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Lips -NYX - Lip Lustre


I love this product. My lips look wonderful. They stand out and I like the fact that I get noticed when I'm out clubbing. When I dress sexy I don't want to short change any part of my appearance.

Shampoo -Garnier - Long and Strong Shampoo

on 6/24/2017 5:01:00 PM


This did not work for me. It dried out my ends to where they had a straw-like feel.

Mascara -Maybelline - Volum' Express Pumped Up! Colossal

on 6/24/2017 4:56:00 PM


I have always stuck with Maybelline mascaras, because I have had great luck with them. I decided to try this one because of the adorable pink tube! This provides clean definition, and equal parts volume and length. The oval shaped bristled brush is not overly large, so it's easy to work with and it also is what helps plump up lashes so well, which is helpful because this formula goes on thick. I have "Very Black" which is a nice deep black. No issues with smudging or flaking, and it's easy to remove at night. Great for achieving a bold/full lash look, quickly. One tip, if you find a mascara is drying out too quickly, just add 3-5 drops of any sterile saline eyedrops and voila, fresh mascara again! I would repurchase!

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Pressed Powders -Cover Girl - TruBlend Pressed Powder

on 6/24/2017 4:50:00 PM


I use this over the Trublend foundation, although it's also lovely on it's own, as a powder foundation. This actually has some coverage, and a silky matte finish, which is why I enjoy it by itself on super hot days, when liquid makeup would just melt off. I find the shades run light, I'm L3 in the liquid and "Translucent Medium" is actually a perfect color match. I appreciate the slim, clamshell style compact, but I usually replace the thin, stiff backed applicator with the regular/softer CG puffs, that can be bought in a 3 pack separately. This holds back shine pretty well too, and I have a pretty oily t-zone. I have no issued with it caking or oxidizing, and it doesn't break me out. I would def. repurchase!

Liquid -Cover Girl - TruBlend Liquid Makeup

on 6/24/2017 4:45:00 PM


I like this, paired with the matching powder, which gives it some coverage. On its own, it's light coverage and a natural-bordering-dewy finish. The powder gives it just the right amount coverage and a matte finish. I must have a cooler undertone than I realized, because "L3 Natural Ivory", which looks *too* pink in the bottle, ends up matching me perfectly (took a few tries to figure this out). For reference, I am probably around an NC/NW20. I set it with the Trublend powder in Translucent Medium (powder runs light). Love that there is no sunscreen in this, since all sunscreens seem to break me out/irritate my skin. Very little shine control with this foundie, but it also holds up well with blotting throughout the day, and never gets cakey or fake looking. I really appreciate the fact that it has a locking pump, and that the bottle is pretty. Overall, I like it, and would likely repurchase!

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Lipstick -Wet 'n' Wild - Silk Finish 541B- Cashmere

on 6/24/2017 4:39:00 PM


This is literally my holy grail find as far as cheap-as-dirt lipsticks go. Been going through a heavy brown lipstick phase the past few months and I really favour a cold colours as my skin is very pale, and warm tones tend to wash out my face, and my wardrobe is primarily black, white and cold greys.

I tried this on a whim having never attempted with silk finish lipsticks before, I used to hold a vendetta against wet'n'wild as I had the mindset that only tweens and trailer trash bothered with this brand. I can admit that I was being unfair and judgemental based on the price point, I have come to actually really enjoy a fair amount of their products since overcoming that hurdle. (Their eyeshadow trios, liquid catsuit matte lipsticks, highlighter sticks, and megalast lipsticks being a few that I am really fond of now.)

Firstly, this isn't a matte lipstick nor does it claim to be long-lasting, it's selling point is moisture and nearly every colour in the line is frosted (Hence 'silk finish') and this colour is a mauve-brown with cold undertones. It is frosty, but not to the point where it looks like a sparkly lipgloss or cheap. It actually appears to be more metallic. Also when it does begin to fade it leaves a nice stain behind so you don't need to constantly reapply if you don't want to. It also has minimal feathering, which is a nice change for a creamy moisturizing lipstick.

A few reviews have noted the forumla as being greasy, but I did not find this to be true. If you are not a fan of cream lipsticks and have hopped on the matte bandwagon like most have, it may feel unusual to you at first. If you have naturally dry lips that tend to dry out even with the use of a balm, it's perfect as it won't clump in areas and spreads evenly.

