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Brows -MAC Cosmetics -Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

on 9/26/2018 2:02:00 AM


I possess horrid over- plucked (ugh the 90s teen years) finally after 20 years coming back brows. (Now 39). Naturally brunette, I was ‘blessed’ with BLONDE lashes and brows. So as a blonde (level 6/7-12), it’s dirty blonde. The one shade down, the lightest, looks like you painted WHITE OUT on your brow in flash photography. In natural light ok only if you’re totally platinum.

Now, I’ve gone past my natural dark brunette (for which I woulda gone below deep dark) into jet black territory so I’ve gotten deep dark brown. Oh... PERFECTION. Black brows to me are a little...unnatural and harsh. Especially against my nw13-15 skintone. I’m going for Snow White this fall and winter thinking men may leave me alone more but everyone seems to dig it the most (including me & my gal pals too!!!). With the MAC brow brush this applies as heavy or light as you’d like. Lately I like it bold, with my pinky pallor, no matter a red/oxblood lip and simple eye (painterly with a tight line on top with top only mascara, or my new fave plummy purple dark smoky shadow with a nice nude lip (such as fleshpot). Yes... I’m so pale I can rock fleshpot haaaa. A strong (not manly Bert from he and Ernie) brow has been taking years off of my face. What I like about this product whatever the shade is that is it seems to build brow hairs where none existed........ you’re able to make a nice sharp not smudgy tail with thickness since it clings to and quadruples hairs AND long time adheres to skin (bald patches). Long wearing — have sweat and swam with minimal fade.

In comparison to Anastasia dipbrow, this wins hands down. Same texture as fluidline blacktrack liner in pot. Soft. Buttery. Smooth. You’ll use before it dries if u cap tightly and store upside down. Dipbrow — besides it’s anoyijng quick dry out (nowhere near as soft textured), I’d have to use lid as a wipe off palette for extra and it just is an extra step like who wants to do a brow?! However you may put a rip or 2 of pure coco oil in there, nuke a few seconds, stir, and it comes out netyer! Still no candle to MAC sorry. Although dipbrow just as long lasting. Both require a learning curve. A nice drama brow for a night out is this brow gelcreme, Anastasia powder duo in ebony (charcoal is BLACK in Anastasia — I asked) — then tame flyaways with either a Maybelline fiberlash biwk mascara in dark brow or a clear. Oh ya - wipe brush against tissue when done

Bronzers -L'Oreal Paris -Paris True Match Lumi Bronze It Bronzing Powder

on 9/26/2018 1:43:00 AM


this + butter bronzer + bare minerals invisible bronze are probably the only 3 bronzers i will ever buy now. these three are so beautiful and so user friendly. this one is more pigmented than the other 2 mentioned but im practicing. this like the bare minerals one has a bit of sheen to it and i love that. i much prefer products with some shimmer/has a sheen to it over matte products. ive had the previous version of this as well, the glam bronze, however i much prefer this one bc that one runs way too orange. this one has a neutral to cool undertone. the pan size is huge

Palettes -Urban Decay -NAKED [DISCONTINUED]

on 9/26/2018 1:35:00 AM


its ok for me, i prefer the shades of the naked2. the velvet packaging also get dirty too easily. it wears well, i like only a wash of color on my eyes and even without primer on my more oily eyelids, there is minimal fading. i did buy this in 2012 i believe, way before i started watching YT. the colors are beautiful but they are definitely deeper than what im i actually debated whether or not to pick up another one when i heard it was dc, and decided against it as i could put my $27 toward another palette i actually would love more

Fragrances -Oriflame -Sublime Nature Tuberose

on 9/26/2018 1:32:00 AM


I was having great expectations from this perfume because tuberose is one of my favourite flower.Some were accomplished,some were not.
The packaging is simple.Just a touch of elegance given by the golden cap.
The perfume is expensive even when it's on sale.
As I already said,I love tuberose,but this is too much.Too sweet.
Lasts 4 hours.All day wear,more for evening.

