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Skincare - Face -Shiseido - Facial Cotton

on 2/21/2017 5:22:00 PM


this product is *fine*. why am I giving it a low rating? I have tried literally every sort of cotton pad out there -- I have super-sensitive eyes and I am trying to be as easy as possible on my eye skin to delay the inevitable crepe-papering of my underlies -- and this is underwhelming for the price. it shreds and leaves little thread-fuzzies in your eyes.

dude, the absolute best cotton squares are Walgreens brand. no joke. super soft, and i never, ever have those annoying stray threads in my eyelashes.

Mascara -Bobbi Brown - Smokey Eye Mascara


There are so many mascaras out there, and I'm fortunate enough that I a) don't have oily skin and b) repress my emotions and don't cry very often, therefore I can experiment with mascaras with smudgeless abandon. I have fistfuls of sample size mascara tubes from beauty boxes, etc and most of them accomplish the same basic goals of darker, lashier lashes well enough. Few manage to stand out as excellent and worth buying again. So far, of the dozens of mascaras I've twiddled through my lashes, three stand out as worth a full size purchase: Benefit's Roller Lash, TheBalm's Tall, Dark and Handsome, and this from Bobbi Brown.

The actual black of this mascara is incredibly flattering and appealing--it complements the dark of pupils and liner and brows very well, and it appears to deepen, lengthen and multiply lashes in a lovely way. It's not goopy, and it doesn't turn brittle or chunky once dry. The Smokey Eye title is fitting because you can use it to really effectively accentuate your eye shape, conceal the subtle imperfections of your liner, and generally make yourself look formidable and sultry. As an example, if I wanted to make myself or someone else look like Kristen Stewart, I'd use this mascara. It also looks great on its own--it can really properly perk up your eyes.

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Blush -BeneFit Cosmetics - Dallas

on 2/21/2017 5:19:00 PM


This is my go to blush all year around. I used this every day all summer and it looks like I haven't touched it, so a little goes a long way. It is very pigmented and you need to be careful not to end up looking like a pretty clown. Even though they say it is a bronzer, I say that it is between a blush and a bronzer. It wears really good, at the end of the day it still looks like I just applied it.

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Cleansers -Skinfood - Pineapple Morning Peeling Gel

on 2/21/2017 5:14:00 PM


I started using several Korean Skincare products about a month ago. This product, along with the Innisfree Wine Jelly Softener and Daiso Charcoal Mask, has really worked to reduce the oxidized sebaceous filaments around my lip, my nose, between my eyebrows, on my chin and my jawline near my ears.

I noticed after applying the light gel that I was able to do extractions with no problems, I like to think of it as a light booster to help clean pores. I have been trying to clean up these areas literally for years, and the larger sebaceous filaments and few stubborn blackheads I have came right out. Gradually I found my skin feeling super soft while my dark pores are fading too. Combined with the above and Skinfood Peach Sake Serum my huge pores are appearing smaller, less clogged, much lighter. I'm actually able to wear foundation with a nice smooth appearance, and use less product. I'm looking forward to seeing long term results using peeling gels. Definitely 5 stars. YMMV, I do feel that the success of this product is due to the regimen I'm using.

Stick -Clinique - Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick


Stick foundations are the beauty windmills I'm always going to be tilting at. I love them because they're so very nonchalant. You get serious makeup in a tomboyish, can't be bothered with a bottle, crayon-like package. Stick foundations are the athleisure of makeup. I love scrawling foundation carelessly on my cheeks and then blending it out as it warms up on my skin. I love how thick and opaque the coverage is.

Unfortunately for me, I have Sensitive Jerk Pores and stick foundations are just a bit too waxy for me to wear. The devil is that they cover the blemishes they give me *so* well. Clinique's effort is so far the best shot for me. I don't believe it broke me out, though I think it was still a bit heavy for my poor, sore, flaky winter skin to really hold up to. If you aren't as delicate as I am about these things, and I'll bet my best lipstick that you aren't, Clinique's formula is creamy and blendable. It's major failing is color choice. I'm exceedingly pale and the lightest possible shade was a few shades darker than I am and much yellower. If you have cool or neutral-toned pale skin, you are out of luck. You are even more out of luck with this foundation if you have a skin tone darker than a warm medium tan. So this line caters to a very narrow range, honestly, and it should do better.

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Highlighters -E.L.F. - Studio Illuminating Palette

on 2/21/2017 4:37:00 PM


I am beyond glad I read the reviews on here before purchasing. Not going to lie, I wasn't that thrilled when I first opened it. It didn't look pigmented at all. First I did a light dusting on top of my cheekbones to make sure it was okay to use on the rest of my face. Woah. Now I wasn't a beaming disco ball from outer space but I really appreciated the natural glow it gave me which is more appropriate for everyday use. I swept the other shades all over my face and to my surprise , it gave me a nice healthy glow especially in the under eye area. I highly recommend purchasing the ELF highlighting brush to use with this palette. Downside - it doesn't last all day.

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Concealers -NYX - HD Photogenic Concealer Wand (All Shades)

on 2/21/2017 4:27:00 PM


This is one of the best concealers I've tried. I have NC25 skin and I've used Fair/Porcelain. The coverage is fantastic and I have stubborn dark circles. It also doesn't look dry or settle into lines under my eyes. This will be a forever repurchase.

Treatments (Face) -Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream

on 2/21/2017 4:14:00 PM


Meh. Trying to use this up as a foot cream but even that is with meh results. I always had this on hand as there was a time it was considered a miracle cream. I never have liked the smell and I guess I just don't have enough needs for a "barrier" cream. As mentioned before, this doesn't really sink in. Even when you think it might be sinking in, it doesn't moisturize.
I'm done repurchasing this- i just cannot find a single use for it that it simply excels at.
It may be good as a barrier if you need one for some reason- but it won't do anything for rough spots, lips, etc. Between the smell and the slickness of it, any value-add is wiped out!

Fragrances -Hermes - Hiris

on 2/21/2017 4:09:00 PM


I can't get past Perfume Shrine's review of Yardley Iris where a strong resemblance to Hiris was highlighted. I went through two bottles of Yardley Iris using it as a cheap splash, suffering through the lavender opening until the soft woody iris came through, and as Elena promised, it was very similar to Hiris. As with Hiris it didn't adhere to skin and snuck away. Other similarities extend into Kelly Caleche and Eau de Narcisse Bleu. Hiris does stand alone, a pedestal apart from Prada's Infusion D'Iris and Armani's Pierre de Lune, but it's very expensive now and I ponder its worth in monetary terms. Victoria Frolova's first review of Hiris stamped it as a budget scent, an everyday fragrance that was office friendly. Well, it sure aint a budget scent anymore. Perfumery is a science of aroma chemicals and molecules and improvements are happening all the time. Perhaps our perfect cool iris is in the pipeline. I don't think Hiris is my perfect cool iris, I prefer some projection or a cheaper price.

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Eyes -Ardell - DuraLash Naturals-Individual False Lashes

on 2/21/2017 3:58:00 PM


I'm new to makeup & I have tried strip lashes which I find difficult to apply, but these were affordable & looked so natural & easy to apply. I used the technique where you glue them under your lashes & I was surprised at how fast & easy it was for me.

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