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Fragrances -Estee Lauder - Modern Muse Le Rouge

on 5/25/2017 11:24:00 PM


I requested a sample of this scent after loving it at the makeup counter. It's very feminine, strong but sweet, and seemed to have a great staying power on the sample strip. Yes, I know smelling a perfume on a strip of paper is not a good indicator of how a scent wears on your body, and it certainly didn't wear well on me!

If you are sensitive to "heavier" scents, this might not be for you. After a few minutes, this scent smelled very heavy, chemically, and gave me a headache. I sprayed some onto my sweater, and it was horrendous! I love this in the bottle and on others, but this is definitely not for me or those who are sensitive to smells.

Lips -Nivea - Lip Care

on 5/25/2017 11:18:00 PM


Smoothest lipbalm i've ever applied, feels light and hydrating on the lips. The fact that it has spf15 is another plus! I like that it dries up quite fast but still leaves your lips smooth. Have to reapply time to time to keep the lips hydrated though. Would repurchase and try other variants of it

Brows -NYX - Tame & Frame brow pomade - Brunette

on 5/25/2017 11:10:00 PM


Need a little does a lot!

Fragrances -Unlisted Brand - True Religion Love Hope Denim

on 5/25/2017 11:06:00 PM


I agree with review that associated this fragrance to a carnival. It's as if you can smell the caramel popcorn and cotton candy. However, there seems to be a burnt sugar note that is cloying and sticks out like a sore thumb. I will not repurchase.

Mascara -L'Oreal - Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara


I tried the waterproof version of this mascara. It's a very dry formula. The bristle brush is in an hourglass shape that makes it easy to apply.

I found that the mascara provided length, but each individual lash seemed quite tiny. It did not build when I added layers. If you are looking for long skinny lashes, this might be for you.

This stuff smells like paste, though a little more toxic than the Elmer's Glue Paste that is a staple for American school kids. Paste with a soupçon of epoxy. The smell does not persist, but it does make the pink shiny tube a bit less glamourous.

The mascara stayed in place. In fact, it stayed in place through two different micellar waters, a face mask, and a makeup wipe. However, since it didn't look like much of anything, this was not an asset.

For reference, my favorite mascara is YSL's The Shock. It's dramatic. The brush for it is only a bit smaller than the one for Diorshow, so ginormous. It only takes one coat, lasts all day, doesn't smudge, and removes easily at the end of the day.

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Makeup Brushes -Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman - Setting Brush

on 5/25/2017 11:04:00 PM


I like using this for blush. I would repurchase is lost or damaged.

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Lotions/ Creams -Unlisted Brand - SJS- Prreze Pityriasis Rosea Cream

on 5/25/2017 10:55:00 PM


A friend of mine had or, and used the product after finding. It got rid of it after a week. It was amazing since he has been trying everything for months. After that he still had some left over. He noticed that where he had scratched his arm where some of the rash was the cut didn't get infected. I had some cuts and scratches from work and we tried them on mine, and it cleared up the infections I had in them. When I saw this, I bought some, and haven't found anything yet that it hasn't helped with. It's some great stuff. Buy some and try it. It worked for my buddies or, and issues I have had for a while.

Primer/ Corrector -NYX - Pore Filler

on 5/25/2017 10:55:00 PM


Didn't do a thing!

Brows -Rimmel - Brow this way shake filling powder

on 5/25/2017 10:32:00 PM


wow, i like this much more than i thought i would. At first glance, it seemed really gimmicky, it's basically powder in a pot form, with a flatten sponge tip brush end to apply the powder on.

I tested the black/dark brown shade first, assuming it would be a good match for my black hair/brows but it was too deep and harsh on me. The medium brown was a pretty good match, it applied on like a mid tone neutral brown, not too reddish or grey. of all the brow products i have tried so far, this applies the easiest with rich colour pay off.

it may not be super sharp as there are bound to be some fall out from the powder, but you can control/prevent it if you take a few moment to dust off the excess over the opening. for the center of my brows i prefer to have a more blurred/gentle look, so i will use an angled brush to blend out the colours.

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Mascara -Rimmel - Wonder'Lash Waterproof Mascara with Argan Oil


What a disappointment and waste of £7! This sucked me in with its pretty blue tube and I was in a hurry to buy any mascara as I had an event that day, I put it on but I looked like I had no mascara on at all and on top of that I couldn't take it off with wipes nor soap. For the following few days every time I showered I ended up with panda eyes and not only that but my eyes were watering/swollen/red for the entire time so I may have had an allergic reaction to it. Binned it straight away!

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