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Bath Treatments -NIVEA -Moisturizing Body Wash

on 9/22/2018 6:42:00 PM

Good standard body wash, and pretty cheap too. I got the care & hibiscus version. Has an interesting scent. I believe it's worth using for the price point.

Powder -MAC Cosmetics -Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

on 9/22/2018 6:14:00 PM


TLDR; I drank half a bottle of vino and wrote a long review. Great, buildable, flawless coverage but dried my skin out and slightly irritated it. Oily, sensitive and easily dehydrated skin.

This product has really left me with mixed feelings... not enough to stop using it though. I went to my local MAC counter at Selfridges after work around three weeks ago after i'd pondered all day over getting a new foundation. I'm oily and easily dehydrated so I stick to powder foundations as they help with mattifying my face but don't accentuate/create any dry patches as i've found mattifying liquid foundations have done for me in the past (sounds kind of ironic, right?). Usually I use a little-known mineral powder foundation named Pure Magic Minerals which is a small 'indie' brand from the UK, but it's crappy sifter jar leaves a lot to be desired especially when travelling so i felt like a pressed powder would be more suitable. I've tried studio fix fluid in the past which didn't agree but I had faith that the powder would do a better job. So, I tottered along to the MAC counter and picked myself up Studio Fix Powder in nc15, a small bottle of fix+ original and a generous sample of some form of primer that I managed to lose before I left Selfridges (fml). As soon as i arrived home, i took my day face off and buffed the powder in with a domed kabuki and applied two layers under my eyes with a soft eye shadow brush (I usually use a yellow correcting powder and my mineral powder foundation as underage concealer). The results were fantastic. My skin was flawless; I went heavy first time as I wanted to test it's power (i'm a light to medium coverage guy apart from the occasional night out during a break out, I like my pores to see sunlight during the day). My under eyes were perfectly concealed, no need for any colour correcting and I'm naturally an NC15 with very dark purplish under-eye circles, black eye dark on my right hand eye. I was amazed, it looked natural still, no powdery finish, just a solid matte. I added I think three spritzes of fix plus just to meld it more with my skin, i like a satin to dewy finish even though I'm oily. After 10 minutes I could feel a slight itch, then half an hour later I had to remove the make up because the itching was becoming worrying and I did not want to risk a cystic break out. I wondered if it was due to the fix plus as i've had misfortune with other facial sprays in the past so i applied a little of the powder the morning after without using the spray- it felt slightly uncomfortable but no where near as bad. Since then i've not encountered that uncomfortable sensation (adaption period?) and have carried on using Studio fix powder daily- I'm guessing the irritation was due to the fix plus. I'd started to develop small, hard bumps/pimples (milia?) only on my forehead so i've opted to only apply a dense layer of the powder under my eyes and a light dusting over my face (avoiding the pimply forehead area) to hide my pigmentation and pores somewhat. I wondered if these bumps were due to the powder dehydrating my skin i've started using a more intense moisturiser on the night with my regular jojoba oil- lo and behold the small bumps are beginning to go (touch wood). It's annoying obviously as the immediate results are wonderful, and luckily my skin hasn't had any severe reactions as it did with the liquid version but this small annoyance of tiny bumps that can hopefully be reconciled with some extra moisturisation is worth the results. I would more than likely repurchase this but I more than likely will look into other pressed powder foundations that are less drying, I don't mind having to do some counteraction but in the long run i feel something that does less harm to my skin would probably be more beneficial. ✌️💋

Moisturizers -Olay -Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream fragrance-free

on 9/22/2018 6:05:00 PM


I have worked for almost all department store brands and have used all their creams. This is one of my favourites. Chalk full of antioxidants, super creamy, non greasy and affordable. I am done paying 100.00 for crappy high end names. I actually look better the next day after using this cream. I only do not like the packaging because of having to stick your fingers in the jar plus antioxidants are sensitive and need air tight container. But I go through mine pretty fast in Canadian winters. Run ladies and stock up. Best price is Walmart.

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Brows -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Eyebrow Kit

on 9/22/2018 5:58:00 PM


Okay so as a makeup addict I try everything. This is up there with my benefit eyebrow kits. Creamy, long lasting, great colours. Only thing is you need to use your own angel brush to apply for that price who cares. Run out and buy it. What a steal!!!!! I am over the moon.

Eye Shadow -L'Oreal Paris -Colour Riche Eyeshadow Mono

on 9/22/2018 5:49:00 PM


Colours are beauriful and the matte is a soft matte however the shadow is not very pigmented. I payed about 9.00 Canadian for a single shadow should have bought Revlon instead. I gave it to my 15 year old niece. One word: crappy

Primer/ Corrector -Algenist -REVEAL Color Correcting Radiant Primer

on 9/22/2018 5:41:00 PM


It seems that both this product and the color-correcting powder are designed for medium skin tones. This primer went on fine, but definitely gave me a mild, and not uniform, "fake tan" look. Same as the powder, which however I can utilize as a bronzer/for contour. Whether it's actually color-correcting or not, I can't tell, given my new tan.


Blush -Elizabeth Arden -Ceramide Cream Blush

on 9/22/2018 5:41:00 PM


Everyone seems to love this blush but me. I found it glides on beautifully but frankly Revlon’s cream blusher for 1/3 price is the same. I did not find this stayed on very well and just disapperaed even when I was just at home. For me it was not worth the price. I will not buy again.

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Masks -Unlisted Brand -Herbivore - Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask

on 9/22/2018 5:38:00 PM


Holy grail, daily use mask. I apply a thin layer every night and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. After rinsing off, my skin is noticeably smoother, less textured, even-toned and radiant. I love the cooling feeling of this mask on my skin. The packaging is a bit meh, but i use the plastic stick that comes with it to scoop the product out, never putting my fingers into the pot. This product has alot of natural ingredients with no preservatives, so it's important to keep germs out of the pot to maintain freshness. With daily use this lasts me about 2.5 months.

Lipstick -Too Faced -The Sweet Smell of Christmas Christmas Treats Liquified Lipstick Set

on 9/22/2018 4:53:00 PM


So of course I can never resist another Too Faced palette so I purchased the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette. In addition, Too Faced was also selling this The Sweet Smell of Christmas Christmas Treats Liquified Lipstick Set which for some reason I felt I just HAD to have! This is a selection of 4 travel (mini?) sized Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick collection of four colors which include Pumpkin Spice, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Bear and Hot Buttered Rum. I feel like all 4 are worth it...however.....

I wish Cinnamon Bear smelled more like Cinnamon!!!!! Mine doesn't, although some of you might have a different sense of smell than I have.....the color is awesome, but I'm disappointed with the fragrance.

And though i LOVE the scent of the Hot Buttered Rum color, I wish it wasn't QUITE so yellowish in color!!!!

Other than that I find that the price points is acceptable and overall I can definitely see myself wearing these all during the Holiday 2018 season. LIKE!

Gels/Soaps -The Body Shop -Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Caring Shower Cream

on 9/22/2018 4:08:00 PM

I bought this because I love the Honeymania shower gel. To me it smells okay at first and then changes into a very synthetic smell that I do not like. It also does not have much of a foam but that is expected with the moisturizing product that it is. Unfortunately, I will not repurchase this one and not happy that I cannot replace the Honeymania.

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