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Blush -TheBalm - Instain Blush in Swiss Dot

on 2/27/2017 12:26:00 AM


I have three blushes from The Balm. This one has a nice color and it doesn't have glitter. From the appearance it might look too orange but the color is actually natural coral. Not too orange for me. The amount you need to take from this blush is little, super pigmented. When I tried it the first time I apply like I usually do with my other balm blushes and the orange became too prominent so I need to cover it up many times with loose powder. Unlike many super pigmented product that hard to remove, this one is easily to remove with make up remover.

The packaging is like the other balm product, it has mirror and cardboard like texture with magnet. I like the appearance of this product,looks like a little magazine :)

Loose Powders -Coty - Airspun Loose Face Powder

on 2/27/2017 12:20:00 AM


I purchased this product on the walmart website because of all the hype. bottom line if you're medium or dark tone do not buy this product it makes your face look very ashy and leaves a white cast and if im putting on powder i dont see the use of setting my foundation with this then having to go back with a darker powder to get rid of the whitecast its to much powder and will make u look old and dried up. If you got some color stay away

Lip Treatments -Unlisted Brand - Sarah McNamara

on 2/27/2017 12:14:00 AM

Sarah McNamara had an excellent Lip Plumper that was at Ulta then Nordstrom's. I tried it on at Ulta but when I went back to buy some they had discontinued it. WHY? It was the BEST lip plumper on the market! Beautiful soft colors, the gloss was not sticky, applied well. BONUS- It plumped the lips and REALLY worked without irritation I've had with other lip plumpers! It retailed for $18.00 at Nordstom's and if anyone knows where to find this now, let me know!

Lip Gloss -Stila - Grapefruit Lip Glaze

on 2/26/2017 11:57:00 PM


This lip gloss looks really nice, it is sheer and not sticky. It has a nice scent as well, which not many lip glosses do. I found the scent to vary within the same color though, so wish it would stay the same as the first time I bought it. I had to twist the applicator more than I expected to get the product out and then more came out than I wanted, so be careful when twisting it. The applicator brush is nice & soft, it applies evenly. I am allergic to some lip glosses, not this one. It applies sheer but you still see the color even with the lightest shades. Lastly, there was probably one more application left that I could not use.

Powder -Lancome - Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup

on 2/26/2017 11:26:00 PM


Lancome has done it again with this fabulous wet/dry formulation of powder makeup. The color Buff Beige is medium true beige that makes your skin look beautiful & covers minor imperfections. I like to go just a bit darker in all seasons, this color is but doesn't ever look too dark! It glides on dry so I've never used wet; it blends with your own skin moisture within minutes to give a nice glow to your skin. Coverage lasts all day & rarely creases, but if it does just wipe lightly & it blends instantly. This makeup is just like a mineral makeup, but the color is much better. I compared it to one of the mineral make up brands the coverage cannot be beat. I constantly get compliments that my skin looks amazing when I use it & I am 58! This makeup is the equivalent of Maqui Libre as far as I am concerned! The compact is sophisticated & they thoughtfully put a mirror & plastic cover inside so the applicator does not sit on the powder when stored. One suggestion would be to either include another cloth applicator or sell them separately. Try this makeup, you won't be disappointed! It applies quickly for working girls! You can use brush or the cloth applicator & layer the coverage. Lancome recently dropped the non-fragrance option, why do they do that? We sensitive women appreciate a company that cares; not just catering to the next generation!

