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on 10/18/2017 11:04:00 AM

This mascara works well for me - it basically does everything a mascara should do; it is lengthening, separating, volumizing and curling (the curling effect is spectacular - no need for a lash curler with this mascara). It does not clump or smudge. It stays in place all day.

I consider this as a potential replacement for Lancome volume a porter. It gives me very similar results. (= 'my natural lashes but much better' effect)

Will I repurchase? Not sure. Considering that my Lancome favorite is slightly cheaper and gives me the same look, I think I will stick to Lancome.

But it is a nice mascara for sure.

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Moisturizers -La Mer - Creme de la mer moisturizer

on 10/18/2017 11:01:00 AM


I used gel de la mer few years back when i was younger, now in my 40++ i find my combination skin has changed to somewhat dry skin, less oily and needed more moisture. So i picked up this little super expensive jar and was surprised at how thick the cream is. The fragrance definitely resembles Nivea cream, but the texture is totally different. The cream doesn't turn to translucent likes gel or soft cream. It only turns a bit soften somewhat, slide on and disappear into your skin. It's oily and feels heavy but not greasy or sitting on top of your skin like many others.
This cream is best for calming irritation skin after treatments like chemical peel or laser or sunburn. It doesn't remove skin discoloration or pigmentation or removes fine lines and wrinkle.
Your skin just feel soften, relaxed, no redness, no flaky.

I agreed with other reviewers that you have to finish at least half bottle before coming to conclusion whether this cream works for your skin. Its nice to have this if you have dry skin, want to pamper yourself
by adding some luxury to your skincare routine. The result is more obvious on aging matured skin.

I normally transfer a small amount to another jar for 1-2 weeks use to avoid contaminating the big bottle.
You dont need much for each application so a 60ml bottle would be sufficient for 1-year usage. I suggest to top up with other moisturizer and overnight treatment cream for best result.

Styling Products -Bumble & Bumble - CitySwept

on 10/18/2017 10:42:00 AM


This is a lifesaver on my fine, flyaway, wavy hair. I use it when my hair's too clean and fluffy and needs texture and separation, or on bad hair days when it refuses to be either straight or properly wavy (so most days...). CitySwept doesn't provide any real hold, but it makes it look intentionally messy and cool, instead of unstyled. The effect is quite similar to Bb. Texture Creme, which I also love, but that has a lot more hold and is very sticky. CitySwept's only con is the smell - it's hideous, like some kind of bathroom cleaner, but the smell doesn't last long after spraying. I can see why a lot of people don't like it (it's basically a spray to give you dirtier hair), but I think if you have wavy, fluffy hair and you like the undone, natural look, it's worth a try.

Eye Makeup Remover -Equate - Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes (Compare to Neutrogena)

on 10/18/2017 9:45:00 AM


Let me just start by saying that these are HEAVILY scented and if you get it in your eyes yes it's gonna burn.
Now.... I am sensitive to smells but this doesn't bother my skin or my tummy. Not crazy about the eye burning either but these wipes work pretty darn good and I just do my best to get close to my eyes very last so they are a bit dryer at that point. These are my ultimate lazy girl tool. One is always in my purse and next to my bed. That way if I don't feel like getting back out of bed to remove my makeup before sleep then I don't have to. I use one wipe to remove makeup then I go back in with another to make sure it's all gone and the skin is thoroughly cleansed. These wipes are VERY moist so you don't have to worry about them going dry on you. I usually have to ring the last one out. I buy these babies by the box. It's like 9 USD and you get 125 in five smaller packages.

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Mascara -Lancome - Cils Booster XL

on 10/18/2017 9:21:00 AM


I received this as a sign up gift to IPSY so I can't speak to price. I have a few lash primers (this is the only one with CILS) and out of them this works the best. As in it doesn't overapply or get chunky. It just gives my lashes a nice coat and a little length. I have noticed my natural lashes seem to be getting longer? A little weird as my lashes closet to tear duct seem to be growing faster than the rest. I really like using a primer because I seem to hit my skin less with the black mascara wand. I pair this booster usually with it mate mascara. I coat my upper lashes once then go in and do my lower. Then a second coat following the same path. While the rest is drying I start with mascara on the first part I primed. I never have any issues with clumping or mixing of the products.

