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Lipstick -NYX - Butter Lipstick

on 9/18/2017 9:22:00 PM


I have the colors Fizzies (now called Staycation), Pops (Root Beer Float), and Lollies (Easy Livin'). They don't last long but they are very moisturizing which my dry lips love. The darker colors fade with a bit of a stain. It can be worn sheer or the color can be built up. These are pretty nice but not the lip product I reach for everyday.

Highlighters -Wet 'n' Wild - MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

on 9/18/2017 9:13:00 PM


It's nice but too sparkly (glittery) in direct light like sunlight or in a well light room. In a dimly lit environment it looks nice. I like a highlighter that is more of a sheen and this is not it. I honestly don't think this is worth the hype. The essence pure nude highlighter is much nicer than this IMO.

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Eyes -Unlisted Brand - Diesel Rose

on 9/18/2017 9:06:00 PM

I saw a girl at work wearing these lashes, and I actually asked her about them.

I was previously wearing Velour lashes but there were a few issues with that brand. I didn't like their band, I thought it was too thick. But I ONLY wear mink lashes, because they look so much more natural then silk and faux mink. The Diesel Rose lashes are beautiful. They have a thinner band then then the Velour lashes, and the mink is better quality. They lasted quite long, beyond the 25 wears suggested on their website, but I take good care of my lashes.

The Diesel Rose lashes are identical to quality as LillyLashes. LillyLashes are much better then Velour lashes, but they are VERY expensive. The LillyLashes cost almost 75$ a pair after customs, shipping etc. Unfortunately, I had a hard time justifying that price.

My first purchase from Diesel Rose was part of their Diesel collection, which are 3D mink. They cost 38$. After wearing them for 1 month, I ordered several more pairs including lashes from their Rose Collection.

The lower priced collection, was impressive. They are mink lashes, without layering. When I compare the price to lashes at Sephora, i don't really understand why I would wear silk or faux mink, when these are so much prettier. And they last longer.

I have received so many compliments and questions on these lashes. I wear them everyday, and it's rare that a day goes by without someone mentioning them. I love them!

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Polishes -Essie - Nail Polish

on 9/18/2017 9:06:00 PM


Cheap quality, chips within a day, grossly overpriced. I don't understand why this polish is so expensive when the quality is sub par. Cute names and a pretty pallet does not make up for it. Even New York Color nail polish is better quality than this and for a fraction of the price. I recommend OPI or Zoya.

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Eyeliner -E.L.F. - Mineral Eyeliner

on 9/18/2017 8:42:00 PM


Glides on great but slides off the eye within minutes! It was in my crease as soon as I blinked. It's no wonder I got it for free they're trying to get rid of the bad merchandise. I do NOT recommend this product.

Highlighters -NYX - Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette


These powders are so silky and pretty! They have a really diffused soft glowy finish. I like to mix them together and create different shades. They apply really nicely with a brush or fingers for more pigment. You can swipe them right along your cheekbones and they blend out perfectly and simply. They also work as a really pretty glowy eyeshadow and inner corner highlight. I paid full price and do not regret it at all. I would describe the shades as airy and feminine.

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Blush -Mally Beauty - Mally Beauty Shimmer Shape Glow Face Defining System


This review is for the 2017 "Shimmer Shape & Glow" with square pans. I believe it is the same as the older round pan palette. The palette is sleek as in there's not a lot of wasted space in packaging.
I stumbled across a little display of mally in the spring, looking for a little something to brighten my complexion. This palette was set up on the top and there was just one left. I played with the display in the store and fell in love with it, I could swear I paid less than what I'm seeing.
I have to warn that some may find the lighter palette a little disappointing on color payoff, but it does go on even and builds up well. I don't get into the shimmer as much as the other shades but that's my personal preference and all of the other shades have a little shimmer in them. The shape shade I sometimes think it's bronzer, it is a nice golden brown with no taupe undertones, maybe a touch of pink to keep it in the same color family as the rest. Overall it's a nice natural looking palette to add some dimension to a dull face.

BB Cream -It Cosmetics - Your Skin But Better SPF 50 CC Cream

on 9/18/2017 8:21:00 PM


So far I am loving this. I'm 48 with combo/dry skin and this gives just enough coverage for my rosacea redness (I still need concealer for dark circles and a few blemishes). It has a nice finish, glowy but not dewy or sparkly. I thought it would be too olive-toned for my skin (in the lightest shade) but it's perfect and looks natural under all kinds of light. I love the broad spectrum SPF which is why I bought it since I hated to have to apply sunscreen then foundation, and worry that my foundation might be rubbing off the sunscreen in places. Yes, it gets oily in my t-zone but I just use powder and it's fine. Holds up for the full day. Does not highlight pores or fine lines. I'm a little worried, after reading some of the reviews, and I hope it doesn't make me break out. Will update if it does.

Fragrances -Guerlain - Mon Guerlain


This was a blind buy for me, as I purchased it online. I regretted it immediately. The opening notes are much too peppery, leathery and masculine for my taste. The dry down is a smoky vanilla that I like, but I just can't get past the opening, which lasts a good long while.
Think leather jacket + bitter florals + smoky, peppery vanilla. An oriental perfume for sure.

Eye Shadow -Stila - Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow

on 9/18/2017 8:05:00 PM


These are absolutely beautiful glitter HOWEVER, these are strictly meant to be worn for a night out or for 4 hours max otherwise you'll find glitter all over your face. Hopefully you aren't doing any activities that make you sweat because these won't stay on your lids. It's pretty pricy as well. Glitter in this form hasn't been nailed down without fallout by any brand yet but these are one step closer in that direction

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