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Misc Beauty Tools -Unlisted Brand -Personal Microderm

on 9/10/2018 2:32:00 AM


I used this product yesterday and have been up all night nursing terrible burns. I’ve used the grey and blue discs several times before but last night a blue disc burnt my face so badly I’ve had to call in sick for work today. Not only is it incredibly painful but I have, what looks like, tiger stripes over my face. They’re terrible! Makeup will not cover these burns.
Pls be very careful if you purchase this product. I will never use mine again.

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Fragrances -Giorgio Armani -Code Cashmere EdP

on 9/10/2018 12:46:00 AM


Not quite as delicious as the original Armani Code in the lace bottle, but really sexy and nice! The jasmine is amped up and you can definitely notice the leather note in this version. Sillage and longevity seem to be good. It's a great flanker to own if you love original Code.

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Cleansers -LUSH -Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser

on 9/10/2018 12:06:00 AM


I've heard about this product for years and finally decided to try it. Ultra Bland is essentially cold cream cleanser, and that is what I wanted. Normally I use Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser, but UB sounded so decadent, I decided to take a chance. I ordered it directly from the LUSH website. It arrived quickly and in good shape.

The packaging is almost like heavy duty paper or ultra thin plastic. It reminds me of a very small cottage cheese container with a lid that happens to screw on. Evidently, this is better for the environment. If you collect five of these and take them to a LUSH store, you get something free. I don't think it's a free UB though. It's something cheaper. It's still a perk, though. UB also smells divine, as most LUSH products do. That's where the perks end, though.

UB takes forever to remove. You can't tissue it off like Ponds. It's so thick and sticky, it rips the tissue. A hot wash cloth is required. It's not a biggie, but using tissues is a nice option when you travel. Even with the hot wash cloth, it's hard to remove. The Ponds breaks down quickly taking everything with it. The UB requires a lot of massaging and several go overs with the wash cloth. When you're done there is a film left on the face, that I don't get with the Ponds. If I'm not meticulous with removal, I develop clogged pores. It's also $30.00 dollars. I can get a huge jar of Ponds for less than $10.00 dollars.

Basically, this isn't the product for me. It's okay, but I wouldn't buy it again. I suggest getting a trial size from a LUSH store first if possible. It's always good to try before you buy!

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Lipstick -GUERLAIN -Rouge Automatique - 123 Habit Rouge

on 9/9/2018 11:44:00 PM

I've gone through a few high end lipsticks in my time and never felt the need to repurchase any of them. Then I finished this one and realized that it left a square, one-handed lipstick tube shaped hole in my heart. Habit Rouge was a perfect vampy-but-still-muted orangey-brown red in an amazing formula, and using it always felt so luxurious and special. So I girded my loins and prepared to drop another $40... and found that naturally, Guerlain discontinued it years ago. Great. Between this and Revlon discontinuing Really Red, I am really hurting for vampy reds that work with my coloring.

Guerlain, please bring these back! They were way better than your current lipsticks, and yes, I am including the highly overrated Rouge G's in that assessment. Literally the only thing that wasn't perfect about the Rouge Automatiques was the white floral perfume. What I wouldn't give for a backup!

Masks -sisley -Express Flower Gel

on 9/9/2018 11:26:00 PM


I’m seriously confused by this product... I had seen rave reviews and so shelled out the money, but I see zero difference in my skin when I use it. Zero. And it have kind of a sticky residue.

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Moisturizers -Unlisted Brand -Good Science Beauty 001-Pu

on 9/9/2018 11:17:00 PM

Super light but still moisturizing, great for the summer day use - great for oily T zone.
Removed blemishes on chin after only 3 days of morning and night use.
Wish it was less expensive but I would still purchase again.
Not sure if it will be hydrating enough for winter, will probably only use in summer.

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Lipstick -MILANI -Color Statment-Naturally Chic

on 9/9/2018 11:15:00 PM


This is a beautiful MLBB that goes on smooth and opaque with good lasting power (5 hours for me without eating). The color reminds me a lot of MAC Cosmo, but just a touch warmer and darker. It's brown-based and shows up as a work-appropriate pink on my NC20 yellow/olive skin. It's brightening even without any other makeup on, which is my litmus test for lipsticks. The formula isn't as good as MAC, and it's more drying than most creme lipsticks, but overall this would be an easy 4/5 if not for the SUPER strong and annoying fake watermelon scent. Why, Milani? If I wanted to smell like a jolly rancher, I would eat a jolly rancher.

I'll probably buy this again despite the smell since it's so rare for me to find a pink lipstick that works for me, and it's cheap and sturdy enough to toss into my work bag without any worries about losing or ruining it.

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Lip Gloss -NYX Professional Makeup -Butter Gloss

on 9/9/2018 11:03:00 PM


I bought this in the shade Creme Brulee, but I definitely will be purchasing more of them in the future for sure. I normally like for my lip products to be fragrance free, but I like that this lipgloss has a nice vanilla sweet scent to it, that I don't find bothers me at all. Creme Brulee is the perfect pinky-nude shade that I have ever come across. It is awesome for using day or night. Also, I think that it is a shade that any skintone can wear. Now, the wearability of this lipgloss is no different than any other. Some of it will come off every time you eat or drink something. But, outside, of that I love the glossy look that it provides to my lips without it being too overstated.

This is one of the best lipgloss that I've ever come across and I definitely will be buying more in the future for sure!

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Moisturizers -Estée Lauder -Advanced Time Zone Night Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme

on 9/9/2018 10:47:00 PM


Im on my second tub. I love this night cream for firming my skin, I liked it better than the Revitalizing Supreme global+; that one was good but my skin got full of sunspots. Meanwhile this one is more hydrating and doesnt aggravate my sunspots...

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Lipstick -L'Oreal Paris -Colour Riche - Nature's Blush

on 9/9/2018 10:46:00 PM


I love the color, and the packaging. I would have given this color, Nature's Blush, a 5, if it were a bit more long lasting. But it does look great on me and my very pale skin color. It's not really a nude on me, but a nice rose that I think would look good on just about any skin tone.

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