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Eye Primer -MAC - Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base

on 3/18/2017 11:09:00 PM

Eyeshadow primers are a must have item for me. In addition to great primers from NARS, Lorac, UD, etc., I've also relied on MAC's own Paint Pots (especially Painterly) as reliable bases/ primers. What's funny is that MAC's original Prep+Prime Eye was dreadful...really, really dreadful and so much less effective than the Paint Pots (which really are cream shadows, not dedicated primers). When MAC came out with this new, obviously very much improved eyeshadow primer, I was happy to read the positive reviews but had so many primers on the go that I didn't it. Then MAC has a 25% off sale so I figured "Why not?". I've only used this for 3 days but already I can say that I LOVE it. It seems to have a smoother, softer finish than UDPP (which I have always relied on to hold my shadows in the hottest, steamiest, most muggy and humid conditions and it's never let me down) - eyeshadows apply much more smoothly over the MAC primer and don't seem to "catch" or go patchy so I've no need to use a translucent face powder to help shadows apply more smoothly and evenly. It keeps my shadows looking fresh from early morning til late at night, and even after several rounds of intense snow shovelling in a pretty heavy snow storm. You get a heck of a lot more product than with NARS and at a much lower price (with the NARS primer, it often looks like there's nothing on the doe foot and I am left wondering if there is any product left in the tube, though that's all more an optical illusion, since you need so little and there's always plenty on the doe foot to do the job). I think once I finish up my current tube of the original UDPP, I won't bother replacing it and if MAC eventually comes out with flesh toned and glowing champagne versions, I won't bother replacing Eden or Sin UDPPs either. This new base from MAC is excellence in a tiny black tube.

Palettes -MAC - Burgundy x9 palette

on 3/18/2017 10:42:00 PM

This is my favorite eyeshadow palette, it's replaced my Naked 3 by urban decay. At first when it was delivered I was disappointed at how small the eyeshadows are but the whole palette is perfect for throwing in my hand bag or when im travelling.
Ive owned it a few months now and its the only eyeshadow palette I use, I still havnt hit pan, im not even close, barely scratched the surface so although theyre small a little goes a long way. They're very pigmented and theres absolutely no fallout despite a few of the shades being glittery or shimmery. Theyre creamy and blend very nicely and the mix of colours are beautiful and work really well together.

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Powder -MAC - Mineralized Skin Finish in Light

on 3/18/2017 1:28:00 PM


I recently bought this product, as I was going through my loose powder too quickly, and wanted a more natural looking powder that set my foundation but didn't make my skin look flat and matte.

When browsing through the MAC Website ,I found this particular powder that offered a medium coverage with a natural finish so I had to try it. Now even though this powder offers a medium coverage, it doesn't cake on top of your other make up,or change the colour of your foundation. It blends seamlessly and effortlessly with the rest of your make up giving a flawless finish. The powder's texture is velvety and soft and has pearlized pigments in it that prevent your make up looking flat, however this powder does not have a shimmer to it, and the pearlized pigments do not give a shiny/highlighting effect to the powder. It gives a natural look. I even think this powder will be perfect in the summer months to wear on its own as a light-medium coverage foundation, or you could even buy a darker shade to use as a bronzing/contouring powder.

I don't normally buy MAC products as I have never liked any of their foundations, however this powder is amazing. I would definitely try it if you are like me and want a natural but flawless foundation/powder base.This also last a long time on my skin and stayed put around my nose and between my eyebrows ( where I am prone to get slightly oily). However my skin overall is dry so I would say this powder is suitable for all skin types.

The powder is on the pricey side ( I payed £24.50 for 10 grams of product) however I think it is totally worth it for the quality of the product. I think the packaging for the powder has an expensive feel, and I love how it has a magnetic closing system, so I don't have to fiddle around with any lids.Finally I feel a small bit goes a long way , and its very easy to work with,I can have a sheer veil over my foundation or build it up to give a super flawless but never cakey look.

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Eyeliner -MAC - Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel in Blacktrack


The MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel Blacktrack is a great Eyeliner. For me, it is too smooth, dries quickly, but it lasts all day long.

Primer/ Corrector -MAC - Prep + Prime Skin


This product lasts a really long time but I did not like the fact that it had glitter in the formula and it was just so oily for me.

Eye Makeup Remover -MAC - Pro Eye Makeup Remover


This is a good product for me when I like to take my eye makeup off as in my brows or eyeliner. I just can't see for it to work well on my eyelashes.

Makeup Brushes -MAC - # 239 Eye Shader Brush

on 3/17/2017 11:31:00 PM


This is one of the worst brushes I've ever bought (my others are Bobbi Brown, Dior, Sisley). It's poorly made, it gets fluffy and can't hold it's shape. Disaster! Add a bit of money and by better brush, good brushes lasts for years, this one won't hold for more than several months.

Makeup Brushes -MAC - 266 Thin Small Angle (natural hair)

on 3/17/2017 11:25:00 PM


As many other MAC brushes this one is on firmer side, it scratches my sensitive eyes. It also have a hard time to stay in shape. There are many better alternatives at different price points.
I wouldn't recommend to buy this.

Makeup Brushes -MAC - #217 Blending

on 3/17/2017 11:22:00 PM


I don't understand the hype about this brush. Is too poorly made compare to my Bobbi Brown's.
The shape is perfect, and it's nicely soft and firm at the same time, but the brush doesn't hold it's shape for long, the hair start to fluff.

Blush -MAC - Mineralize Blush - Warm Soul

on 3/17/2017 11:15:00 AM


This is a nice blush, I thought, until I caught a glimpse of it on me in a mirror in an elevator under fluorescent light, also known as truth serum! I could see the peachy brown powder sitting on top of my skin, covered with visible sparkles from feet away, and the overall effect was to age me about 15 years. It looked far from natural. I do love these subtle blush/bronze hybrid colors, but the MAC person who suggested it for me should have known I'm too old for all the sparkle, and too washed out for the strong peach/orange undertone. It's not the blush, it's me! Now looking at the reviews, I'm seeing a sea of young women giving it their highest ratings, and I bet it looks just beautiful on their dewy faces. For me, these colors need to be much more matte, and have at least hints of rose or pink, such as Lancome Cedar Rose, Chanel Jersey, or Tarte Exposed, also Chanel Golden Sun (pinker than Jersey), or Hourglass Mood Exposure (looks plum).

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