Moisturizers -BIODERMA -Sensibio AR


I hace rosácea and it doesn’t work for the redness. I don’t fell that this product hydrate my skin , otherwise i get a lot of pimples

Lotions/ Creams -Lubriderm -Unscented Moisture Lotion

on 9/26/2018 12:31:00 AM


I used it on my new tattoo after 7-10 days. Worked well. Now I use it all over my body. Will buy it again

Makeup Brushes -Morphe -M510 Pro Round Blender Brush


I really like this brush. It is to date the best brush I've bought from Morphe so far. It doesn't lose it's shape the way that other goat hair brushes from the brand tend to do. It's perfect for highlighting all the high points of the face, and can be used to softly blend it into the skin. It's a good price as well. I have found no cons to this brush.

Cleansers -Noxzema -Skin Cream Plus Moisturizers

on 9/25/2018 10:42:00 PM


I’ve gone back to this product so many times. I love skincare, so I often ditch good old Noxzema for something new and exciting, only to regret it every time. I’ve learned two things from my mistakes- stick with what works, and sometimes simpler is better. I’ve tried out all the popular, “gentle” cleansers ranging from CeraVe to La Roche Posay and got nothing but irritated skin in return. Noxzema may get a scathing review on Beautypedia, but nothing has given me the kind of results it has. I break out less, and my skin tone looks clear and even. I only wash my face with it once a day; any more and my skin will get a bit too dry. I then dot Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream just on the areas that need it the most and call it a night. Not all skin types will benefit from such a simple routine, but I have to say that it has done more for my complexion than all the multi-step routines I’ve tried.

Treatments (Face) -Unlisted Brand -Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover


These are really helpful, especially if you are worried about further irritating your face with spot treatments, drying treatments etc.

They work as advertised- they absorb excess oil, pus, etc from any pimple they are applied to. It takes a few hours, but they do reduce pimple size especially overnight.

-absorb oil, pus, fluid, etc for the duration of being on.
- reduce pimple size over time. I have had these work on some cystic nodules, but not all. Definitely better for white heads.
- Great alternative to popping a pimple would be to put one of these on overnight.
- protects area, and comes in two sizes
- Also good to put over a pimple you treated with spot gel, once it is fully dry of course. Basically like a small bandaid.

-Sometimes they are picky about staying on. It doesn't happen that often, but usually if you have a pimple in an odd spot or on a curve- like the jawline. I find the smaller size ones are more prone to that issue, but again it's on occassion
- I think these are a little overpriced. If you get one or two pimples on occassion, the price isn't that bad I guess. However, if you are breakout prone this might not last long... Where I live, these are usually around $12 CAD.

I have heard people say you can cut up blister bandaids to work exactly the same. I haven't tried it yet, but worth a shot if you can't find these or have them sitting around.

BB Cream -It Cosmetics -Your Skin But Better SPF 50 CC Cream

on 9/25/2018 9:22:00 PM


This was an impulse purchase for me on Ulta's "Walk of Shame" (the leadup to the register). The full-size tube is $38USD, not bad for a foundation, really, but I'm a cheapskate. A mini-tube, 12 ml/0.4 fl oz, is $18 and is a good way to try the product. I'm an NW20, and Light worked well for me.

The tube says Full Coverage Cream, and boy are they not kidding. You need only a small amount to get a thick-feeling, satiny coverage. When I first put it on, it looks almost masklike, but settles as the day goes on. The product has a lemony fragrance, which is unusual in a foundation and which I found rather pleasant, but others might not like. I wore it all summer without powder and found it wore well, but is not waterproof. The SPF comes from TiO2 and ZnO2. (I figure sunscreen is one of those things that, you don't know if it works, you only know if/wen it doesn't work.)

I take 1/2 star off for the price of a full-size tube. You should be able to get a good CC cream at a lower price point. And 1/2 off for the thick feeling at first. Is this what all CC creams are like?

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