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Moisturizers -Unlisted Brand -Essano Rosehip Moisture Restorative Night Creme

on 12/9/2018 7:47:00 AM


This is good for night use and just a small tiny scoop of this mixed with a serum will make the skin look and feel healthy. I have never gotten such good result even with expensive night cream. So finding this is a blessing indeed. I am starting to love this brand and I have started using it less than 2 months ago. I hope they don't discontinue this product. Sometimes when I find just the right thing that works, they stop importing it because there is little demand.The entire range of this rosehip range just makes my skin glow. I feel like 20 years younger now. Thanks Essano.

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Moisturizers -Unlisted Brand -Essano Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturizer

on 12/9/2018 7:43:00 AM


I was attracted to the packaging of this brand with its striking rose pink and dark bottle. I have always loved rosehip oil because it is great for sensitive skin and I have heard about its healing property especially when applied to scars and eczema. I instantly fell in love with this. It is rich enough for my dry sensitive skin yet leaves no greasy sticky residue on my skin. It also acts as a makeup base in the day. I sit in the dry air-con and this has kept my skin feeling and looking good under makeup for hours. No caking, no running, no crease. I am now a loyal convert to Essano. Inexpensive and excellent result!

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Hair Treatments -Joico -K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock

on 12/9/2018 7:22:00 AM


This works well on my highlighted blonde hair- however my hairstylist advised me to only use it about once a week and never to leave it in for longer than 3 minutes-she said that since it is a protein treatment it can actually dry out your hair if you leave it in for too long. I may switch to something else once my big squeeze tube is empty-perhaps a Bumble & Bumble product which I also use.

Palettes -Urban Decay -NAKED3


I have the Naked 1 palette and I picked up the third one 2 years ago. I gravitate towards more rosey and reddish toned palettes as they really suit my wine red hair and light skin with neutral and silvery undertones. I decided to give the Naked line another chance as I felt the original one lacking.

I'm late to the part with this review but thought I put this out here anyway. I usually wear a bit more bolder eye looks so what is subtle to me might not be for you.

A WORD about the now discontinued original Naked palette.
I've had the original Naked palette for 7 years now. It's propably expired but I don't know. I haven't used it for the longest time and I have only hit the pan on two of the lightest shades. This was the palette that made me go "hmmm" when the beauty gurus were raving about it at the beginning of this decade. I couldn't understand how they were looking past the flaws it had for the price it was sold.

If this palette was launched now, they would have to do the James Charles and keep parroting instructions on how to use it. Instructions for Naked would be as follows: use fingers for better payoff, use only 2 shades, 3 at maximum, to avoid muddying them. Blend ever so gently and as little as possible to avoid fading the shade away or blending them into a mud.

These are the kinda issues that could never fly now at the end of the said decade. I wrote this whole section just to say that I feel vindicated for reading so many reviews and comments from late-comers about these palettes that resonate with my experience. The hype surrounding the Naked palette, and Urban Decay for that matter, is a great example of the Emperor's New Clothes. If it's trendy then it becomes a status item rather than a cosmeti tool.

A reason why I feel so strongly about this issue is that this particular palette made me believe that I'm bad at creating eye looks and it took me a long time to realize that maybe it's the palette that's off and not me and the criteria I have for a good quality product. The hype, whether good or bad, deserved or underserved, easily blinds us from the issues. In the end, we are consumers with a limited purchasing power and we really shouldn't "stan" these brands or make their products as part of our identity.

At least they improved the packaging. The Naked 1 is a velvety nasty mess. Literally. The case of Naked 3's is sturdy yet the material itself feels cheap. The overall look, and the quality of the packaging. complements the shades. The mirror is nice and distortion-free. The brush is a meh.

• A lot of fallout. Base needs to be protected or done after eyes.
• Poor staying power even with their own primer, which I most of the time use succesfully with other shadows.
• Poor payoff with brushes. More like a dust of color, which seems to be at the core of this line BUT there's a clear difference between a wash of color and not being able to discern one shade from another.
• This palette seems to be one of those finger palettes. Swatches nicely with fingers or foam applicators but fails to get picked up by both natural and syntethic brushes.
• Easy to overblend. Requires ever so light touch when blending otherwise you either blend the shade away or create e a big muddy mess. I haven't yet come accross another palette that blends to mud so easily if used more than 1 color.
• Too many shimmers, which I find makes the muddying issue even more prevalent. Also, made the palette outdated quite quickly.
• Boring, way too identical shades making the looks too similar. It has only two mattes and not a single pop of color. The colors are in groups of four. You're able to create a wearable and a decent eyelook by picking one color from each group. If you mix up shades from the same group they have a habit of turn into a mud. If you pick one color per group you'll get something wearable but there's not enough variety to create distinct looks. If you turn your palette to it's side so that the light doesn't hit the pans directly, you will get a better idea of the actual shade range, which is butt ugly looking.
• I'm most dissapointed by the darkest shade in the palette called Blackheart. You really need to pack it on your lid to make the champagney shimmer show up on top of the blackish brown. This color also fades really fast and transfers easily.

