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Lipstick -Lipstick Queen -Girls Will Be Boys Lipstick

on 9/24/2018 10:44:00 AM


This is an interesting product. Girls Will Be Boys is a Lipstick Queen color-changing lipstick that’s being marketed as unisex. It’s also marketed as a primer. It’s packaged in a steel gray tube and the lipstick itself is a pale gray. It has a strong-ish, not entirely pleasant scent (to me, it smells like beeswax and doesn’t really bother me, but keep in mind if you’re sensitive) and a surprisingly dry & gritty texture. Also surprisingly, it doesn’t dry out my lips but doesn’t really add any moisture. The way it feels on does take some getting used to.

If you’re familiar with color changing lipstick formulas, you’ll know that the color it ends up being on your lips can be a total crapshoot. On me, Girls Will Be Boys shows up as a bright clear cool-toned pink. I looked at some reviews and most of them noted the same thing, so it seems to be consistent-ish. It takes a couple passes to get uniform color, but it’s absolutely one of the better formulas out there. It has good lasting power and that gritty texture is a byproduct of the priming properties—it gives a blurred effect on its own, and makes a good base for layering. I love to really lay it on thick on the inner edges of my lips and slap clear gloss on top for a pseudo-gradient lip that’s low maintenance and doesn’t look too conceptual.

I’m taking the time to write this review because I really like the concept here and I also think it’s been executed well. I think the “unisex” aspect is being misconstrued (like, obviously anyone can wear regular lipstick if they want, and obviously bright pink might not be considered unisex by lots of folks). I see this is being inspired by Brit pop and that whole scene, playing with makeup and going out, playing with gender. This specific shade of pink totally captures that whole vibe. It’s fun, it’s slightly punk, and it’s still super flattering and wearable.

(I also wonder if the blurring effect was literally inspired by Blur…)

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Liquid -Maybelline New York -Superstay 24HR Full Coverage Foundation

on 9/24/2018 10:42:00 AM


I did not like this foundation at all. I wanted to take it off the minute I put it on. It was impossible to blend and when I finally got it applied, I decided to give it a chance. It did not sink into wrinkles, but with this foundation that was a bad thing as it accentuated every line on my face! As the day went on it looked drier and drier and I have normal skin with a slightly oily T zone. I have mature skin, but this made me look at least 10 years older. I took it off and will never wear it again!

Lipstick -Bobbi Brown -Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine Lipstick

on 9/24/2018 10:09:00 AM

I really usually like Bobbi Brown's lip products. My favorite is probably the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color because of it's light, hydrating feeling. For the most part I really like the new lipstick, with a few caveats. This applies easily with one swipe coverage. I picked up the shade Italian Rose, and the color is very pigmented, and I think that this shade would look great with any skin tone. This Lipstick does transfer while eating and drinking. The nice thing is that it fades pretty evenly, and eventually lasts the rest of the day fading into looking like a matte lipstick. The days I wear it I just applied it in the morning and had no need to reapply the rest of the day. The two disappointments I had with the Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine Lipstick is first, the color selection is a bit limited to mauves, browns, and taupes. My other disappointment is the scent/ taste to this lipstick. It just had a bit of a weird chemical flavor to it. This does dissipate over the first hour of wear thankfully, but I really prefer either no taste or a vanilla taste to my lipsticks. If possible check this out in the store because the swatches online do not really look much like the color!! If you are interested my video review with swatches can be seen here:

Concealers -Laura Mercier -Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer

on 9/24/2018 9:57:00 AM


I bought the shade 3W and I'm an NC42-44. I don't have very dark under eye circles, but use concealers mainly to cover up redness and some uneven skin tone.This shade is perfect for just that. This color doesn't highlight too much.
My other favorite concealers (shades): Tarte in Medium, EL double wear W3 Medium (warm), Colourpop 40 golden, Maybelline Age rewind Medium & Golden.

