


Cold Plasma Sub D gives impressive results! I saw it on an infomercial, then every time I went into Ulta I tried it on my neck. I read so much about it smelling fishy, and I had to really imagine that I could smell it, but honestly it just smells lemony to me. I've read that they took the marine algae out of the cold plasma line so it would smell better, so maybe that's a thing of the past.

Anyway, I've always moisturized my neck but rarely used a special neck cream, and suddenly at 55 my neck looked horrible and much older than my face. Each time I tried the Cold Plasma at Ulta, I could see and feel a little improvement right away, so I finally got my own jar and I've been using it twice a day for almost a month now. My neck shows definite visible improvement in lines and tightness, and I'm looking forward to continued results. It's a very thin gel cream, and after doing some research I found that it should be used like a serum, under a moisturizer. That works for me, as it's not really moist enough on it's own.

I really like this product, but I don't like the price, which is why I gave it only 4 lippies. I already found a great inexpensive face cream with DMAE that works really well (Derma E), so maybe I'll try it on my neck when I run out of Perricone. However, I will keep buying this if need be, because it works.

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Lotions/ Creams -CeraVe -Renewing SA Cream

on 1/7/2019 7:46:00 PM


I love this for my acne. I uploaded a photo above showing how much better my acne is from this cream after only two weeks. I don’t use it on my body although I should try it on my kp. My skin is the clearest it has been in a long long time from this. It doesn’t dry out my face either, but I do have oily acne prone skin. If my skin feels dry after I apple the cerave oil gel and it gives a nice glow. I stopped using serums and acne creams and all that stuff that never seemed to help and now just wash my face and use this. And better skin than I’ve had in years. It’s not perfect but I’m sitting here with no new acne coming up and only scars left so I’m happy. If you have acne I would definitely try this

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Eye Shadow -Unlisted Brand -BYS Eyeshadow compacts


I'm reviewing the 5 eye shadow neon palette. Got it for 2 bucks at a Family Dollar store and wow I'm impressed. On top of a white shadow base these shadows pop! You can do so much with them. I could have wanted the bigger 12 pan neon palette but those big palettes are harder for me to find. Regardless I like this 5 pan one because I'd probably never use up a bigger palette. This one is enough to satisfy those days when I want a bright look.

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Lipstick -L'Oreal Paris -Colour Riche Shine Lipstick

on 1/7/2019 6:40:00 PM


I bought two of these, rosewood and blush. Gorgeous in the tube. Not as pigmented as I expected on application, very light pigment actually. And they wear off very quickly. Within an hour, I look like I have nothing on my lips. I can still feel something, like I have a lip balm on. On the positive side, they are not drying at all. They feel very nice on the lips. They are not sticky. It's not a lipstick that I notice any obvious scent. If you want more of a tinted lip balm, and don't mind reapplying frequently, it might be a great product for you.

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Hair -L'Oreal Paris -Feria Haircolor Hi-Lift Browns


I love this color. My hair pulls red so I love the cool brown. Be careful if you have highlights. They will be gray for a few days.

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Eye Shadow -Morphe -The Vault - Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette

on 1/7/2019 5:43:00 PM


Dark Magic is one of four palettes in Morphe/Jaclyn Hill's The Vault collection. It contains the following shades; Poof (matte cream), Power Cut (metallic silver), Shhh (matte dusty taupe), Trickery (sparkling emerald), Diversion (shimmeringgunmetal), Potion (matte avocado green), Busted (matte ocean blue), Inside Job (matte dark jade), Mojo (matte smoked hickory) and Temptress (glinting pitch black).

Like with my Armed & Gorgeous palette, I'm really enjoying my Dark Magic palette and don't have any problems with the quality. All of the shades apply well, wear well and the shades don't fade - there was some creasing on my heavily hooded eyes at the end of a nine hour workday, but that's become pretty normal for me over the past several months, as I'm very concerned that the folds in my lids are becoming more pronounced. In the original Jaclyn Hill palette I find the dark green matte shade [Enchanted] tricky to blend, but I haven't had any trouble with Inside Job.

The formula is great and I prefer eyeshadow palettes with larger numbers of matte shades in comparison to shimmers, so that's another huge plus here. Inside Job is a similar shade to Enchanted from the original Jaclyn Hill palette, so could have been swapped for something else, since most people who will buy this palette are people who have and enjoy her original one and are going to get the same thing twice. I've not got any major issues with the formulas or colour story; I just can't help remembering that Jaclyn has publicly said that she hates cool tones, so just how authentic is this palette?

Dark Magic is the most unique palette in The Vault with it's cool tones and I've not seen similar colour story anywhere, so think of my review as a 4.5. I can't help but think everyone has been too judgmental with this collection; the four The Vault palettes are made up from the leftover shadows from the original Jaclyn Hill palette at a fairly cheap price, so maybe we all shouldn't have expected the best shadows in the world?

To sum things up; my Dark Magic and Armed & Gorgeous palettes are great - I niggled over a few similar shades in them, but the formulas are very good. Bling Boss isn't the best in terms of quality, but I love the shades in that palette, so I'm content to work with it. Ring The Alarm was a disappointment due to the soft & muddy formulas and unexciting colour story - I've not used it since my testing and review last year.

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Scrubs -MAC Cosmetics -Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

on 1/7/2019 5:29:00 PM


I was looking for a decent exfoliator after I realized I couldn't make my face 100% clean after shower with regular soap and cleansing gels in the market. I don't have acne problems but I do have lots of teeny-tiny white heads on my face, due to clogged pores (I have a mild oily skin). Even though they're tiny enough that they can only be seen from a very close distance they bother me VERY much. A friend of mine recomended a strong exfoliant andI was thinking about getting a tea tree based scrub (because I love tea tree properties) but as a regular mac consumer, I have decided to try the volcanic ash exfoliator instead.
I didn't find it strong, but it's pretty decent overall. It gets the job done, it left my skin completely clean with no impurities which I loved and I hope will minimize my pores and help me with my white heads problem in long term. Opposing to lots of reviews, I didn't think the sugar particles dissolved too quickly, I could exfoliate my skin without any problems.
The scent is..... interesting. It's very exotic and not on everyone's taste but it's not strong.
It's kinda pricey, but a little goes a long way, I put a dime size amount of it in my hand and could use it on my face, neck and upper part of my chest.
The fun part of using this product is... it's black! FYI, I bought this in the clear tube package. Seems like this is now in their permanent line.

EDIT: after using it twice, I've noticed this is helpful against whiteheads. My pores have been minimizing since I started using this exfoliator. Thank you, mac!

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Concealers -Neutrogena -Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer

on 1/7/2019 5:10:00 PM


I tried the Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer as a possible substitute for the discontinued Benefit Fake Up that I loved. As far as color goes, I got the Light (as a MAC 20), and it was perfect. I did moisturize well before applying, which I think was essential, as it turned out better than expected and even wore well. Without the moisturizing pre-treatment, I think it would have been too dry. Fake Up it ain't, much less emollient than Fake Up, but surprisingly good regardless.

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Makeup Brushes -It Cosmetics -Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush

on 1/7/2019 4:53:00 PM


I adore this brush. It's so soft and flat, you can really control the application of foundation and/or blush. I have tons of brushes from all kinds of high end designers and this one is as good or better than any of those.

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