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Cleansers -Mario Badescu -Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

on 4/18/2018 11:48:00 AM

I normally use Cetaphil extra gentle daily scrub and tried this (got huge free sample). You only need a tiny pea size amount to exfoliate the face, this free sample could last maybe two months. I like the texture of the exfoliating beads compared to Cetaphil. They are twice the size and quantity of beads compared to Cetaphil. My face feels more clean and bright. I really like this, but on day 5 of continuous use, I started to get huge acne on my forehead and sides of my face.

I am so sad, but if you don't have sensitive skin, gives this a try. You will love the fresh and clean and moisturized feel.

Liquid -Younique -Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation

on 4/18/2018 11:43:00 AM


I had been tempted to try this stuff for a LONG time. Everybody's seen the amazing reviews where the girls are putting sharpies all over their face and covering it up. Coverage isn't a huge issue for me. I prefer a medium to full but building is fine. I actually tried this for the colour. I've tried SO MANY foundations in the past and can never get the colour quite right. (Although, this is my own fault. I should have gotten professionally matched, but whatever.)

Originally, the Younique rep matched me with Organza, the second lightest shade but I decide to try the colour Velour after watching several youtube videos and looking at some pictures. I hate looking like a corpse when I use a light foundation and end up having to bronze the shit out of my face. The price of the foundation is pretty steep, so I had pretty high hopes. I also purchased the pricey brush because I figured, go big or go home right?

I received my package in the mail about an hour ago. And score, they accidentally sent me 2 of them. (SHH!) So if it turns out I love this foundation, that's a big plus. I did a bit of priming with some cheap primer, and went for it. I did exactly as I was told, applying some foundation drops to the brush and applied in a circular motion.

THIS COLOUR IS PERFECT. Spot frickin on. It matches great, without leaving me looking deathly pale or orange in any way. It does like it says, goes on liquid, but finishes as a powder. Excellent. I don't have much to do today, but I'll be checking in on the foundation periodically to see how it's looking throughout the day. I did put on quite a bit, as I decided to try going as full coverage as I could. I don't really have any issues with acne, but I've got a few random freckles I like to hide, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm not sure if this would be great on oily skin, as it's quite liquidy to begin with. And if I didn't get 2 of them I'd probably complain about the price. You don't even get a full fluid oz for over $40. Tomorrow I'll probably try applying it with a different method to see how it is without the brush.

I want to like this stuff. And so far I do. But like I said, my biggest issue here was the colour. And Velour is fantastic.

Lipstick -Rimmel -Lasting Finish Nude Collection by Kate - #47

on 4/18/2018 11:39:00 AM


I have heard good things about this lipstick and I had to try it for the price. I got this at my local Wal-Mart. I paired this with Rimmel long lasting lipliner, Revlon Colorstay lipliner in Nude, foundation covered lips with liner on top, and even wore bare on lips. This is very creamy, but slips right off the lips, okay if you don't eat or drink anything it will last, but who does eat or drink.

The color on me is orange nude. The product in the tube is lovely mauve nude, but on me turns orange. I am very sad about that. The price is great though.

Bronzers -Rimmel -Natural Bronzer in 22 Sun Bronze

on 4/18/2018 11:28:00 AM


I've been buying this stuff for so many years. I've tried other bronzers, but always end up back to this guy. You really can't beat the price and the colour is great. I find it goes on very evenly and works if my skin is at its fairest, or if I've got a tan. My only complaint is the packaging. I see I'm not alone here. Several time's the cover has fallen off and I've ended up with crumbled bronzer all over my purse or makeup bag.

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Candles -Yankee Candles -Fresh Cut Roses


Fresh Cut Roses Not As Good As TRUE ROSE

Fresh cut roses smell nice, however True Rose which Yankee Candle decided to remove and replace it with Fresh Cut Roses just does not smell better! I've emailed Yankee Candle, however it's clear that they truly do not hear their customers, Even though they "approved" my review - they did not post it as they choose the reviews they wish to post, which is fine! But True Rose has a definite stronger, richer true rose scent; fresh cut roses just DOES NOT! The Fresh cut roses smells nice, it's just not a staple strong smell like True Rose. One thing I can tell you - that Henri Bendel has a Rose Candle to die for! The scent will make your house smell lovely.

