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Brows -BeneFit Cosmetics -Gimme brow

on 11/18/2017 10:53:00 AM


I have been using this product for a long while and I love it for my brows ot fill in the sparce areas and make them look fuller and thicker .However I discovered a cheaper version from essence called "make me brow" it works just as well as the Benefit "Gimme brow " the wand is small and is able to get to the shortest brow hair adding some fiber to give the brows a soft fluffy thick look ,brows stays in place and looks well groomed without looking FAKE. if you are a normal person looking for something in the drug store for a more fuller look on your brows try any of these products from Benefit or essence you will love the outcome ..comment if you tried this product.

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Liquid -Sephora -10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation

on 11/18/2017 10:45:00 AM


When worn on skin that is in good condition (i.e. not dry, not oily, no breakouts or blackheads), it looks beautiful. Makes my skin look like it's been photoshopped.

However, I've lately struggled with breakouts and the dryness of acne treatments and I must say, the foundation looked awful in these areas.

Now, I am not very experienced in acne cover ups with makeup so I kept up my normal makeup routine. Here are the issues that arise with problem skin and this foundation:

Oily mess- the sebum produced in my T-zone broke down the foundation within 4 hours, even when worn with translucent powder

Lightweight- although I do not like heavy weight foundations, for anyone looking for anything but an evening-out effect, this will not provide much coverage.

Dryness- the foundation clings to dry patches, however I suspect most foundations do this.

Anyways, personally I try to focus on stabilising my skin and expect my skin to look good in order for the makeup on top of it to look good. It is has a very natural pay off which I love, however I cannot state that this is a miracle worker. It is slightly pricey in my opinion for 25ml.

Concealers -Maybelline -Cover Stick

on 11/18/2017 10:41:00 AM


This stick concealer has opaque coverage, and blends easily. I use this mostly if I get a blemish, and this works great for that purpose. I sometimes use under my eyes, and it works well there too, but I apply lightly so it does not enhance fine lines. Stick concealers are so quick and easy to use, and last longer than liquid concealers, which is why I prefer them. The shade "Fair" has a cooler undertone and blends perfectly with my fair neutral/cool skintone. This gets the job done, and is inexpensive, so I'd repurchase!

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Contour -E.L.F. -Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

on 11/18/2017 10:39:00 AM


I have this product in both St Lucia and figi .I find the blush in St Lucia to have "glitter" not shimmer which am not a fan of but the bronza is ok I decluttered it and accidentally re purchased it in one of my elf hall.Figi is ok it's a Matt product the blush I have to build up for it to show up but all in all a useable product.

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Liquid -Younique -Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation

on 11/18/2017 10:30:00 AM


For me this product did not work on my oily skin it dries down to a weird look not mat,not dewy or luminous not even satin.lets just say it's a pass for me I am not casket ready yet.

Highlighters -Becca -Shimmering Skin Perfector in moonstone

on 11/18/2017 10:29:00 AM


Although I do love a full on makeup look, most of the time my makeup is more on the natural side, especially when it comes to my skin. Which is why I have long been looking for a highlighter that is very natural looking and can be worn during daytime in sunny barcelona, without being mistaken of being dressed up as a christmas decoration.


The glitter is so fine that you'll get away with wearing this during daytime if you apply it sparingly.

The price, to me, was off putting, however I found that Sephora sells travel sized versions of the product at a reduced price. I got the shade Moonstone for 16 euros containing 30ml. Which is not too bad a deal in my opinion.

HOWEVER, it is a good product but it is not as revolutionary and life changing as the youtube community may claim.

If you find that the price is a stretch of your budget, there are cheaper alternatives with incredibly similar results. MUA has both liquid highlighters at a fraction of the price in similar shades that I'd recommend you check out, as does H&M.

Nevertheless, if you want a high end product with a beautifully natural pay off, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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Contour -Smashbox -Step-by-Step Contour Kit

on 11/18/2017 10:25:00 AM


I enjoy this product In my collection I have several contour kits this is one of my favorite a bit pricy I got it at my local sephora here in Canada .packaging is sturdy product is pigmented and blends out effortlessly on the skin and has good staying power does not look muddy.i definately recommend this product .

Cleansers -Cetaphil -Gentle Skin Cleanser

on 11/18/2017 10:25:00 AM


Let me tell you all the truth about Cetaphil and Galderma products......the main ingredient is Petroleum aka Petrolatum aka Parrifium Liquidum. Its literally vaseline plastered on your face. I too was prescribed this product as well as the Galderma moisturizer, Nutraderm, by my Dermatologist! I just have to add, Cetaphil is crap for removing make up even after oil cleansing. I used it for many years and my skin was fine,until, I started getting really bad acne that just wouldn’t go away. I started researching the ingredients and found that Petrolatum is just a pharmaceutical grade plastic layer that is placed over the skin and basically stops your natural oils from evaporating ie. Suffocating your pores. I stopped all my Galderma products and opted for organic, natural skincare products. Then the crap hit the fan. My skins barrier practically stopped functioning because for so many years, my skin thought it was producing enough sebum because it did not evaporate so it basically underproduced sebum. So my skin became extremely sensitive and dehydrated. I started using the Dermalogica Ultra Calming range which focusses on repairing the skins own Barrier and not making it lazy. And I gotta say, my skin has never looked better. My acne cleared 3months after I stopped all Petroleum products on my face. My acne was caused by layers upon layers of suffocating plastic and my pores just needed to breathe! I have been using petroleum free products for 4years now and what used to be severely dry skin is now skin that only needs body lotion every other day. I still use Dermalogica on my face (because Natural face washes just don’t remove make up properly) and Organic natural body washes in the shower. They are filled with anti oxidants that rid your skin of free radicals which is a must.

Shampoo -Organix -Anti Breakage Keratin oil

on 11/18/2017 10:21:00 AM


Genuinely one of the worst shampoos I've EVER tried (along with the conditioner from the same range). It did absolutely nothing for my hair except make it feel like straw and leave it unmanageable. It was almost impossible to get out of the bottle because its consistency is SO THICK and the scent is overpoweringly strong, to the point where it actually gave me a headache. I used it 4 times then threw it in the garbage.

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Masks -LUSH -Mask of Magnaminty

on 11/18/2017 10:16:00 AM


I never used to suffer from acne breakouts before. However, the past month and a half I have been battling breakouts (comedones, cystic acne and blackheads) in my T-zone like never before.

Did this mask solve the problem and clear my acne? No. Acne treatments including antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are mainly to thank for the healing of it.

HOWEVER, I am continuously enjoying and using this mask. It comes at a very good price considering the amount (a small pot of 125g came at approx 7 euros here in Spain) and has lasted me more than 2,5 weeks with more than half of it left.

I find myself using it almost every night, focussing mainly on my T-zone. The reason for this continued use is the calming effect it has had on my skin. Inflamed acne along with harsh acne treatments turn your skin into a sensitive mess and the peppermint in the mask appears to help in decreasing the inflammation in the spots.

It feels fresh and makes your skin feel clear, there are no miracle products but this is a cheap, calming and fresh addition in your cleansing routine, should you be looking for one.

TIP: I found the ingredients to act better when applied onto dampened skin, rather than a patted dry skin.

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