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Polishes -Wet 'n' Wild - 2% Milk

on 10/9/2017 5:00:00 PM


I have fair, cool-toned skin (pink and blue undertones). I was amazed by how nice this looks on me. It's got a slightly peachy undertone, so I feared it would be too yellowy, but it's really not. It's sheer, but opaque enough that it looks like polish, and it hides most imperfections and oddities with the nail while still leaving the tips of the nails quite visible, and I think it even enhances the look of the tips with the milky quality of the polish.

This polish also has a very nice formula, and it self-levels quite well. I wore two coats of this with a very light glitter top (China Glaze Fairy Dust, so just a little, light scattering of fine holo glitter) and I was completely captivated. Given that I'm usually a flashy or dark nail polish kind of gal, that really surprised me. I love how fresh and pretty this polish looks on me.

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Moisturizers -evanhealy - Rose Vetiver Day Moisturier

on 10/9/2017 4:52:00 PM


This is an ok light moisturizer. I tried this as part of a kit. The smell is nice. It absorbs well and provides light moisture. I said I would repurchase this moisturizer but probably won't. It's easier to order my skincare from DHC or MUAC all at once. This moisturizer isn't something I would go out of my way to purchase again.

I'm including this in portion in all my reviews for this brand:

My skin is sensitive. Rosacea, cystic acne, super sensitive skin, oily, combo, aging skin. I have spent many years and $$ researching how to best care for my skin. I'll admit I was lured in by the promise of scaled down skincare with magical ingredients picked by fairies and thoughtfully brought to my local store. (All you have to do is spray some flower water on your face and all your skin cares will melt away and you will have a beautiful, youthful glow). This may be a great way to introduce skincare to a young person. There are those who like knowing they only use pedigree ingredients that are natural, fair trade, etc. Nothing wrong with those if you find products you enjoy and produce the results you need/expect. And honestly, I know that there are some out there for whom this course is the right one.....

However, getting that bs blurb out of the way, there is absolutely no (ZERO, NONE) comparison of these "natural" products to hard core acids, peels, retinols, bp products, etc. There is NO comparison between this pared down natural regimen and a regimen which includes regular chemical exfoliation, serums, masks, treatments. All the products at Whole Foods are never going to produce the same results as a chemical peel from MUAC. It's never going to happen. Never. Furthermore, I get a mostly organic rose hydrosol from MUAC for around $10. The same hydrosol from a brand like this? $30. Really?

I spent six months testing these natural lines out and my skin was more irritated. Less even. Blotchy. Uncomfortable. Gaping pores. In less than a week going back to my unnatural products my skin is back on track to being poreless, awake, soft, comfortable.

Again, if you like the idea of spending a ton of ca$h on this philosophy, go ahead, but I will put my 42 year old face next to anyone. (Touching my silky smooth -ass face right now). At least I was only out the money spent on the trial kit. I also tried Dr. Hauschka which I liked marginally better. I just don't see the point in this brand and find it to be a waste of money and time. Save yourself.

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Mascara -Cover Girl - Lash Blast Clump Crusher mascara

on 10/9/2017 4:32:00 PM


I bought this on sale in Brown and it is indeed a dark brown for anyone who is looking for that hue.
The plastic comb bristles are very easy to work with, and went through my lashes nicely. With one coat this did very little to my lashes, on the second coat I did get a bit more length and volume, but not enough for me. This didn't flake or smudge and removed easily.
What I think this mascara excels at is combing through other mascaras that have clumped. CC will go through even dry lashes and not remove most of the product unlike a lash comb.

On a side note I wish companies would stop making these fat, pointed tubes of mascara, that won't stand up, take too much room to store, and are not easy to hold...rant over.

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Brows -Stila - Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color

on 10/9/2017 3:57:00 PM


I picked this up because I needed something to help me extend my brows slightly and pencil and pomade just weren't cutting it. My brow tails are so thin most products didn't look natural.

I picked this up in Light. I wasn't sure it would work at first because the first swatch was so sheer. However, it is buildable so this actually can be an asset to some. You can get a very sheer, light colour if needed. It can however, be a little tedious when filling in some spots. I really only noticed the sheerness with lighter shades.

This product LASTS. The swatch on the back of my hand lasted an entire day.

It does have a little bit of a shine to it but it's nothing anyone would notice.

It's perfect for fine, precise work and it doesn't budge. The tails of my brows look natural and they don't smear off part way through the day like pencil did.

If you want a very precise brow, a more natural look or want to draw in individual hairs, this is the product for you.