Eyeliner -MAC -Phone Number eye kohl

on 4/18/2018 11:09:00 AM


This liner would have been my HG if it wasn't for the fact that it contains micro glitter. I will not purchase.

Foundations -Tarte -Shape Tape Matte Foundation

on 4/18/2018 11:05:00 AM


I love this foundation. It goes on smoothly, is easy to apply with brushes, sponges, or fingers, and lasts most of the day. (I say most because I have some fine lines around my mouth that need touching up after eating but this is with all foundations on me, even powders).

I have somewhat sensitive skin while doing a natural retinol treatment and this foundation hasn't caused any breakouts or weird patchy areas. I've worn it every day for the past 2 weeks and no issues. It also plays well with all the other different brands of powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter I've put on top. No oxidation either!

I'm between NC20 and NC25, leaning closer to NC20, with very yellow undertones. I got the shade Light Neutral which is probably about an NC27. It's just a hair darker than my skin right now so I just mix with a little of my shape tape concealer is Light Sand and it's perfect. I originally swatched the foundation in Light Sand and Light Neutral next to each other and thought Light Sand was going to be the winner. While it is indeed more golden, it was far too light. I would put Light Sand between NC15 and NC20. Light Neutral is described as having pink AND yellow undertones but still works to correct redness and spots without making me look too pink.

The price point is a bit high but you get a LOT of product. Since I wear this everyday it's worth it. Tarte is also cruelty free so that seals the deal.

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Moisturizers -Eau Thermal Avene -Extremely Rich Compensating Cream

on 4/18/2018 10:43:00 AM


Despite some cons, this is a great product. For me, it has certain uses and I am really loving it.

I use after Derma-rolling, when my skin is red and inflamed. I use after waxing my lip. I use it on any irrited spots. I also use it as an occlusive last step on nights when my skin needs extra TLC. It is extremely calming and soothing, and works fantastically on getting rid of redness. It is also quite moisturizing thanks to the Shea butter and plant oils, which are very high up on the list, right after the first ingredient (thermal water). Many creams, even some Avene sunblocks, irritate my sensitive eye area. This one absolutely doesn’t, it’s so soothing.

Consistency is thick, but it’s not super dense. It warms and pats on easily, unlike La Mer which has been my go-to rich cream for a while. It sinks in nicely, but not fully; it does leave a tacky feel on the skin, but it is not greasy. It’s an intense moisturizer and IMO it’s for those with very dry skin, or very irritated dry skin, skin with a compromised moisture barrier. The best way I’ve found to apply it is to put a pea size or two in my palms, and rub my hands together quickly, then pat on everywhere
It has a light fragrance that’s dissipates quickly.

The cons might be a dealbreaker for some: When applied over serums, it can pill/ball up a bit. (I find when I apply it over a light layer of oil, it behaves just fine. On its own, applied to dry skin, it behaves just fine). Some of the ingredients may be comedogenic for some folks. I’m not acne prone and don’t get acne, so they’re fine for me, but still worth mentioning.

I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement for Creme de la Mer since 2015. This is the closest match I could find so far. I’m quite happy with this cream.

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Mascara -Physicians Formula -Eye Booster Lash Contortionist Mascara

on 4/18/2018 10:26:00 AM


I've been using this mascara for about a week, and curl my lashes first. It adds noticeable length and makes my lashes more noticeable in general. At first, I noticed that because the brush is twisty, pulling the wand out misses some spots in clearing the brush of excess product. So much comes off if you do a full scrape against the opening. I don't recommend doing this, though, as it makes the mascara go on extremely clumpy. I just pull the wand out and apply, and it goes on well. I am not sure if I'll repurchase because I'm still searching for my HG cruelty-free mascara, but this one is good and I may come back to it some day after I finish it up.

Foundations -It Cosmetics -Confidence In A Compact SPF 50 Solid Serum Foundation

on 4/18/2018 9:59:00 AM


Way too heavy and accentuates the few lines that I have (I'm 61). Colors aren't that great either - the medium was way too orangey.

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