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Masks -Mario Badescu - silver powder


It’s a little drying and the powder keeps failing off. But it’s a good product as it makes the skin free of oil.

Shampoo -Alberto Vo5 - Strawberries and Cream Smoothing Shampoo


I'm very picky about shampoos and this is one of my new fav! First off it's super cheap!! I live in NYC and there are no big chain retail stores near me. All the corner stores I go to are usually overpriced. Vo5 is always cheap, even when sold at the bodega near me!! This is just as good as Pantene and Garnier which I used a while back when my parents still paid for my shampoos (lol!). Now that I'm living on my own, I've had to find other shampoos that are cheaper and just as good as Garnier and Pantene. Vo5 Strawberries & Cream is the only one that exceeded my expectations so far.

I also love the smell! Living in NYC, my freshly shampoo'd hair usually absorbs the smog of the city quickly, as my shampoo scent fades, but this one lasts for hours in the day (and all night when I'm inside)

I have wavy hair and a TON of it so it's prone to dryness and frizz and most shampoos (even high end ones) worsen my dryness. Vo5 always makes it feel soft and shiny. I once even contemplated no-pooing my hair since its so dry from many shampoos but Vo5 allows me to shampoo it without damaging my locks.

The only drawback is that the plastic cap is prone to breaking easily. I once dropped from a few feet high when showering and the cap shattered!! Had to be careful for the rest of the time using it that it didn't spill out and get water in it.

4 of out 5 lippies!!!

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Shampoo -Burt's Bees - Super Shiny with Mango


I was disappointed with this product - to be clear I love Burt's Bees so I was disappointed by this shampoo not being as good as their other products.
I expected this to be more hydrating. Admittedly my wavy hair is prone to dryness, and there are other shampoos that I also find drying but this one literally guaranteed to add shine on the bottle! In this way, I was definitely let down by this shampoo for not living up to its promise. The formula looks very rich, so I was hoping it would help restore shine in my hair, which it failed to do.

Unfortunately the packaging is also smaller and more expensive than other shampoos. I understand that Burt's Bees is a natural brand which is why it's a tad more expensive than other popular brands, but why should I pay more money for this drying junk?! I'll stick to v05 Strawberry shampoo which is much more affordable per fluid ounce and helps my hair!

Shampoo -Burt's Bees - Very Volumizing Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo

on 10/11/2017 12:45:00 AM


I bought this because I was trying to go “Cruelty Free”. About the only good thing about this product is the scent. The rest is beyond disbelief. Absolutely HORRIBLE. I am still trying to recover from the horror it has done to my hair. I woke up in the morning as if I had stuck my finger in a light socket. Frizz beyond my realm of reality. It took so much product for me to tame it enough to go to work. I had to go on my lunch hour and repurchase my usual shampoo and conditioner and bide my time until I could get home and wash my hair. I bought this to share with my daughter and she said the same thing as soon as I got home. She exhausted her leave in conditioner just to get through the day. She said she had to shampoo with Head and Shoulders to stop the itching. Straight into the garbage this goes. Never again......

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Lip Gloss -Burt's Bees - 100% Natural Lip Gloss


-----This Lip Gloss is NOT Poppin'-----

I'm a big fan of Burt's Bees. Unfortunately this lip gloss did not live up to the brand I've come to know and love. I bought the shade Rosy Dusk which in the bottle is a really pretty light mauvey pink - a My Lips But Better if you're pale like myself. This product has several drawbacks.

First off, I barely managed to get any product onto the brush. You know when you go to put on lip gloss and barely anything gets on the brush so you know it's time for a new one? That's what happened to me but this was the first time using it!! I think the formula just has trouble adhering to the brush? In any case, very bizarre. This takes a lot longer than usual to apply since it requires so much formula and even after many applications it feels no thicker than the first coat. It's also barely noticeable on me, despite being vibrant in the bottle. This is also upsetting because I'm pale with light pink lips and even the sheerest shades usually show up on my lips. Why is this formula shade so different than how it looks in the bottle?? I'd imagine anyone tanner than me (and most people are tanner than me!) would not get this to look noticeable either.

The only thing I can think of about this that I liked is that it wasn't goopy like many glosses (I stopped wearing glosses because lipsticks are comfier), but obviously the lack of goop is not worth the thin formula and washed out color.

Burt's Bees should have spent more time testing this and improving the formula, or instead just stick to their balms and specialty natural products. It seems rushed into production.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Clean & Clear - Oil Absorbing Sheets


It's okay. While this does remove some oils, I feel it could have better absorbency. I'd repurchase if it was better at blotting. Otherwise it's not worth me re-buying.

Mascara -Revlon - Ultimate All-In-One Mascara


This mascara is okay. It's definitely not all-in-1. It made my lashes more voluminous but I didn't find they lengthened so much. Can't have everything (despite the name) right? Otherwise, I still liked using this. I don't usually curl my lashes and I felt this did a good job at lifting my lashes, making them look liked they've been curled. Other mascaras I use look kind of weird if I don't curl my lashes first but this did a great job of shaping them. While this mascara did last quite a few months until I felt it was time to replace it, I found the formula doesn't seem the same as the first few times. It seems to feel thinner after using it for a week, and it just takes longer to build them up. But considering this is drugstore makeup for a cheap price it's decent. 3 out of 5 lippies.

Hair Styling Tools -Remington - Wet 2 Straight


I am very impressed!!! I bought this at Target for like $40 a little over 5 years ago. I still use it to this day. I've gone through phases of hair styling - I often go through periods where I straighten it every day for 6 months, and then stop using it all together for a year until my next straightening phase. This makes it hard for me to estimate how much wear and tear it's taken. But I definitely remember a lot of time I've spent using this. I have fine wavy hair but I have A TON of hair. This makes it very hard to straighten my wavy mane. This flat iron is AMAZING. I know it's bad to use a flat iron at the highest temperature, but I always have this on the highest setting because it saves me so much time. It's also a great size since it's slightly wider than other flat irons, so I can work in larger sections thus saving time. Unlike other flat irons, this straightness lasts all day, until I wash my hair.

The only flaw with this is that the wet 2 straight part isn't entirely true. I only use this on slightly damp hair but would not recommend using it on wet hair. It simply will not straighten your hair and leave you with a mess of frizz.

Shampoo -Shea Moisture - Peace Rose Oil Nourish & Silken Shampoo

on 10/10/2017 11:53:00 PM

Flairgirl, where in the list of ingredients of this shampoo is synthetic fragrance? All the rose oils are natural.

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Conditioner -Shea Moisture - Peace Rose Oil Nourish & Silken Conditioner

on 10/10/2017 11:50:00 PM

I love this conditioner. It is not a synthetic fragrance, as another reviewer has claimed, but comprised of natural rose oils. It makes my dry bleached hair shiny and soft, smelling amazing.

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