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Eye Shadow -MAC - Paint Pot in Painterly

on 6/28/2015 8:51:00 AM


I have oily, but not excessively oily lids. Gave this product a good year worth of trial and error.

I believed this to be a eye shadow primer. For that it is HORRIBLE. It doesn't help keep it on pretty much at all. I read somewhere to set it with a neutral shade before shadows, didn't work. I read somewhere to use a little more product then your expecting, didnt work.

It is pink so it covers veining in eyes well so if you use it for that it may work for you, but even then it started to come off within 4 hrs. May also work for ppl with dryer lids, but from what I've heard if you have dry lids the ELF primer is amazing. I'd probably try that first if you fit into that category. Don't automatically waste youre money on this.

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Cleansers -MAC - Cleanse Off Oil

on 6/28/2015 4:14:00 AM


Initially, I really liked this product: the lovely smell, the soft feeling it gave to my face, all of it. I didn't love the price, but that is often the case :) however, when I was on my second bottle, I realized that this was the culprit for my skin behaving badly--the product seems to have irritated the skin and caused more pimples than I normally get. So I really wanted to like this, and did for a while, but I definitely won't be buying this again.

Pressed Powders -MAC - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium

on 6/28/2015 2:46:00 AM


Mac products are not my cup of tea, but let me tell you!! This product right here tho!!! It's very lightweight, it's great for setting your foundation without making it look dry or cakey or adding that extra unessesary color or product to your foundation. It's also great for blending out your contour and blush to your foundation without loosing the contour/blush pigmentation. It can also be worn alone to give your skin just a nice smooth natural look. Unlike the studio fix powder, which is horrible, you can't really overdo the powder its buildable and it takes a lot to make you look too powdery. It's a very good product.

Makeup Brushes -MAC - 224 Tapered Blending Brush


The initial reason I bought this brush was because a MAC mua used copperplate shadow quite breezily and quickly in my crease. I always had difficulty using this shadow, but it looked rad as hell when she used the 224--i was sold.

Had no idea it was as $$$ as it is, and sort of choked when they rang me up at the register, but it ended up being worth it.

Would i repurchase? Unfortunately, gonna have to, since I've lost mine, and haven't managed to find a decent dupe (i probably spent more trying to find one, honestly.) I know there are better brands out there, but I love the 224, so I find no need to look elsewhere (ahem, anymore.)

Pressed Powders -MAC - Studio Careblend

on 6/27/2015 5:58:00 PM


This pressed powder from MAC is really best on skin that is quite dry and does not like a powdery finish. If you have mature skin or skin that has a tendency to flake, this powder is probably better than most, with a nice color selection. (It won't make wrinkles look worse.)

However, I have combination to oily skin so every time I use this, I wish I was holding MAC Blot Powder instead. Blot Powder absorbs oil without adding color or texture. That's what I want.

Careblend has more pigment than a regular setting powder and so even though I bought the Light color, I sometimes feel that it's adding too much color to my face. Blot Powder is translucent, so even though I buy the Medium color in that, it looks more natural on my fair skin than this.

Buying a foundation or powder that really isn't meant for your skin type is usually a mistake. You end up feeling like the teenage boy who likes action movies but gets trapped taking his grandmother to see a Helen Mirren vehicle in which she plays the Queen again. The movie is probably great, and Helen will no doubt be nominated for an Oscar, but it's playing to the wrong audience. The boy wants to see dinosaurs eat people while Jeeps blow up. I want to get rid of my shiny T-zone.

If you read the positive reviews, they're written mostly by women with dry to very dry skin who don't like powders that are designed for teenagers. If you read the negative reviews, they're written mostly by younger women who have acne prone or oily skin and think this sucks at blotting. Unfortunately I fall into the second category.

So I'm begrudgingly rating this a 4 even though it's wrong for me. I wanted to rate it a 3, but realized it was unfair to do so. It's not the quality of the product, it's the fact that my skin type is too oily for it.

I'm putting MAC Blot Powder in Medium on my shopping list. Then I'm going to buy a ticket to see a movie with pyrotechnics in it. Not that I don't appreciate a good art film now and then.

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Moisturizers -MAC - Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel Moisturizer

on 6/27/2015 2:14:00 PM



- hydrating
- absorbs quickly
- lightweight
- does not make skin oily
- little goes a long way


- price
- packaging

COMMENTS: This is a lightweight, yet rich moisturizer that absorbs quickly and works very well under makeup. It does not cause my skin to produce more oil. I have combination skin and this works great on my dry areas, as well. A little goes a long way. This contains silicone, so there's a lot of slip to it but it never feels greasy or heavy. I wish the packaging were different, so that the ingredients remained stable. However, it still works and very well at that. The price isn't my favorite, but you need so little of this stuff it should last a while.

