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Eye Makeup Remover -No Brand (DIY or homemade) -Extra Virgin Olive Oil Makeup Remover

on 2/23/2018 12:40:00 AM


This is my HG eye makeup remover, and it can't be simpler, cheaper, or easier to use! It's very gentle on the eyes, dissolves all makeup, and as a bonus, conditions your lashes and brows with essential fatty acids and vitamin E. In fact, you can use it on your entire face! Try this as part of your nighttime routine: a cotton pad wet with warm water, mixed with a few drops of olive oil and a drop of lavender essential oil. You'll be so relaxed smelling the lavender and watching the makeup melt off! Best of all, you'll also be taking care of your skin -- the olive oil will remove impurities (as in the oil cleansing method) and moisturize, while the lavender will gently cleanse your skin and help old acne scars fade. Simply follow up with your regular face wash to get rid of all the oil and dirt. Result: a soft, clean face, ready for bed. What more could you ask for?

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Concealers -E.L.F. -Cover Everything Concealer


I am almost out of my beloved Benefit Lemon-Aid and sort of desperate to find a dupe at any price. I saw a lot of people online claim this was it, so I thought at $2 it was worth trying. The reviews here should have warned me, but you know when you are sure you can make a product work despite it sucking? That's this.

I tried it under foundation, over primer, without primer, on bare skin, over foundation, under concealer, nothing worked. Since I find Lemon-Aid is great at making metallic formulas stick and was my whole point in getting this, I thought at least this might hold it on the center of my lid. Nope. Total strike out but I'm not broken considering the price.

Polishes -OPI -Thanks A Windmillion

on 2/22/2018 11:02:00 PM


I have been using this color for 4 years now . I absolutely adore it. It looks fabulous on me and I get many many compliments

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Foundations -L'Oreal -Infallible Pro-Glow 24HR Foundation

on 2/22/2018 11:00:00 PM


I'm surprised and disappointed at all of the negative reviews regarding this foundation. I actually look forward to getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror after I have applied this foundation, I had not felt that way in years!. Finally I found a foundation I love and yet I fear with all the negative reviews this product will be discontinued, hence I'm going to load up on this product, a lifetimes worth, lol

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Eyeliner -Essence -Extreme Long Lasting Eye Pencil

on 2/22/2018 10:43:00 PM


Really love this , I got "blacklove" it's very deep intense black , stayed put on waterline for over 12 hours , I cant find even one negative thing about it, you can't beat the price too , I've already bought 3 of these , bought it to my mom too .. love

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Polishes -Essie -Gel Couture - Spellbound

on 2/22/2018 10:34:00 PM

Spellbound is from Essie’s recent Enchanted Collection. It is a light moss green (I think in some lights it looks gray.) with lots of gold shimmer. Online this is classified as a metallic. In my opinion it is absolutely beautiful.

This is the first time I have used a polish from Essie’s Gel Couture line. I must say that I am impressed with the formula, ease of application and the wide brush.

The formula was perfect and that was a nice surprise. In my experience Essie formulas can be really good and others are thin and difficult to apply. Spellbound was just right, not too thick or too thin. There was no running or pooling. The texture was really smooth and creamy. It applied evenly with no patchy spots. On my short nails it was opaque with one thicker coat but I did add two coats. With the 2nd coat the color deepened and the shimmer stood out even more. It just looked much richer.

I loved the brush. It was nice and wide which made application a snap. The brush held just the right amount of polish. Typically Essie brushes are quite small so this was a nice surprise.

I did mark the packaging down a lippie though because I do not like the bottle design on the Gel Couture because it makes storage difficult as it is an odd shape, though I do think that the bottles look cute.

I paid around $9 for this polish, less than standard retail because I purchased Spellbound online. I would definitely repurchase this one as I love the formula and the brush. Ease of application was great too.

I will update in a few days or wear, removal and staining. It should be noted that I used my regular base coat (CND Stickey) and my regular top coat (SH Insta Dri in the red bottle) with this polish.

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Eyeliner -NYX -Seafoam Green

on 2/22/2018 9:41:00 PM

There are a ton of aqua/turquoise liners out there, but I was on the market for something greener than the usual shades in that color family. Seafoam Green is decidedly more green than blue; I'd categorize it as a lighter version of Crayola's "Jungle Green," with a pearly finish. It's just the *color* I was after, and I'll keep using it.'s not very pigmented. Honestly, it's impossible to get a completely opaque line, even after several passes. Seafoam Green gives a subtle "mermaid" look, if that's what you're after; it'd be really cute on a little girl, and absolutely ideal for an almost-no-makeup look that still has that aquatic edge. I like it best with an exaggerated "cat eye" flip, so that it's more noticeable under my mascara. I'll keep looking for the right aqua green liner, although I'd repurchase Seafoam Green if I ran out before finding something more to my taste. It does go on very smoothly, with no tugging or dragging, so I'm definitely up for trying more shades from this line.

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Conditioner -Joico -Body Luxe Thickening Conditioner

on 2/22/2018 9:00:00 PM

I bought the 1 liter bottle on sale at burlington coat factory and i used it continuously more than a year!!! I loved this conditioner, it smells nice and it makes my hair soft and shiny, I don't know about the volumizing part, maybe the difference is subtle, but i do recommend it.
My hair is oily and straight, processed but not damaged.

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BB Cream -Chanel -CC cream


I love Chanel makeup (who dosent?) but this was a miss for me. I had it on for a few hours and could feel it breaking out my skin.

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Moisturizers -IOPE -Plant Stem Cell Emulsion Skin Perfection

on 2/22/2018 8:51:00 PM

3.75 overall rating

I have extremely dry skin during winters and normal/oily T-zone skin during summers, so this is a great addition to my winter regimen to keep my skin extra moisturized. I would leave this out for summers if I have another moisturizer to use, or just use this as my final moisturizer as it’s rather rich for an emulsion. The other emulsions I’ve tried (including Laneige, Su:m37, O Hui, & Sulwhasoo) have a slightly lighter/thinner texture/consistency and cannot be worn alone as a moisturizer during summers for me. Even though it’s a little heavier, it still spreads easily over the face and is not at all sticky. It seems to lock in all the other products I add to my face prior. It’s got a nice scent that I can’t pinpoint at all (possibly like baby powder & not really floral), but the scent disappears soon after applying. Though I like a lot of things about this product, I don’t feel like it has given me any additional long-term benefits or assisted with any improvements to my skin. I’ve had two sets of deluxe samples that lasted me through quite a few winters (since I only use them over the winter), but I’m not sure if I would go out and purchase a full-sized bottle of this. As far as emulsions go, I feel like most all of the ones I’ve tried so far don’t really boost your skin in a visual way, but some of them will make my skin feel slightly softer and just helps lock in moisture.

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