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Liquid -Kat Von D -Lock-It Foundation


I have and enjoy the Lock-It powder foundation, but have been on the hunt for a liquid foundation for my very fair, scarred skin. This seemed like an obvious choice. L42 was the correct tone, albeit a bit too yellow (whereas L41 was too light and too pink). I was shade matched to NW10 at MAC, but I had a slight chemical burn at the time. I think I'm normally pretty neutral, even leaning slightly yellow.

On to the texture: it's basically paint. I turned the sample jar upside-down with the lid open and it didn't move. My first test of this was a failure, and I thought that my sample had probably dried out, so I had a new one made. Nope; it's really just that thick. My skin is neither oily nor dry, and I moisturize lightly before applying foundation. So really I cannot explain how it looked as horrible as it did. The second time around, I applied with a damp beauty blender and it seemed to dry almost immediately, making blending impossible. I like to go heavier on my cheeks (the location of my scars) and blend out to nothing around my eyes and forehead, but there was a disgusting border of weird patchiness at the edges. The more I tried to fix it, the worse it looked. I left the house not very happy with how it was sitting on my face, but not feeling totally hideous (yet). Imagine my horror when I glimpsed myself in a mirror two hours later out in public and the foundation had completely separated on my chin and around my nose. It was truly a hot mess.

Maybe it's possible to make this foundation look good, but I have neither the patience nor money to spare to do so, so Sayonara to my hopes and dreams of a full-coverage pale foundation.

Lip Liners -Urban Decay -24/7 glide-on lip pencil

on 6/21/2018 1:55:00 AM


I LOVE lip liners. I’ve always worn them, even before the resurgence of their popularity. My lips are quite pigmented, but they have an area still part of the lip shape but without pigmentation, so they are literally begging to be “over lined“ - which ends up being about 0.5 to 1 mm outside pigmented region of my lips, but never ends up looking like overlining because of what I was trying to describe - hope that made sense. I also like lip liners because they help avoid migration of color and help lipsticks last longer or can be useful in changing lipstick colors to cooler or warmer or darker etc.

Long story short, I have tried lip liners from all kinds of brands and price points, and I love the urban decay ones especially for the color selection. The twist up tape and the sharpening type are not comparable so I will try to compare these two other pencil type liners. For relatively neutral colors, Charlotte Tilbury tends to be my favorite, and I also like the Mark Jacobs twist up ones in MLBB shades. UD also has some lovely pinks and nudes - Like rush, which has a little bit of shimmer and I love it - but what I have from urban decay in my stash are mostly bright or dark colors: streak, wonderland, 714, bittersweet, venom, and blackmail. (That last one is my favorite almost black berry liner, and seems to look good on anybody). I have dry skin and dry lips, and these are pretty creamy and not drying, although I do keep my lips moisturized well. I can fill my lips without pulling,and the shades I have are not patchy. For precise edges, you will need to keep the liner sharpened, but that is true for all liners and I don’t find this one to be difficult to use. I don’t find it hard to control. Some may not prefer the creamy texture, but I don’t mind. Dries very quickly and lasts a long time. I’ve gotten some good deals on these when they have them in sets, although the price point isn’t unusual for the quality and the product. They have the same amount of product as Mac pro longwear, mufe, Charlotte Tilbury etc. but the pencil is a little taller I think. If you have multiple colors like I do, it is easy to find what you’re looking for because the pencil is colored entirely. I like about this product that the shades perform similarly, at least the ones that I have tried. Sometimes the formula changes but I don’t find that to be the case with these. I think the formula is generally pretty similar with other long-lasting liners like this - I’d say Mac prolongwear is least creamy and quality varies between shades, Charlotte Tilbury is in between and I think less pigmented. Texture wise in my experience MUFE is the most similar, although the Ud might initially feel more creamy. The only other one I have found that is more creamier than this or some shades of Pat McGrath, which are also awesome, but more expensive and you go through them really fast. I’m not entirely sure why, but Charlotte Tilbury I also run through faster. I don’t go through these nearly as fast, I’d say similar to Mac pro longwear and MUFE. Hope the comparisons help though of course I haven’t tried all shades from all brands, so I can only speak of the ones that I have used.
This product has been around for a while - probably a “senior“ item in makeup release years. I hope they don’t mess with it and try to reformulate or something. Ain’t broken so I hope they don’t try to fix it.

Shampoo -Unlisted Brand -Natures Gate Tea Tree and Sea Buckthorn Shampoo & Conditioner

on 6/21/2018 1:52:00 AM

Pros: pleasant non overpowering tea tree and peppermint scent, cleanses effectively, nice consistency, leaves hair manageable post wash & condition, doesn't tangle hair, conditioner is an excellent detangler for longer hair lengths, scent does not linger in hair.

Cons: slightly tingles if the product gets on your forehead (not a fan of too much peppermint oil in hair products as others I've tried can uncomfortably tingle too much).