Will repurchase.

Powder -MAC - Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

on 6/27/2015 2:05:00 PM


At $27, this is such a great value for a powder foundation. It provides medium coverage which you can control - experiment with a brush as well as the sponge that is included.

I am really happy that MAC has kept this in the line since the 90s and even kept my perfect shade N3. The original color system was N for neutral and C for cool, and then later the color range was expanded in the hopes of accommodating more skin tones, hence the NC and NW system they use now. But I'm still N3.

As with all pressed powder foundations, I love how quick and easy they are to apply. This can also be used as a finishing powder (even though it has more coverage than a setting powder) over a sheer tinted moisturizer like Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue.

MAC was smart to make this fragrance free. I always feel that when a cosmetics company comes out with a foundation that contains fragrance, they are really behind the times. Most women don't want their foundation to be scented, and those of us with sensitive skin don't need one more possible irritant - we have enough problems already. MAC has a vanilla scent to the lipsticks but our lips are accustomed to flavors since most of us do eat and drink. I used to buy flavored lip glosses and lip balms before I was allowed to wear lipstick. The rest of MAC's makeup items (powders, eyeshadows, concealers) are fragrance free.

This has a great finish, and holds up well throughout the day. If you have truly oily skin using pressed powders can contribute to acne. This is true of most pressed powders, not just this brand. It is the most common complaint among reviewers who stop using their powder foundation.

I also reviewed the elegant Chantecaille Compact which does have a more skinlike finish than this. Chantecaille doesn't wash out when photographed, in case that is a pet peeve of yours and you're dying to switch. However, remember that Chantecaille is $66 versus $27 for MAC. If you're on a budget and simply can't afford to blow your savings on makeup, Studio Fix is more affordable. The color range in MAC is broad - I'd be shocked if someone couldn't find a decent match.

I've repurchased this several times over the years. I used to keep a spare Studio Fix in my desk at work, and was grateful to have it in my carry-on when I was stranded at the airport one time with no access to my checked baggage.

I find the best way to use Studio Fix (or any other powder foundation) is over a separate product that contains sunscreen. For a while I was using Hourglass Mineral Primer SPF 15, and then I switched to a sunscreen from Paula's Choice that was less expensive. These didn't contain color; just provided SPF. So I'd use a little concealer where needed (under the eyes, the sides of the nose, and/or a blemish I wanted to hide) and finish with powder foundation. Sometimes I need full coverage and then I prefer a liquid foundation. Liquids tend to mesh with the skin better than powders and many are longer-wearing. Liquids are better at hiding acne, and a lightweight liquid is less likely to feel heavy after several hours.

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation remains a favorite after all these years, and I'm so glad I can still buy the N3 color.

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Eyes -MAC - Prep + Prime Lash

on 6/27/2015 12:41:00 PM


This was a waste of money and did nothing except clump my lashes. I usually get good results with mascaras that have a rubber wand, like Max Factor False Lash, or chubbier wands and my lashes aren't really short so if you have similar experience, don't waste your money on this primer.

Crème -MAC - Pro LongWear Compact Foundation SPF 20

on 6/27/2015 11:29:00 AM

I have a love-hate relationship with this. I would buy it again in an absolute heartbeat, it fits the bill for my picky skin needs: the formula is creamy and super quick to apply with a flat top kabuki (I can cover my face in a minute flat as opposed to 5 when I would pour/mix my liquid foundation) the packaging, albeit bulky, is compact and great for travel. The formula can be built from medium to full coverage and it's not sticky nor does it feel heavy on the face. I have it in NC25, which works for me but I always feel that the MAC artists do color matching in a way that isn't necessarily consistent to how I would regularly do my makeup. This stuff really held up during a trans-Atlantic flight, I checked my face nearly 24 hrs. later and my face wasn't a smudgy, greasy mess (although my oily zones were questionable) and the foundation was still intact. The only reason why I HATE this foundation is because I've had this for two weeks and I've already hit pan. I am by no means a cake face but this is not economical for a college students budget. SPF makes for the ghost face in photos, too.

Eye Shadow -MAC - Matte2 - Typographic

on 6/27/2015 9:54:00 AM


I hate giving this a "meh!" review but I must.

As a "more mature" woman, I use this with the MAC square eyeliner to put a very fine line on my top lid.

The fallout is awful.

I find myself having to go back over the line - kind of defeats the fine line process - and I have dark gray cleanup under my eye.

The line lasts but the shadow itself does migrate during the day. Boo hoo!

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