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Lipstick -Cover Girl - Bronzed peach


I like this color a lot. It's a soft shimmer-frost glowy peach color. This color is just right for an over-all light look or when your just not in the mood for lips that stand out, but still look pulled together. It is moisturizing and lasts for a good amount of time on lips. This is definitely something I'll use a lot; it won't be one of those lipsticks that I almost never reach for.

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BB Cream -Tarte - BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen


Not quite a primer, it has tint. Not quite a BB cream, too sheer. Got this to use under my foundations lacking sunscreen and to also up the spf in those that do. If you have ever used a silicone-based primer, then you can understand what I mean when I say it spreads and feels just like a silicone based primer. If you don't, then I suggest you try to sample it and see if you'll like the feeling. Because there is no water as one of the main "base" ingredients, it spreads very silky and then sort of settles in and sets. I chose the shade "fair" and it's almost white, a tad too light for me to wear on its own, and the shade "fair" was too peachy.
It adds a little bit of radiance to an otherwise matte foundation... I have been wearing it under the tarte 12-hour full coverage foundation (rated only spf 15) and I can notice the difference as the full coverage foundation is otherwise dull, I like this combination the best. I also wear it under the tarte hybrid jel (no spf) which is primarily why I got it, but it feels a little heavy, so I don't wear it that often.
I give it one lippie off because it is so very heavy on the 'cones... if I try to apply more than a tiny amount it feels heavy and makes me itch around my nose. I'm not sure exactly how much of this I should be applying to get the SPF 30 either. I'm going to have to give it more time to make a decision on whether or not I'd repurchase it.

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Styling Products -TRESemme - Beauty-Full Volume Mousse

on 10/9/2017 3:20:00 PM


I swore I thought there were more reviews for this item, which was why I went out and bought it....but I guess not.

Either way - this is a good mouse, it's lightweight, not sticky, and has that typical "Tresemme" smell (like their other styling products like the thermal protectant spray). This does a good job of creating light volume in my fine (but lots of hair) hair, but the second ingredient is Cetearyl Alcohol and BOY can you tell. This does lighten the weight of your hair, but the alcohol dries it out immensely. After styling, my hair becomes pretty staticy and flyish, which is the downside. When using, you may want to mix it with a bit of a leave-in conditioner, or else you'll have hair that just clings to your face and is full of static.

I'll keep on hand and use it every other day or so - but I will not repurchase. The Tresemme smell is also pretty strong. You can smell it in your hair all day - even with other products in your hair. Ugh.

Foundations -Josie Maran Cosmetics - Matchmaker

on 10/9/2017 3:07:00 PM


I am hooked on this stuff. It is the best makeup I have ever used.

Highlighters -Fenty Beauty - Match Stix Trio


LOVE these!

I got the three set for fair skin, which has Linen, Amber and Starstruck. Linen (concealer) and Amber (contour) are perfect colours for me. Linen I used as a foundation for a few days before my foundation came back into stock, and it lasted surprisingly well. I disagree that it drags on the skin like a previous review said. For me it was just a lovely creamy product.

I use one of those toothbrush style brushes to blend, and use Amber as normal contour. Like I say, perfect colour. Not too warm, easy to control, and not too heavy that it's very obvious on the skin.

I'm least keen on the highlight colour, Starstruck, purely because I'm a 90s girl at heart and I can't get away from powdering my face! Truth be told, the foundation doesn't really need it, but habit (and worry that it'll fade) means I do it anyway. And of course, then I ruin the look. However, on it's own it's a very subtle highlight, a little too cool toned than I'd normally use if I'm honest. I would have preferred a blush colour.

I LOVE the thought that has gone into the design of these. They look pretty, they are magnetised so stick together, and the little addition of a piece of foam in the cap is brilliant.

I would probably buy these again, mainly because it's cheaper in a three than buying two separate!

Treatments (Face) -Clean & Clear - Persa-gel 10

on 10/9/2017 2:44:00 PM


This product it fantastic! I got the 10% BP and it hasn't made my skin flaky or red or anything. My breakouts go away so fast its incredible! I had bad breakouts all over my forehead and they are almost completely gone after only a few days of using the persa gel. It used to take a week or more for a pimple to come to a head, pop, and then go away. Now it only takes about three days for it to be completely gone.

The only downside is that it makes the texture of your skin a little weird, but applying moisturizer before or after the gel helps with that. It does make your skin very smooth and flat, though.

I highly recommend you get this for any type of pimples/acne and at least try it out. Its seriously a miracle.

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