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Lips -Stila -Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

on 12/14/2017 12:43:00 PM


I have a small tube of this in Perla, a pinky mauve shade. It came with a Stila set I purchased at sephora. The shade probably isn't something I would normally go for, it's not bad but not a fav for me. The lipstick itself is nice, it's matte, easy to apply and very long lasting. I do apply a balm underneath (nuxe reve de miel) to help this product not look too dry. Would repurchase in other shades.

Liquid -Bourjois -Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

on 12/14/2017 12:22:00 PM


I have very dry and sensitive skin, so choosing the right foundation is quite difficult for me. This one is not like some other foundations I used before, it doesn't make my skin caky and heavy when I apply it with a brush and then blend with a RT sponge. From my experience, if you have dry skin, you need to use a brush to apply foundation and a sponge to blend, don't use just the brush or just the sponge to apply and blend. The foundation has light to medium coverage, luminous finish and easy to transfer from your face to your clothes or your hands if you carelessly touch your face.Therefore, you really need a good powder to keep it in place. It could stay nice on your face in four hours, after that it will get separated considerably. In general, If you want a light and luminous finish, it is the right one, but if you want more coverage and a longlasting effect, you might choose another option. This foundation is a little more expensive, in comparison to other drugstore foundations with medium and high coverage. I will give it 3.5 points for not making my skin look caky, flaky, dry and heavy.

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Eye Makeup Remover -Neal's Yard -Organic Eye Makeup Remover

I'm on my 2nd bottle now. It doesn't irritate my eyes - actually I find it soothing and it does a good job of removing my eye makeup, including mascara. I used to use the Lancome one that is very popular, but I prefer this one as it's gentler, chemical free and does just as good of a job.

Moisturizers -L'Occitane -Immortelle Divine Cream

on 12/14/2017 11:54:00 AM


I've been toying with buying this because of the harsh Canadian winters and I finally caved. I've used it for all of three days and it's really good. I was worried that it would be greasy and break me out but it absorbs completely. I've got combination skin, that's sensitive so there's lots here that can irritate and it hasn't. I use Shiseido sunscreen on top and surprisingly they play well together. At the end of the day when I go home and look in the mirror, my skin doesn't look dehydrated which is amazing. I'll give an update in a few weeks but at this point I'd give it a go. The scent is strong but it wears off so for these results I'll tolerate it.

Treatments (Face) -Olay -Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum - Fragrance Free

on 12/14/2017 11:53:00 AM


I bought this many years ago and didn't care for it. I decided to give it another try since it seems to be reformulated and I adore it now! Love the new packaging, the serum itself feels very silky, slightly moisturizing without being too much for my oily zones. My skin looks brighter and more even and I haven't broken out at all!! My favourite serum right now (and I have a lot of skincare products). Will definitely repurchase.

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Cleansers -Marcelle -Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel *Foaming*

on 12/14/2017 11:49:00 AM


Very gentle face wash that isn't drying and doesn't cause breakouts. I am using this as my morning cleanser, not sure how it would do removing my makeup and sunscreen at night. I don't find this foaming at all but that doesn't matter much to me. This is scent free which is nice because I don't like a strong scent in my face products. Bottle is huge. I highly recommend this product especially if you have sensitive skin. Will repurchase.

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Hair -Kerastase -Ciment Anti-Usure

on 12/14/2017 11:38:00 AM


I used to use this conditioner with Bain de force shampoo but somehow it didn’t leave much of an impression on me that I stopped using it. The Bain de force shampoo was like clarifying shampoo, left my hair clean. I liked it but not enough for the price as joico does the same thing too for less. Didn’t see any strengthening on my damaged color treated hair. Then recently I used the conditioner again with a L’Oreal anti hair fall shampoo and I put on my cheap garnier sleek serum on my toweled dried hair and to my surprise I had a very good hair day, this lasted for 5 days (I mean I could’ve washed my hair again on day 3 or 4 like per usual but it wasn’t unbearable enough and I’ve been busy with work). My hair is much less frizzy and the conditioner felt light too which is strange as I used a heavier conditioner or mask and my hair was still frizz city after fully dry (even after I put on anti-freeze serum). So this is the only thing I’ve changed. I haven’t tried it without anti frizz serum to see if it does the job on its own. But so far so good.

Misc Beauty Tools -Tweezerman -Tweezerette Tweezers

on 12/14/2017 11:02:00 AM

This is a perfect set of tweezers - mini size for travel, but big enough to pick up for everyday use. In addition, it has a perfect rubberized grip, so you never accidentally gouge your skin, but the point is strong enough to grab the end of fine hairs - they never slips away from you.
Have had mine for years, never needed sharpening, even though I store them in the open, not in a special protector.
Nice mat black color is a bonus, looks good with any bathroom scheme.

Contour -NYX -Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

on 12/14/2017 10:42:00 AM


This palette's variety in shade make it seem as if Nyx attempted to please all skin tones, but only ended up with a singular palette with some shades that work for the mass population. I believe that there will be few people who would utilize all shades in this palette comfortably. There are many shades missing from the "contour" shades. For a contour palette, I was expecting one very cool toned taupe but there is not.

Thankfully as this is DS, I got it on a $10 off sale, and had some other inserts previously purchased from the NYX single/refillable line from their standing stores, but then this isn't so much worth the money, as me customizing my own palette. I ended up removing 4 of the shades from the palette and putting in a matte white, fawn/sienna tone, and a shimmery highlight.

Fragrances -Lancome -Ô D'Azur

on 12/14/2017 10:31:00 AM


I purchased this fragrance because the description in the Lancôme book at Ulta described the notes as Jasmine and lemon. I have no sophisticated fragrance practice. I just buy what I like. I have been wearing it for a week now, and my favorite bit about the fragrance is that after its worn for a time there is a soft musk scent. I don't know that I really smell jasmine or lemon at first, but it is a nice light fragrance and dries down to a soft scent. I have tried Tresor in the past too, and it is also very nice. d'AZUR 69.00 at my Ulta. I don't mind paying for nice fragrance.

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