Coverage light-full depending on how much product you use. 1 layer gives a more natural look but you can def build it up. I like to let my concealers sit one minute before I buff it them for more coverage. Saves tons of product instead of layering, and less chance for it to look cakey.
Formula feels very smooth and lightweight on the skin. Texture is really nice, creamy and feels really hydrating on the skin.
Performance wise -I don't find it to be anything spectacular. I had very high hopes for this but I feel kinda meh about it actually.
It's a good every day concealer, but nothing I would wear for a glam full on makeup party night. For that I use my trusty Estee Lauder double wear stay in place concealer. I would say this a concealer for the "natural look", if you don't go all hammock on the product that is.

feels high end, more on the heavy side and closes with a click to confirm it's lock. It's easy to apply the concealer with the super soft flexible doe foot applicator. Well done on the packaging. Simple yet classy.

I will not repurchase just cause I feel there are better for the same price out there. I only use this concealer on my light makeup days. I would recommend anyone who is into light-medium coverage and who finds silky textures on concealers to be important. Have fun trying it out!

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Self Tanners -Fake Bake -Flawless DARKER Self-Tan Liquid

on 9/24/2018 8:39:00 AM


This product is good when first applied but that's about it. The product goes very patchy around scars and on dry patches of skin, it always sticks around my knees, feet and upper arms making me look like I have a skin disease and making scars on my body stand out a lot! The tan is very hard to get off as it really clings to parts of the skin.

Lotions/ Creams -Eau Thermal Avene -Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream

on 9/24/2018 7:54:00 AM


I adore this cream. I have really dry, sensitive skin and this just seals everything in. It's a bit difficult to work with but once it's rubbed in I find it absorbs well.
I don't find that it sits well under makeup so I only use at night but if you had the patience to let it fully absorb first I think it would be fine.
The packaging is fine but after a while my tube got little splits in a few places. It didn't make it unusable, it was just a little messy. Will repurchase again and again.

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Lip Treatments -Laneige -Lip Sleeping Mask

on 9/24/2018 7:42:00 AM


I can't believe the low ratings on this! I am a lip balm hoarder - you name it, I have it: Nuxe reve de miel, ByTerry baume de rose, Fresh sugar lip balm, etc. I have dry, flakey lips that I often pick at, and none of the balms I've used were able to heal my lips, until I came across this! I admit, the packaging sucks. I hate using the spatula to dig out the balm every night but it sure beats using my fingers I guess. I slather on a thin layer at night and go to bed, and in the morning, my lips are good as new. The price may be off-putting (though I got mine at half-price on TesterKorea), but for the sheer amount, it's pretty worth it IMO. I may not remember to put it on every night, but I sure thank heavens in the morning when I do the night before. Would recommend!

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Concealers -benefit Cosmetics -Boiing Brightening Concealer

on 9/24/2018 7:31:00 AM


This is my new favorite concealer! I have tried many including YSL, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and Nyx. I like this best for my bad purple blue undereye circles and bags on my NC15 pale skin. I wear the lightest shade. It's nice and creamy. The trick is to use a tiny brush and paint it in just on the trough or deep crease. Don't put it on the bags - you don't want to highlight those! Stephanie Marie has a really great, helpful video of this and also Wayne Goss's videos are helpful. I got it at Sephora. I'm really pleased with it.

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Treatments (Face) -BIODERMA -Sebium Pore Refiner

on 9/24/2018 5:38:00 AM


What a great primer! This makes my face smooth and completely matte, so much so I have to avoid putting it on my nose as it gets just too matte, like a blurred rubber look. It completely covers my forehead texture and keeps everything intact when I apply make up over, smells so delicious, too. Excellent mattifier!

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Gels/Soaps -Philosophy -3-in-1 Double Rich Hot Cocoa

on 9/24/2018 4:45:00 AM


PHILOSOPHY DOUBLE RICH HOT COCOA WAS THE MOST DELIGHTFUL DECADENT BATH LUXURY. It was tummy, affordable, and calorie free. Then Coty bought out Philosophy, they kept some of the old lines, but changed the formulas (made skin sensitives a problem) with no warning they were not the same formula, & recently revamped/reintroduced some with SLIGHT variations on the name. Like "hot cocoa FLAMENCO" which is weak in the chocolate scent, yet overpowered with pepper. Now they sneakily introduced "hot cocoa" last holiday season, which I had so hoped would be like the old RICH HOT COCOA; alas it was not. It was WEAKly scented & it made us suffer skin irritation.
THIS WAS A FAMILY FAVORITE - extended family looked forward to my sharing as well. Now I've run out of my hoard.

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