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Eye Shadow -NYX Professional Makeup -ultimate warm neutrals


The NYX Warm Neutrals palette has quickly become a staple in my makeup routine.

I originally purchased this palette because I wanted to try warm tones, and maybe I'm biased because this palette helped me realize that warm tones are indeed more flattering on me. But this palette is also a near dupe of Urban Decay Naked Heat, for those interested.

Although the swatches are unimpressive, the shadows perform beautifully on eyelids over eyeshadow primer (which I absolutely need for my oily eyelids). The mattes are pigmented and easy to blend, and this has great transition shades. I reach for the orangey shade in the last row, the brown shade above it, and the matte red the most, they're such perfect transition shades for brown skin. The shimmers aren't quite as good as the mattes. They are indeed very smooth, but need to be layered a bit more to achieve the most impact. I tend to apply them using my fingers.

I think the only problematic shade is the rose gold in the second row. It fades faster than the other shimmers and takes more layering to even get to the rose goldiness. I also tend to stay away from the first row in general, as the two bone-coloured mattes are a bit chalkier than the other mattes, and the two shimmers on top are too pale for my taste. The bottom twelve shades are all great, though. I use the mattes almost every day from this palette, and the coppery red shimmer is my favourite shade.

Overall, I think this palette has an easy-to-use formula. The mattes are a staple, and the shimmers are wonderful when built up. It's a very versatile palette and it's easy to create everyday and bold looks.

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Blush -MILANI -Baked Blush - Luminoso

on 7/18/2018 4:59:00 PM


Like almost all of you out there, I have a lot of blush. Creams, powders, high end, low end, you name it but I find myself reaching for this one more often than not. It has the right amount of buildable pigmentation and a subtle gold glow which is not garish or inappropriate for the daytime. Even though this is not a dupe for the Nars Orgasm, I like this one MUCH better. The Orgasm is way too glittery on my aging complexion. The only negative I would have to say is the packaging - it's kind of cute, but no one uses that stiff crummy brush so I would rather have a more streamlined compact. I have NC30 medium Asian skin.

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Sunscreen -CeraVe -Face Lotion SPF 50

on 7/18/2018 4:54:00 PM


I really don't like this sunscreen, and that makes me sad, because I normally love Cerave products. I bought this because I wanted to try a sunscreen I could easily get in the US instead of having to order expensive Euro sunscreens online. Avobenzone makes my face burn when I perspire, so I decided to get a physical-only sunscreen, and I chose this one due to my fondness for Cerave. Well, the first time I applied it, my face looked a mess. The sunscreen clung to every area of my face and it also left a terrible white cast on my very light skin. I attributed it to the fact that my oily, thick skin was not well-exfoliated, so I put this product aside and hit the hydroxy acids and the Differin hard and got my skin to looking better and smoother. Then I tried this product again. It still looked awful and I looked like I was wearing a white mask. Also, it stung. I don't know what caused that, but I was surprised. I will not buy this again. I went ahead and ordered a highly-protective Euro chemical sunscreen (sans Avobenzone) from and I will see how that goes. In the meantime, I will use this Cerave product on my hands.

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Masks -Unlisted Brand -Manefit Bling Bling Hydrogel Mask Wrinkle Gold


This mask made my face soft and improved the texture. I would like to try more masks from their Bling Bling line like the Energizing Rose or Whitening Platinum.

Overall: I enjoyed using this mask again – though I probably won’t buy this specific kind again .. at least not until I really need some wrinkle care haha. But I will try others in the line.

Masks -TonyMoly -Gold 24K Mask

Tony Moly Intense Care Gold 24k Snail Hydro Gel Mask -

The mask itself is gold in colour and had a nice smell to it. It was very slippery/slimy (as most hydro gel masks are, but also a little more due to the snail mucin in it) and fit really well to my face. Take note though: if you think you can walk around the house without this mask falling off, you’re wrong. I was watching a movie while masking and even sitting back in bed, I experienced the bottom section sliding down my face a little.

I may have left the mask on a little longer than I should have as I wasn’t watching the time. When I finally took it off, I noticed the edges were starting to dry out so I immediately went to put on the rest of my night skin care.

Snail mucin is great for hydration and skin elasticity. I definitely feel that my face was hydrated after using this mask.

