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Concealers -Maybelline -Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

on 12/12/2017 8:21:00 PM


Love this product good coverage good for every day use of u don’t want to use up your expensive high end concealer....

Lips -E.L.F. -Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain

on 12/12/2017 8:15:00 PM


I bought all 3 of these because I wasn't sure what would look good on me. I tried Red Orange Wash first, and did one layer on my lips and it was a sheer red orange flush that leaned more natural than bold. I put a second layer on and WOW, this transformed to a nice bold stain. This is watery and will need several minutes to dry while you let your lips rest and don't move them around much. I tried to talk on the phone while this was wet and I moved it around too much and had to take it off and start completely over. The second time, I waited for 5 minutes before I started doing stuff. I did a tissue test a little bit of color does come off on the tissue, but my lips don't look unevenly colored so I'm not bothered. I put chapstick on after it dried and the color hasn't budged much. I'll have to wear one of these to work and see how it lasts through the day. For right now, my first impression is that this product is a good buy. These were $4 at Target. I'd love it if they released more colors!

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Concealers -NARS -Radiant Creamy Concealer


I decided to re-write an old review because I've changed my mind about this completely. I loved it when I first got it, then after wear, watching my undertones more and including a more dewy foundation I just can't get on with it.

The formula is quite nice. It is very creamy, incredibly easy to blend and isn't at all flat- it really does look radiant. I'd say for a concealer it has medium coverage, which is just not enough for my particular brand of crazy dark circles. The lightest shade (chantilly) is also too yellow for my liking and other more neutral options are too dark. I'd more class it as a cool yellow though, so you more yellow toned cool peeps might love the shade. Personally though I need something like a cool neutral.

My main problem with this is the creasing. DEAR GODS THE CREASING. I've tried my newer foundation without this and had no problems at all, but with this I crease like absolute crazy. I have tried every method to work with the formula but I just can't. Powder first, Powder then primer, Powder after, Powder sacrifices to the great lord satan- just nothing works. I have large-ish round eyes so I have a small amount of deep natural lines under my eyes which have been there since childhood, i'm not sure if it would be as bad with fine lines caused by age but it might be something to take into account.

All in all, this just isn't worth the money for me any more.

Lipstick -Lancome -Rouge in Love

on 12/12/2017 7:49:00 PM


if you like YOUR lipstick very super creamy,,then this one is for you

Lips -Jeffree Star -Velour Liquid Lipstick


Like a lot of people on here I'm not into Jeffree Star as a person or entertainer, but boy does he have some bomb lipstick formulas. My lips are too dry for some liquid formulas even after a good scrub and balm, these are very lightweight and not to drying.

I do have slightly different experiences for two different shades though- I have both Designer Blood and Family Jewels. Unfortunately both holiday collection colours, so I do hope they have another limited release again because they are. amazing.

Family Jewels is a mauve-ish cool toned medium brown colour. It is *very* cool, to the point where I look a little off wearing a warm eye with it, but it's perfectly workable with neutrals and is complimentary to cool eye looks (I am just *so* into a mauve or taupe eye look with this). The formula is just *perfect*: Pigmented, light, not too drying and easy to patch up- I pretty much need to patch up every lipstick I ever wear in the 'butthole' inner rim of my mouth (Props to safiya nygaard for coining that term).

Designer Blood is what i'd call a dark maroon, I found the shade unicorn blood too dark so this was a good slightly lighter option. It's a lovely warm shade too. It has a 'golden' slight sheen to it if you rub it after drying, which really does work, just not on my because my lips are too dry to rub. Boo hiss, genetics. This one also goes on nicely, but it feels a little heavier and is more difficult to patch up- I have to rub where i'm re-applying (the lip butthole) with a makeup wipe or wet tissue to get rid of any significant amount of dry product before applying this again, otherwise it gives an unflattering 'cakey' look. I don't need to do it to the whole lip though, so It's really not too much bother. I'm pretty sure this is down to the 'gold glint' gimmick this shade has. I also found this one dries out faster than the other too.

The applicator is not offensive but not my favorite either. I'd like it to be less textured/spongey as this can occasionally leave me with an uneven outer edge if I don't line my lips first (which is most of the time. I can never be bothered). The packaging design is really glam, which I adore.

Lip Gloss -NYX -Butter Gloss--Praline

on 12/12/2017 7:36:00 PM


This looks like MLBB. It's neutral, buttery, glossy. Not too pink, leans more brown. I've included a picture so you can see the color.

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Lip Gloss -NYX -Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake

on 12/12/2017 7:29:00 PM


This is a nice pink gloss. I was expecting it to be a little darker because the tube is darker than the other 2 pinks I purchased in this line (Vanilla Cream Pie and Eclair). I think this looks similar to Vanilla Cream Pie. I would probably pick one or the other if I was going to repurchase. I've uploaded a picture so you can see the color.

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Lip Gloss -NYX -Butter Gloss in Eclair

on 12/12/2017 7:17:00 PM


If Vanilla Cream Pie is bubblegum pink, then this is cotton candy pink. At first, I thought they looked so similar that owning both would be pointless, but that's not the case. This feels buttery, looks glossy, and smells sweet. I like this color quite a bit. I would repurchase. I've included a picture for reference.

Liquid -Lancome -Teint Idole Ultra Liquid 24h Longwear SPF 15 Foundation


I had such high hopes for this, but unfortunately it just didn't work out in the slightest for my skin. It clung to my dry patches *incredibly* badly and even on my normal skin areas it looked a little dry.
I'd class this as a medium-full coverage and it really does cover imperfections well, I couldn't see any red patches on my cheeks after using it. I found it build up quite well rather than just looking like it was 'sitting' on itself.
I have sensitive but not acne prone skin and had no problems using this. I don't have pore issues so I don't know how it performs in that regard either.
The shade range though, is grand. I found something dead on my skin tone (008 beige opale) which is something that just never happens (pale, neutral/cool), I really wish they'd extend that to my HG Teint Miracle foundation. I've also read about it being quite accommodating on the darker end of the spectrum too, which I have mad respect for.

The formula and range for sure have some good aspects, but the finish is just so chalky and drying in my experience I can't even recommend as a 'not for me but others might like it' sort of thing.

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Lip Gloss -NYX -Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie

on 12/12/2017 7:09:00 PM


This is bubblegum pink and glossy. It feels like butter on my lips so it lives up to its name. It smells sweet and has a doe foot applicator. The lasting power is OK. This was 4.49 at Target. I would repurchase. I've uploaded a picture for reference.

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