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Lip Treatments -Nivea - Lip Butter

on 10/14/2017 10:51:00 PM


I have the Coconut lip butter. It smells divine, and even though I have been using this since the start of the year, the smell is still present and noticeable (in a good way!). The lip butter is very emollient, non-sticky and kept my lips in amazing shape this past winter. I got it on sale at 40% off, but even at full price it is very affordable. I wish it didn't come in a tin and wish it offered at least SPF 15, but otherwise I highly recommend this product. It will take me forever to finish I think, because a little goes a long way, but when I do run out I think I will be repurchasing.

Bronzers -It Cosmetics - Confidence in Your Glow- Instant Nude Glow

on 10/14/2017 10:49:00 PM


The It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow is an absolutely beautiful product. This is also a great deal. This definitely gives you a glow. It takes a little bit of practice because it is quite easy to overdo it so be careful. This definitely takes a little practice, but once you are familiar with it this will help save time. The powder is highly pigments and lasts all day for me (I always use a primer) I use this on days when I'm short on time because it gives you blush, bronzer, and highlights all at once. The only think that annoys me is the little silver magnet on the front because it makes this a little tricky to stack with my other palettes.

Eyeliner -Unlisted Brand - Vivienne Sabo Eyeliner Feutre Fin in Noir

on 10/14/2017 10:42:00 PM

I bought this at Harmon because this was a new display in the makeup aisle and it looked appealing. I am still a sucker for eyelining pens, and I figured with technology the way it is today, this had to be at *least* good- if not exceptional.

Boy was *I* wrong. LOL! This is THE WORST eyeliner pen I have ever tried IN MY LIFE! Yes, you heard me.... IN. MY. LIFE. (And I'm no spring chicken.) Where do I start? Well, the packaging is fine; I liked the shape of the pen, the size of the pen, and the shape of the foam applicator. The BAD part is the formula of this liner. It is wet... TOO wet. It probably took about 10 minutes for this to dry on my upper lash line-- no lie. I tried to curl my upper lashes 5 minutes after applying this, and it completely wiped off and adhered to my eyelash curler. Why? Because it was STILL wet. So after curling my lashes, I just went back a step because now my eyeliner was erased. ::sigh:: Tried to reapply it, but it was still too wet upon application. The line began to bleed and did not hold its shape, and some of the ink transferred to my crease area. Whatta mess! This cost me $6.99 and is just NOT worth the trouble. Going right in the trash after this review, I only kept it so I could remember the exact name so I would never buy it again.

Skincare - Face -Ole Henriksen - Truth Serum

on 10/14/2017 10:11:00 PM


The Ole Henricksen Truth Serum is just an okay vitamin C serum, in my opinion. What I don't like about this serum is the fact that they have included many potentially irritating ingredients, such as: grapefruit seed extract, orange fruit extract, fragrance, linalool, citral, and limonene. Skin doesn't gain any benefit in the inclusion of these ingredients and for some people these ingredients can cause damage and irritation- sometimes even when you don't see or feel it. There are much better Vitamin C Serums out there- Drunk Elephant, Clinique, Karuna, Exuviance are brands that make some great Vitamin C Treatments worth checking out instead of this one. One more word it is nearly impossible to regrow collagen from a simple serum.

Mascara -Bourjois - Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara

on 10/14/2017 10:06:00 PM


Great brush that sits in horrendous formula!!!
The •brush itself• gives amazing length & separation, it's actually perfum quite well.
As for the formula goes- gooey, clumpy mess! If you're already own this try to reuse it with a different formula, than it can do wonders.

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Shampoo -Living Proof - Perfect hair Day (PhD)

on 10/14/2017 10:03:00 PM

Pricey but worth it.

I have very long very straight fine hair and lots of it. It is oily at the scalp and dry towards the ends, and I live in the upper midwest where it can get very very humid. This combined with the conditioner and the over night conditioner 1x a week has given my hair the dream texture I've been wanting for years. I usually blow dry it 3/4 of the way the put it in a low very loose bun to dry the rest of the way with some salt spray. I end up with a perfect amount of wave, not greasy, volumized look (like Blake Lively)

Usually if I use my 3 min miracle / aussie volumizing combo I end up with volume and a slight wave but no texture and it's gone within an hour once I let it out of the bun.

Masks -Peter Thomas Roth - Irish Moor Mud

on 10/14/2017 10:02:00 PM


This detoxifying mask feels nice but takes effort to rinse off. Afterwards it irritated & clogged my skin. It contains silicone & paraffin. There has to be better more gentle masks out there.

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Cleansers -Laneige - Multi-Cleanser

on 10/14/2017 9:43:00 PM


Sephora has recently introduced the AmorePacific cosmetics line Laneige into it's stores. The Multi Cleanser is a lack luster cleanser that does most of the basics well- removing dirt, oil and makeup. This is highly fragranced- but that isn't as much of a concern since this is rinsed off almost immediately. The price is decent, but there are still better cleansers that don't expose your skin to any fragrance, regardless of how briefly it is exposed.

Candles -Bath and Body Works - Marshmallow Fireside

on 10/14/2017 9:18:00 PM


Love the scent, it smells just like roasting a marshmallow. I’ve found that BBW candles are not reliable for me. They usually burn great but sometimes I get some that just won’t burn right... this was one of them.. too bad. The sales are great though and they’ll let me return a bad candle

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Pressed Powders -Urban Decay - De-Slick Mattifying Powder

on 10/14/2017 9:15:00 PM


Oh... how I'd love to give this a good review, but my skin says no. Like a lot of others said.... The effects are short lived. Huge let down, but in my case the main problem was it emphasized the pores on my nose so bad. It left white spots where each pore is. I tried several times with lots of different foundations and it was the same for me every single time. I use it now only on my cheeks and forehead and even my chest area. (I will get my money's worth. Lol) This comes in beautiful heavy packaging. But didn't work out for this oily gal.

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