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Primer/ Corrector -Urban Decay - De-Slick Complexion Primer

on 10/18/2017 9:08:00 AM

I really like this for when I'm crazy oily, plus at the moment I'm using a moisturiser/spf that leaves me very shiny and exacerbates the size of my pores (but it doesn't break me out so I continue to use it). This definitely mattifies better than any other product I've tried, but if I use too much it feels tight and 'can' cake on drier bits. I also think you have to be quick applying this to get a smooth finish. As a side note, I don't use silicones in any of my other skin care products to avoid any pilling/ unnecessary clumping.

Highlighters -E.L.F. - Studio Baked Highlighter

on 10/18/2017 9:05:00 AM


Shade - moonlight pearls

When I first opened and swatched with my finger there was decent color payoff. When I put the brush to it I had a problem. None of my brushes picked up enough product. I even went in full bore with a slanted blush brush and nope! I had bought in on sale for like $1.20 from the website so I wasn't awfully mad that it wasn't performing. A few days later I happened to be watching a YouTube video that adressed this issue. They recommended scraping the top layer off. Ok that's a little weird but I'm probably just going to throw it away so why not. I grabbed some gloves and set up a "clean" area to do this. With a sanitized new razor blade I gently scraped off the top layer as suggested. Cleaned everything up and broke out my fan brush again. Swipe swipe apply. Whoa! Hello beautiful! I blended it out and it was a great highlight.

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Concealers -MAC - Select Moisturecover

on 10/18/2017 8:28:00 AM


I have used this concealer for about a year. It has slowly replaced my other favourite concealer (Nars). My actual skin tone is C40 (Nars-Barcelona) with neutral undertones. The trick for this to work for me was to buy it in shade NW35 - the pink tones run much darker, and this shade may even be a fraction too dark for my C40 skin. With other concealers I have a never ending battle with creasing and I was surprised that this one, being so moisturising, performed better than the heavy duty ones. It is medium coverage for me with one layer, and naturally brightens my dark circles. I prefer it to the Nars radiant creamy concealer (Ginger) for texture and comfort. Though the Nars matches my skintone better, this is easier to work with as it doesn't dry so fast and coverage is buildable without EVER getting cakey (it literally never cakes on me). And I can have quite oily skin but still I blend this out to my cheeks, forehead, nose etc and sometimes just go without foundation, it sits so nice on my skin, it has truly become a staple. Hydrating, long lasting and glowy. For the ladies who are medium/olive toned, give the NW shades a go. And don't knock it if you're oily like me, it's really is a versatile and effective product if you get the right shade.

Hair Styling Tools -T3 - Bodywaver

on 10/18/2017 7:56:00 AM


I have collar bone length blunt cut one length fine grey white hair. I have a lot of hair. I bought the T3 body waver to tame my hair into a flip or page boy look and it delivers. I watched the tutorials and all the tips make for a professional look and smooth hair. I use it on the second heat setting and I get great results. I only wash and heat style my hair twice a week.

It is important to note that I normally use curling irons and straightener s on the highest setting, but that is totally not needed with this styler. Make sure the iron rests on the heat proof pad provided.

I am hair styling challenged and I get the best results with this tool.. I will check back next August when I have owned it for a year

Liquid -Make Up For Ever - Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

on 10/18/2017 7:49:00 AM


I have used this product for about three years and absolutely love it! I suffered from pretty severe acne for a few years and this is the only thing that got me out of my house everyday. It has great coverage and the finish is very pretty. It is very buildable so often I would build it up on the acne spots instead of using concealer and it hid them very well. Usually after an 8 hour day I would start to see a little oil coming through my t-zone, but a quick blot and this still looked good through the evening. My skin has recently cleared up so I have switched to a much more sheer foundation, but this is still my go to for a full face night out.

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