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BB Cream -Lancome - Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30


Oh, ugh, ugh, ugh. Nope

My story: I'm on the hunt for new foundation or bb cream, or what have you. I'm fair and pinkish (and somewhat dry and sensitive), which sound innocuous until you are standing in front of 10 options of yellow product and SAs who are convinced that EVERYONE is yellow. Anyway. Lancome has regular foundations in a color that's actually a pretty good match. So off to Nordies I go, where the SA suggested this product.

Holy cats. It looked pretty good when it was first applied. I thought so, and so did a couple of sales ladies (at another counter). 90 minutes later, it's sticking to dry spots - ok, what doesn't do that? - and settling into lines. On pondering the physics of facial motion and creamy stuff, this sounds about right. But then, here comes the burn. Which is, in this case, literal; sensitivity fired itself up and got all offended, and it was a mad dash for the sink to GET IT OFF. I used micellar water twice, and two passes with Purpose facial cleaner (lots of silicone here). And now we can see the red, stinging splotches all over my face.

So here's the summary:
-ok color match

-settles into lines
-separated around the nose
-clings to dry patches
-NEVER could forget it was on. (I don't really want to be aware of my foundation. That alone is a deal breaker for me.)
-allergic reaction, lots of stinging, burning, redness
-price: $49 for this? Really?

I bought this stuff almost 2 hours ago. It's going back PDQ.

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