I loved this mask and will definitely repurchase. It was definitely more of a luxurious mask and I really liked how it felt on my skin + how my skin looked a little brighter and hydrated afterwards.

Primer/ Corrector -Essence -Instant Matt Makeup Setting Spray


I really enjoy this "instant matt" setting spray, much better than essence's other one, the "keep it perfect!" fixing spray.

Although this is supposed to be matte, it doesn't feel drying at all, and my skin is pretty dry. My makeup stays in place all day, not very disturbed in the humidity at all. I think it definitely improves the wear time of my makeup. It also helps tone down the dryness/powdery look of face powder, but it works just as well without powder over foundation.

I love how the spray mechanism dispenses product as a fine, even mist. I do one spritz for each side of my face. However, I wish the bottle were transparent like the "keep it perfect!" one, so I could know when the end is near.

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Masks -Unlisted Brand -Manefit-Beauty Planner Mask Honey Nutrition + Vitalizing


When I first took the mask out, it was soaked in essence and very thin – one of the thinnest masks I have seen (made out of microfibre). It was very lightly scented (a relief because sometimes products that have honey in them I find too strong) but also had these weird tabs on either end of the mask. I assume it is to make it easier to open the mask and separate it from the lining on the inside but I found it to be a rather useless feature. Plus, it makes the mask look extra ridiculous while it’s on your face.

The mask is supposed to help dry/problem skin with honey extract. I have been able to keep my skin hydrated so far this winter and do not have any dry patches so I wasn’t able to test how effective it is in treating an issue like that, I was left with very soft and glowing skin afterward. The thinness of the mask enabled all of the essence to soak into my skin which also dried off of my skin quite quickly after removing the mask.

Overall: I am happy with this mask but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it again.

Liquid -L.A. Girl -LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation

on 7/18/2018 4:26:00 PM



Decent color selection
Doesn't seem to oxidize
It has a nice dewy finish, so beautiful on the skin
Covers surprisingly well
I love that it has a pump
You can't beat the price

Smells a bit weird, definitely has a foundation smell
Makes me so oily throughout the day in my t-zone (but started using phillips milk of magnesia and it's been helping a lot)
It's only sold at Ulta and online

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Misc Beauty Tools -Essence -Keep It Perfect! Make-up fixing spray


I finished a bottle of this "keep it perfect!" setting spray, and I was satisfied with its performance overall. It was okay, not outstanding, but it could definitely work in a pinch. I'd give this 3.5/5 if I could.

I'm not sure if it really helped the wear time of my makeup. However, I do think it helped keep makeup from transferring a lot onto clothes or my fingers.

My primary purpose was to help combat oxidization of foundation, which it was pretty good at. (I find that translucent powder followed by setting spray helps keep my foundation from turning orange, a constant problem of mine.)

I do not think the spray bottle dispensed product very evenly on my face, which occasionally made my makeup splotchy and I had to fix it up with a makeup sponge. The spray mechanism was kind of inconsistent. I do like that the package is simple and transparent, so I knew when it was near the end.
It also didn't help tone down the powdery effect of - well, of powder, which I often use. I think it performed quite well without powder.

I guess I wouldn't buy this product again because I found it slightly drying on my skin, which is odd because it's not even supposed to be mattifying or anything. But it's decent, and I wouldn't actively avoid buying this, either.

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Treatments (Face) -Unlisted Brand -Philips Milk of Magnesia

on 7/18/2018 4:23:00 PM


I have an oily t-zone and this is a MUST. I apply by adding this product into a dropper bottle.
I shake it up before I use it, apply a moisturizer, and then add a drop on my chin, nose and forehead.
This keeps me oil free - ALL day, even in hot weather.
I wish I had known about this throughout college.

Shaking it up is a pretty important step, and allowing the product to dry on your face before applying your makeup. It does leave a slight white paste look to your skin, but that's worth it to not be a grease ball all day.

I have mixed this into my moisturizer before applying it to my face and although it did keep me less oily than when I don't use it, I prefer to use drops after I moisturize. I feel the same way about adding the drops to my foundation.

I'm going to keep playing around with it, but it appears to work best after my moisturize and before my foundation.

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