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Lipstick -Clinique - Almost Lipstick - Black Honey


I just don't get it.

I received a deluxe sample of this in a Sephora Play box this month, and was initially very excited. Clinique is an old-school brand that tends to do lip products very well and is somewhat underrated amongst Sephora brands. The color didn't scare me because I could tell just from looking at the lipstick that it would apply semi-sheer.

The formula is rather slippery yet not at all moisturizing; my lips were equally dry before and after using this. The color isn't bad, like I said- somewhat sheer with a wash of maroon berry color. The issue that guaranteed this would be no more than a 3-lippie rating (it's a 2-lippie because these cost $17 and that is way, way too much for what you're getting), is that the pigment in this settled into my lip lines like crazy and applied super patchy and uneven. I don't have wrinkly lips; I'm 28 and pretty much never have this problem. When I attempted to get an even spread of color, the pigment in this just kind of "moved around" and areas were darker than others.

Part of the problem, IMO, is that these deeper colors don't lend themselves well to balmy, semi-sheer formulas. If this were a lighter shade, it might have not been as issue. As it stands, I had to "watch" this because it wanted to get patchy on me.

Had this been a lighter color, or had it been a bit more moisturizing or opaque, it could have been a good product for me, but it just makes no sense to spend $17 on something that Maybelline Baby Lips probably has an identical dupe for (and no, I'm not crazy about Baby Lips either, but the formulas feel and look similar on the lips, so if you're fond of one, you may like the other).

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Brows -Annabelle - Skinny Brow Liner


This brow pencil is AMAZING. I regret not buying a second one at their sale but ill deifnitely repurchase either way.I bought the dakr brown color and its the perfect neutral taupe undertoned brown. My brows ahve never looked so good; i never thought id be ableto achieve those 'instagram' brows but this product did exactly that! Please please do yourself a favour and go buy it if you need a good brow pencil! P.S i have oily skin and this pencil is waterproof, It NEVER moves during the day even if i rub my brows but it comes off easily with makeup remover! :)

Palettes -Pur Minerals - Secret Crush

on 1/20/2017 3:53:00 PM

The Secret Crush palette contains eight eyeshadows, half of which are shimmery, whilst the other half are satin [the lightest contains a teensy amount of microglitter]. All of the shades are very easy to wear and are the sort of shades that I'll wear regularly - the shades are tame enough for more sedate daytime looks, but are also easy to dress up for evening/me-time too. The rosy shades lean on the neutral/warm side - but they are a sepia warm rather then a full-on toasty warm, so work nicely for me and my neutral/cool skintone. The shadows are mainly shades of rosy hues with metallic undertones

I'll jump straight to the best bit; the shimmery shades are awesome - they feel like butter on my brushes and applied to my eyes. They so soft, smooth, and they just glide on. The four satiny shadows didn't wow me as much, but they are still very usable; they are a bit more powdery and have less pigmentation, but they blend and and wear just as well as the shimmery shades do blended into the crease and used for transitioning and highlighting - the satin shades aren't meant to be full-on lid shades.

I think that this palette is a good buy if you like the colours of the shimmer shades on offer, as what you see in the pan is what you get on your lids shimmer-wise - you just need to be aware that the satins are designed as blending shades. However there is room for improvement; I would have liked at least one high-pigment matte shade for the lid and/or crease. The satin shades are great for 'everyday' usage for this, but I would have liked something to use on my lids when I'm not in the mood for shimmer, or in the crease for amping up the intensity of my looks a notch. Also; the shade names of the products are printed on the back of the box, rather than on the actual palette. This niggle doesn't effect the actual products in any way so I don't mean to make a big deal about it, but it's something that winds me up because I like to know exactly what I'm wearing and I don't save the outer packaging of things.

Overall; I do like the Secret Crush palette as the shades are very easy-to-wear, and the formula is great to work with. However I wouldn't replace this palette if I lost it tomorrow, as I'm not totally happy with the selection of finishes.

Eye Shadow -Pacifica - Eyeshadow Duo in Duo 2

on 1/20/2017 3:42:00 PM

Thank goodness I got this in a bag of samples from Whole Foods. The texture is dry and chalky. application lacks pigment. packaging is cheap and chintzy (could be just because it's a trial size or something, but still). I gave it to my kid to play with. You could get better eyeshadow at Toys R Us.

Treatments (Face) -Boots - Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum

on 1/20/2017 3:33:00 PM

This is the new formula of Boots No7 serum. It's very affordable and feels wonderful on my winter dry sensitive skin. It makes my enitre face feel smooth and moist as well as look firm and lineless. It works well as a primer or alone. It has some questionable ingredients (methylparaben and a couple of others including a lot of dimethicone which is why it FEELS so silky). I am not sure if it has the ability (ingredients) to do anything permanent but it sure feels nice. Of course, I am still using my many other high end prods so this isn't a lone wolf recommendation. Just a nice add on for days when I have no time or am just hanging around and want a little boost or under tinted sunscreen. I got two full 30m sizes at Ulta for $37 so I think it's within range of most buyers. I think it would probably be BEST for younger skin, but old lady face is loving it!!!

Lip Treatments -Unlisted Brand - Lanolips - Lip Ointment

on 1/20/2017 3:26:00 PM


I have tried various lip balms and this is one is my favourite! Vaseline is still a good option but this one really moisturises my lips and is also way more long-lasting than Vaseline. This lip balm is odourless as well, which I like. However, I find that it's quite hard to get the product out of the tube when it's cold (it's winter right now where I live) and it's really expensive. But since you don't need to use a lot of it I can see this lasting quite a while.

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Liquid -Maybelline - FIT Me Foundation (Matte + Poreless)


Love this! It's my favorite foundation. It lasts all day and doesn't feel like I'm wearing pounds of makeup.

Concealers -Tarte - Shape tape

on 1/20/2017 3:16:00 PM


It looks beautiful first applied, BUT IT TURNS COLOR ? It turns 2-3 shades darker after a couple minutes of wear :( have to return this, sad because it had such a nice natural texture and long wear.

Hair Treatments -Paul Mitchell - Hair Repair Treatment

on 1/20/2017 3:14:00 PM


I have dark brown hair naturally and wanted a steely grey ombre. Needless to say after multiple bleaching and manic panic applications, my hair was a lovely grey but so brittle it made me want to cry every time I brushed it. Then I found this in my moms bathroom and thought "well it can't hurt."

Best. Decision. Ever.

I slathered it on and shaved my legs. After rinsing, my hair didn't feel restored or anything so I still applied my Morroccanoil Hydration conditioner and once I rinsed that off, I saw the magic. For the first time since bleaching my hair, there were no strands of hair between my fingers when I ran my hand through it.

This stuff is a treatment though so I wouldn't recommend using it as a deep conditioner on its own. My sister did and her hair was super hard after straightening it, probably because of all the protein. I use this about once every two weeks and follow with whatever moisturising masque I'm loving at the time and my hair is left soft and human looking rather than a fried mess.

Lotions/ Creams -Unlisted Brand - Babyganics - Moisturizing daily lotion - chamomile verbena

I quite like this lotion for a quick or on the go hydration, particularly of my hands when I am out with my baby. It rubs in quickly and leaves skin completely non-greasy. It is not super hydrating, but for a quick application when you need the skin to absorb the product quickly, this works well. The scent is super lightly of verbena (maybe I get the chamomile too, but idk). The scent is faint though, so most wouldn't even notice it. I have used it on my toddler as well, without any skin reactions - he and I both have sensitive skin. The skin is left soft and non sticky.

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