COMPARISON TO OTHER COMPARABLE PALETTES - these prices are local and meant to give an idea of the difference

BH cosmetic's Glam - 19€ vs 54€
The shades of Naked 3 are creamy but so are the shade's in BH cosmetic's Glam reflection that I'm comparing this palette to. Glam is 60-70% cheaper depending your region. You get 3 more shades, 3x the mattes (6pcs), more distinct shade range, an equal staying power and maybe a bit less fall out. The staying power here is the key. It isn't that good with either of these palettes and that's my point. The Glam gives you hands down, pants up more bang for your buck while it has some issues that are not surprising for the price. Issues it shares with a product that is over 2 times more expensive.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar - 50€ vs 54€
Blood sugar is at the same price range. And while the colors it has are way more vivid I think this gives a great idea of what my issues are with Urban Decay and their palettes pretty much as a whole. You get 6 more shades, bigger pans, 7x the mattes (14pcs), and disctinct variety of looks from subtle to I'm here to eat your heart out. Almost no fallout at all and easy to blend. There's also less danger to overblend and I haven't created a muddy look, yet. And the staying, and staining, power is from another planet. Also, the packaging is leagues better.

While other makers have up the quality, unfortunately, Urban Decay keeps puting out crappy pallettes as is evident with the Nude Cherry palette.

Naked 3 is overhyped,overpriced and outdated.

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Concealers -Clé de Peau Beauté -Concealer - ochre

on 12/9/2018 6:48:00 AM


When I tan I am NC30 - then ochre does the job. As soon as the tan fades, I mix Ochre and Almond, and my NC 25 skin rejoices! In the middle of winter, I'm NC 20-25, and I just use Almond. My skin leans a bit towards olive, not much pink except where there is rosacea.
Try out the little samples you can get on eBay to see what color matches you the best.
The texture is very skin-like, mat but not dull, it does not emphasize what you are trying to conceal, it just magically makes it recede.
It lasts forever, both on your face and in the stick. No question, the initial outlay is steep (which is why you should color test first for a few days with a sample, check it out in different light conditions). But for me it is one of the must have 5* products.
If you would like more detailed information, check out my review of the Almond shade here on MUA. Dozens of MUA can't be wrong!

Eye Shadow -ColourPop -Pressed Powder Eyeshadow - Bel Air

on 12/9/2018 6:36:00 AM


Bel Air looks like a warmer orange shade on the Colourpop site (it's quite common that the colors there don't match colors IRL). The actual color is a light warm brown - cappuccino color. A dupe for this color is MAC Soft Brown. To describe it simply: for my NC20 skin, this color would work well as a face bronzer-contour, and it works equally well as a contour for the eyes.

The reason I like this a lot is, first off: the price, which is $4-5, depending on whether you want the pan only or also a little white case for the eyeshadow. Second: the texture. I absolutely love the texture of MOST of the Colourpop eyeshadows - it's the perfect softness without giving much fallout. With this color, there's actually zero fallout. Third: I love how easy this blends with a fluffy brush or a dense brush - I always get perfectly blended edges. Lastly, Colourpop eyeshadows last all day long on me, without any prime (I have normal skin on my lids).

I would absolutely recommend this color as a crease color for those tat are about the same coloring as me: NC20. I also have other shadows from Colourpop in the similar range: Labyrinth, Made To Last, Chic Happens++, but Bel Air Is my Favorite. I've added a picture - don't mind what seems like a depth difference - it's just that the light isn't hitting my face perfectly from the front.

Eyeliner -Smashbox -Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner

on 12/9/2018 4:16:00 AM


It is so frustrating that only a wee tip shows on top of the pencil. I like control of how much my kajal should extract for my comfortable application. Its frustrating that u have to keep capping the stick and twisting it for it to come out in that miserly tip! Very disappointing!

Though the kohl itself is soft n creamy, the lack of access makes it tough to apply.. the plastic keeps rubbing against the waterline and irritating !

BB Cream -Garnier -BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector - Light/Medium

on 12/9/2018 3:00:00 AM


The second BB cream that I've ever tried, and honestly, I wished that I could get past the smell but I just can't! I can't stand anything heavily scented and this is pretty potent.

Moving on from the smell - the actual product is alright. Nothing spectacular but inoffensive either. Does the trick and makes my skin look more even, but I won't repurchase; I would prefer a higher SPF and preferably non-fragranced.

Moisturizers -Cetaphil -Moisturizing Cream

on 12/9/2018 2:57:00 AM


Zero complaints - I've used this moisturiser for a good five years now (changed from the Kiehl's one!) Keeps my sensitive/dry skin nice and soft. Love how it's not scented. Sinks into my skin and works well as a primer for any make up that I apply.

I get it in the tube so I'm not having to dip my fingers into the tub. Pretty much my HG moisturiser!

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Polishes -China Glaze -Nail Lacquer - Resting Grinch Face

on 12/9/2018 1:50:00 AM


Resting Grinch Face is from the China Glaze 2018 Grinch Collection. I purchased mine in mini bottles as that is generally enough polish for me due to my large stash. It is a glitter topper, however, it is dense enough that I think you could reach opacity by sponging it on.

This polish loaded with glitter in a clear base. It has red, blue, green, gold and silver glitter and as such it looks very Christmas like, but it is versatile enough to be used anytime you want some gorgeous glitter on your nails.

i used this over Grinchworthy and the end result was loaded with sparkle. The formula was excellent with the glitter spreading evenly across my nail bed with no manipulation on my part. There is a good amount of glitter with every brush stroke, but not so much that it overwhelmed the base color. Depending on how much glitter you want one coat may be enough but I wanted to jazz mine up a bit more so I added two coats.

As I mentioned, I got this polish in a mini size. The packaging was extra cute for this collection with the Grinch on the bottle caps. It comes in a standard ChG mini bottle. Despite its size the brush was surprisingly good and application was easy.

I used a peel off base coat with this one as I think that the glitter would be hard to remove. There was no staining. I cannot attest to wear as I used a peel off.

I would definitely purchase this polish again if I ever ran out. I think in the set I got I paid about $2,50 for the mini. It is pretty enough to justify the cost for this small bottle.

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