Also, yes the packaging is cheaply made and not exactly exciting to look at. It's a very standard black bullet with a clear plastic lid that takes up 2/3 of the total bullet. However I have yet to have an issue with the lid falling off in my bag, and it does make an audible click so you know it's closed. I also have not purchased one yet where the stick is sliding or melting off, which is a plus. It's nothing fancy, but I'd rather have the money put into the actual lipstick itself than making the package decorative.
Verdict: The colour is very 90s and not overpowering with the frost like the other shades in this line (I have since purchased shades 'A short Affair' and 'Breeze' and will likely never wear them because they remind me of an early 2000s Paris Hilton look) and I will be rebuying when I run out. For 1.50$ CAD I would be silly not to.

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Lips -Unlisted Brand - Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil


i'm 63 years old. I was trying things on half my face, seeing their efficiency on getting my wrinkles to plump up. ( even hemorrhoidal cream***) anyway my daughter gave me the Aquafina hydrating lip oil for my lips and I tried it on half of my lips and it was amazing how plump that half became. then one day I was lining my lips with lip liner and it was doing nothing but pulling my lips. in desperation I put on the lip oil and the liner flowed easily on my lips...I mean easily...I LOVE IT... LOVE IT.... sorry to say it did not work on other wrinkles but lining my lips and plumping them for lipstick was WONDERFUL. I give it a 10!!!! by the way my 1st review ever so you know I was impressed!!!!

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Lips -NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream (All)

on 6/24/2017 3:47:00 PM


I have this product in three shades, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Transylvania. Tokyo is a very light baby pink, Vancouver is a dark purple with red undertones and Transylvania (despite it's tube colour) is a dark maroon red.

pros: Packaging is small and applicator is small enough to get some precision unlike most matte liquid lipsticks that have a long wand. It's a soft doe foot applicator and all three shades I own have pleasant vanilla-cake-scent. Hard to pinpoint the exact smell, but definitely smells like something edible and sweet. The small size makes it easier to fish out product as opposed to the long narrow tubes of most other mattes, and definitely saves room in your bag. Plus all the shades are named after places, so if you have a favourite travel destination or are from a larger city you will be able to find a shade named after that location. From a collectors stand point, the naming choice really makes me want to collect all my fave places in the world. Plus they have one of the widest selections of colours I have seen in a drugstore brand. Literally something for everyone of any skin tone.

Cons: These are marketed as matte, when really it should say semi or demi matte on the package. They never seem to dry down completely which causes some feathering, and these are definitely not transfer proof! I had the same issue with these as I did with the Revlon HD line, they wear out and become patchy after no time at all, and as a person who's job requires a lot of talking, therefore a lot of water drinking, it's not cute after 1-2 hours of wear. It will transfer onto your boyfriend, girlfriend, cups, cigarettes, kleenexs, etc. This is only really an issue with the darker shades, which is a shame due to how wide a selection these have colour wise. Also these are priced between 9$ CAD - 11$ CAD depending on where you purchase them, and there are far better liquid mattes for less. Tokyo is the only shade I have that is wearable, and unfortunately pastel pink isn't a good colour for me or my style anymore, so it rarely sees the light of day.

Verdict- Price is a bit high for quality, however colour variety saves the product. With a formula change these would be perfect, however I don't buy matte lipsticks with the intention of re-applying every other hour. Very disappointed that these were a miss for me personally.

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Liquid -Maybelline - Superstay Better Skin Skin-Transforming Foundation SPF 15 (US version)

on 6/24/2017 3:43:00 PM


I cant say i really liked it or hated it. Frankly, I find it too thin for my mature skin, as it doesnt offer very good coverage. I must say that for younger women it could be very nice if youre looking for a light feeling on youre face and it holds up pretty well. Didnt notice any fragrance at all and it didnt break out my skin. the price was cheap and now its even cheaper as the stores claim its being discontinued. The packaging was great mind you that the shades range is horrible. Im pale but the first color was almost white and the second one was orangey...LOL !
Would I recommend? NO...unless youre young with already good skin that doesnt need full covererage and is looking for a sheer foundation-and lucky if you can find a skin match. Its not bad, but nothing special.

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Cleansers -Murad - Refreshing Cleanser

on 6/24/2017 3:37:00 PM

I initially bought renewing cleanser from resurgence line, after reading many positive reviews and information the it will keep my blackheads away.
It has worked wonders for about 6 months, but then my skin had enough. Started to be very oily and my pores were huge (but not clogged).

After a week or two of using refreshing cleanser I noticed that my pores started to shrink, oil production was reduced and redness was gone (I was thinking I would live with red face forever).
My complexion was clear, even and beautiful.
However this cleanser could dry skin out - I needed to use much less to avoid dehydration.

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