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Palettes -Too Faced - Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette

on 2/26/2017 11:21:00 PM


These shadows are great quality. Smooth, pigmented, blendable, and long lasting. The colours are very wearable and there is a good variety of finishes (mattes/shimmers/glitters/satin) and great colour variety. You can make pretty much any look, from dramatic glam nighttime to natural delicate daytime, and everywhere in between.
I know a lot of people don't like the scent. I personally like it but I can understand why some people don't - it doesn't smell like peaches. But it does smell like peach candy! Super sugary sweet. In fact it smells EXACTLY like that powder candy that comes in the tiny neon fruit-shaped bottles. Reminds me of my childhood! The fragrance doesn't linger long after you put it on though.
The packaging is so cute and super sturdy. A metal tin with a big mirror, and it closes magnetically so it stays shut securely! All the colours are labeled next to the pans, which I love.
Price is about the same as comparably sized palettes of the same quality. Not cheap but definitely worth it in my opinion :)

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Liquid -Charlotte Tilbury - Magic Foundation

on 2/26/2017 11:08:00 PM


Prior to this product, I was a die hard tarte fan. I like matte coverage since I can get a bit oily. I tried her product after reading the reviews, it is still matte, full coverage with a bit of dew. Since I am now 40, I figured a bit of dewy wouldn't hurt lol. I have sensitive skin, this has not caused any breakouts.

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Bronzers -Physicians Formula - Murumuru Butter Bronzer

on 2/26/2017 10:37:00 PM


Love this bronzer!! The shade bronzer is beautiful and gives my skin a nice warmth to it. Lasts all day and smells like heaven. I have light-medium skin and the shade light bronzer was too light. I would imagine this bronzer would not work for medium to dark skin tones.

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Liquid -Clinique - Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

on 2/26/2017 10:37:00 PM


I bought this product twice because the first time around wasn't a good colour match so I thought I'd give it a second chance since I love Clinique products(purely because they are of few that don't cause me breakouts).

This foundation is best applied with a beauty blender in small amounts. I really wanted to like it but every time I'd look in the mirror in good sunlight it looked way too cakey and grainy/drying.

In addition this is not a buildable product. If you want to apply more later you generally just have to wash and start all over.

Even used just as an undereye concealer it doesn't cut it and it gets flakey and with lines.

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BB Cream -Tarte - BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen

on 2/26/2017 10:34:00 PM


I bought this after seeing rave reviews by vloggers, but I have to say that it's not amazing. I had been using the Face Shop Matte BB Cushion as everyday go-to coverage, but found that it took too long to apply, so was on the lookout for tinted moisturiser you could apply quickly with your fingers and be done. The first problem was that the seal on the thing isn't actually glued on, so it moves easily and the cream just drips everywhere. When I opened it at home I thought it had been used. So I took it all the way back to Sephora, and the shop assistant opened up all the other tubes and found the same thing had happened. Annoying, but who cares, as long as the cream itself is as good as they say?

Well...the cream claims to be hydrating, and so in theory you could use it without having to apply moisturiser first. I was completely wrong on that front. With the bb cream on without moisturiser, the drier parts of my face were flaking, and the non-dry parts looked powdery. With the exception of areas around my nose, my skin isn't particularly dry at all, but the hydration in this cream just wasn't enough. You would definitely need to use a separate moisturiser underneath this unless you have super oily skin. This is more of an After-Moisturiser Tinted...Something. Tarte calls it a "treatment", so I guess technically speaking, the labelling isn't misleading.

The finish is described as natural-looking by a lot of vloggers, but I found that it was cakey and powdery in places, making it seem like I had powdered my face instead of using a cream. I also missed the slightly dewy, glowing look of my Face Shop BB Cushion - there isn't any glow to be found with this cream, just a flat...and need I say it again, powdery look.

The cream retails for $46 here in Sephora Australia, which is definitely overpriced for something that does a decent job but lacks any outstanding qualities that would compel you to buy it instead of paying the same amount for a bb cushion or cream with a better finish.

I imagine it will look less powdery with a layer of moisturiser underneath it, so I'll be applying moisturiser, waiting for it to sink in, and then layering on this bb cream - the same process I go through with the BB cushion, and my Missha bb cream, so really, getting this defeated my original purpose. Oh well, if I ever graduate from bb creams to foundation then this could be a good primer, and it could give me more coverage under my bb cushion, so I guess it hasn't been a complete waste of time.

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