Lip Treatments -Unlisted Brand -Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30 - All Flavors

on 6/21/2018 1:51:00 AM


This lip balm is just vile. I bought a mango flavour. Smells great but it tastes artificial sugar and is very oily. I would not recommend it at all.

Shampoo -Unlisted Brand -Oneka - Unscented Shampoo

on 6/21/2018 1:43:00 AM


Pros: no masking fragrance, truly fragrance free smelling, cleanses properly, even consistency, doesn't tangle hair post wash, has a matching conditioner that is an excellent detangler for those with longer lengths

Cons: none

Mascara -Clinique -Lash Power Mascara

on 6/21/2018 1:38:00 AM


Pros: cute little wand

Cons: liquidy, clumps, flakes

Terrible, just terrible! 'Covergirl's Peacock Flare Waterproof' mascara stays on despite it being a less expensive product (not a fan of the wand) as does 'Covergirl's Professional Waterproof' mascara (smudges the slightest). I think I'm going to stick with what works and stop wasting money trying to find something better when the only improvement would be the wand regarding the formula that works best on my eyes (no budging, smudging, or fudging).

Stick -Bobbi Brown -Skin Foundation Stick

on 6/21/2018 12:26:00 AM


Since my skin has become mature, foundations can look quite mask like. Also, the past couple of years my skin has become sensitive to a few ingredients, along with sunscreen.

This foundation goes on smoothly, really does look skin-like, and has not triggered a rash. I always use setting powder, so I don’t have a problem with it disappearing. I do have normal skin, though. It does settle in pores, unfortunately, but I don’t have a big problem with large pores. If you do, you might want to skip this one.

It comes in many shades; that said, there is not a perfect match for my nc20-ish skin. In the previous formulation of this, warm sand was a perfect match. In this version, I’d say it is one shade darker. Sand is at least one shade lighter than warm sand in this, and a little too light and yellow for me, but it settles into a decent match. Beige is also a shade lighter than warm sand, but it is peachier than Sand. Way too peachy for me. In sum, it’s a great, versatile foundation for mature skin. I’d say it provides light to medium coverage, depending on how much you use. The price is absurd.

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Foundations -Tarte -Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full-Coverage Foundation SPF 15

on 6/21/2018 12:20:00 AM


I love this foundation. Its my new favorite and I reach for it instead of ELDW most days. The color is amazing and a perfect match for my NC 30 skin (I got the medium sand I think). its very yellow and blends well into my skin. This is definitely a medium coverage not full but can be built up. Not sure why this foundation is not more popular because I think its really amazing

Treatments (Face) -Treatment

on 6/20/2018 11:35:00 PM


So I am rewriting my review on this. I gave this treatment 5 stars a few years ago and I would continue to rate this 5 stars only because it worked so well for me for so long. I've used this day and night (a pea size amount) for 10 years and my skin was very clear. However as I am turning 28, my skin is no longer as resilient and just could not handle this treatment any more. After a while it does wear on your skin.. my skin starting itching and burning a lot with a rash so I had to stop using this and because I relied on this product so much for so many years, I really knew nothing about skin care or how to properly care for my oily skin. I ending up breaking out just as badly when I stopped this product as I did when I was 18. It's taken me a full year to heal and discover another regimen that works just as well for me, and I am happy to say my skin is way healthier now. This is a miracle product for acne as long as your skin can handle it, but be warned that it's not good to depend on this forever especially if you want your skin to stay young and fresh looking.

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Liquid -Bobbi Brown -Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15

on 6/20/2018 11:29:00 PM


I have been looking for a long wearing liquid foundation for my normal/combo skin for over a year now. I've tried quite a few of the popular long wear foundations but still haven't found one I am satisfied with. As I'm now in my 30's, I find my skin is quite dry in some areas and my pores are larger around the T-zone. I never experienced foundation settling into lines or pores before now.

Regarding this foundation, I got it in shade 3 which matched my NC25 skin pretty well and gave a satin finish. I found that it was hard to apply on bare skin without primer as it didn't spread easily. I used the vitamin primer from Bobbi Brown and it did go on like a dream. However, the foundation slid around on my face like crazy and it transferred so very easily! Also, it oxidized a whole shade darker and foundation around my oily areas were mostly gone after 6 hours. I don't consider this long wearing, nor do I want to powder and spray my face to fix it in place as I'm not overly oily. I'm so used to the Revlon Colorstay which lasts 10+ hours on me, unfortunately the shades just do not work as they are too pink/gray or dark. I used Revlon for 5 years but when my skin became dryer, the foundation just ended up clinging to dry patches and also got tired of the grey and pink tones from Sand Beige shade.

Anyways, this is not long wearing or transfer resistant. I think it looks great for the first 3 hours then if you're willing to powder/spray/touch up then it probably could last a good 6-8 hours. My idea of foundation is to moisturize my face lightly and spread it on. At most I'll powder the T-zone but I hate the feeling of spraying my face to set my foundation as I don't want that overly heavy makeup look. With Revlon, I didn't use primer/powder/setting spray/concealer for all those years and I want to put less makeup on as I get older.

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