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Moisturizers -Lubriderm - Daily Moisture Lotion - Fragrance Free

on 10/18/2017 1:47:00 PM

This moisturizer is amazing for the face.

BUT.....sadly it starts to break me out in little red bumps if I use for more than a week. If this did not happen, it would be my HG moisturizer.

Moisturizes very well, skin is glowing but never oily, does not irritate skin (except for breakouts..but other than that it does not)

if you are not breakout prone, i would try this. the price is amazing too!! very cheap for the amount you get!

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Lipstick -Wet 'n' Wild - MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

on 10/18/2017 1:38:00 PM


Love this! I have this in "Give Me Mocha" and it looks nice on my complexion. Very subtle but the color pops in a way. It lasts long even after drinking coffee. I would give this 5 lippies but I can't because it is drying on MY lips. However I'm going to figure out a way to moisturize my lips before applying this. So in love with the color and how it's long lasting, can't wait to try a few other shades.

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Cleansers -Equate - Night-Time Soothing Makeup Remover Towelettes (compare to Neutrogena Night Calming Towelettes)


I can't even count how many times I've bought these! I will always buy these over the Neutrogena ones. It's much cheaper and they perform just as well. They take off my makeup with ease and work great for my skin. I love the night-time soothing factor as well. My only complaint would be that when you first open a fresh package, the first 5-6 wipes are not saturated enough to remove makeup well. Once you start to move through the package, they get more saturated as you go. Other than that, it's a really good product!

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Toners -Unlisted Brand - Humphreys lilac witch hazel skin softening facial toner

on 10/18/2017 1:00:00 PM


To be honest, I wasn't planning on buying this. I just needed $5.00 to add to my cart so that I got free shipping (shipping would've cost me another $10). Amazing toner for such an affordable price. I paid CA$6.26 on! Okay but enough with the pricing. I use this as a essence because it's alcohol free and contains hyaluronic acid. In my skincare regiment, I wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, followed by Thayer's Alcohol Free Witch Hazel in Lavender (to get rid of any residue) on a cotton pad. Then I use Cosrx AHA 7 whitehead power liquid on a cotton pad. Afterwards I spray Humphrey's Skin Softening Facial Toner (I changed the cap to an jatomizer) and press the product into my skin. While my face is still damp, I apply my Cerave SA Renewing Lotion then spray on some rosewater. I noticed a huge different without Humphrey's Facial Toner; it's like it preps and plumps my skin for proper moisture. My skin has been noticeably softer and brighter that even my coworkers started complimenting me. It smells of light lilac, but not overpowering. I love love love this product and will absolutely keep it in my skincare regiment!

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Fragrances -Unlisted Brand - Kyse Confit de Rose


Today my glorious, gorgeous scent of the day is Kyse Confit de Rose....
A lovely gourmand rose that hits all the right notes--it's comforting yet alluring. It opens with a buttery cookie note that makes my mouth water, then a blast of tart berries, creamy whipped cream, a hint of rich chocolate and so much sweet rose. I really think anyone could wear this, if you're a fan of gourmands. The rose is not green, bitter, nor soapy---just a sweet uncomplicated warm rose. ♥ Heavenly.
I don't get the votes that compare it to Rose Jam, as it's far more gourmand and less soapy than Rose Jam can be (don't get me wrong, I love them both---but they are 2 different animals).
So affordable, and worth picking up!

Mascara -Maybelline - Volum' Express The Falsies

on 10/18/2017 12:42:00 PM


I was on vacation and in desperate need of mascara. Only 1 shop in town and no acess to reviews, so I just took a chance and grabbed this. Ugh, it's so clumpy. When I got back home I even tried it under mascara primer and it still clumped. It makes my eyelashes look bumpy and spikey, really not a good look. I also felt the color was not a saturated lush black which I would prefer. Can a mascara be dingy? I liked the shape of the brush and that's about it. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is no way to apply another coat. It becomes very dry and set quickly, it's discouraging.

Moisturizers -Unlisted Brand - The Saem - Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion EX

on 10/18/2017 12:37:00 PM


Lovely light moisturiser. It's like a milky lotion, it has a subtle non offensive smell. My skin feels smooth and plump, not greasy at all.
The packaging is hard plastic and comes with a pump, 140ml will last a long time.

I have rosacea and my skin is normal to combination.

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Moisturizers -Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Water Gel

on 10/18/2017 12:25:00 PM


I have rosacea/sensitive skin and this broke me out after one application (used it once a day for a week).
I liked the texture and feel of the gel, but sadly I had to give it away.

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Palettes -Anastasia Of Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette


I truly enjoy this palette. Despite the crazy fallout, this palette is crazy pigmented and very easy to blend, hence the hype. I am particularly very picky when it comes to colour selection, and this palette offers you an actual variety of warm-pink-ish colour range, which is the current trend and right up my alley. My favourite shades are Tempera for highlight, Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna for transition colour, Red Ochre and Love letter on the lid and Cyprus Umber for outer corner (fancy names, right).

However, one lippie for the packaging because it is not the most wise packaging. Like, if I create an eyeshadow palette with crazy pigmentation and fallout, suede would not be my first choice? Or my choice at all?

I do really appreciate the brush. The packing brush is dense and soft, while the blending brush isn't as soft, it is still very usable.

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Gels/Soaps -Suave - Naturals Body Wash in Tropical Coconut

on 10/18/2017 12:13:00 PM

Smells very coconuty. Lathers fine and rinses easily. It does dry out my skin though. So I have to lotion after using. Very affordable.

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