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Lipstick -Jordana - Modern Matte Lipstick


I was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly and opaquely these lipsticks applied. They go on especially well with a bit of lip balm underneath. I've tried several shades, and I've loved them all. The pigmentation is absolutely amazing, IMO!

BB Cream -TheFACEShop - Magic Cover BB Cream

on 2/19/2017 4:28:00 PM

This bb cream really does cover well. Blends well with the full coverage concealers (Bye Bye Undereye, Glamoflage, etc). However it only has two shades and the lightest is too dark for me. It also requires powder and using enough would look cakey, at least with my skin that's dry and acne prone.

Moisturizers -CeraVe - SA Renewing Lotion

on 2/19/2017 4:28:00 PM


This is an excellent product - it is formulated properly so it can do the job it claims to do. I have dry, sensitive acne prone skin that is very delicate and easily irritated. I have been using this now for about a month, only at night. It has quickly replaced other exfoliate products as it is both gentle and effective. I use Fresh Seaberry oil cleanser followed by La Roche Posay foaming cleanser, Missha First Essence and then this, with my Cliniderm eye cream last. I have been happy with my skin which is really saying something.

Foundations -L'Oreal - Infallible Total Coverage

on 2/19/2017 4:25:00 PM


I would give this a 2.5...I was excited to try this but it was a fail for me. On the plus side, I like the coverage a lot...a heavy medium towards full. For the first couple of hours this looks nice, a demi-matte finish, blends well....but then things go awry. After those couple of hours my skin looked like a shiny disco ball. From afar it didn't look like it was wearing poorly, but in my compact mirror I saw how it had pooled in my pores. When I touched my face the foundation swiped away....not good. I also find the color selection to be limited; if a product is very pigmented like this is, there is not much room for error and your own tone isn't going to come through. I erred on a shade a bit lighter but close enough, because otherwise the others were too dark/orangey.
I am sure this works for some people but not myself.

Shampoo -It's a 10 - Miracle Moisture Shampoo

on 2/19/2017 4:02:00 PM

This low lathering, low fragranced silky feeling shampoo is terrific. It is sulfate free and is extremely gentle. It rinses cleanly and does not leave my hair feeling stripped. I have long, naturally curly, coarse, prone to breakage hair that is colored, and I am an older woman.

Foundations -L'Oreal - Infallible Pro-Glow 24HR Foundation


I really like this foundation. Its a natural finish on me, not too dewy but a nice healthy glow from within kind of look. However I bought a slightly too dark shade that oxidizes on my skin. I would repurchased in a different color that was just a touch too light and i mix them for the perfect shade. Found it applies best with my Real Techniques sponge or a toothbrush style face brush

Lips -Milani - Amore Matte Lip Creme


I have a major love affair with these liquid lipsticks. The color selection is amazing, they are super comfortable, and they have an amazing vanilla scent. They are not super drying, but they dry down to be non transferable. I can get a solid 8 hours if I dont eat anything super oily.

Shampoo -TRESemme - Expert Selection Detox & Restore with Green Tea and Ginger

on 2/19/2017 3:50:00 PM


I love herbal and woodsy fragrances in my shampoo, and I am more than willing to use drugstore shampoos as long as they don't irritate my scalp and by extension, my face and neck. This new TRESemme product smells lovely--I wouldn't say it really smells like green tea and ginger. It is more like a mixture of soapy and evergreen notes. It smells more evergreen in the bottle, and more soapy in the lather.

Speaking of lather, this one produced a lovely, creamy lather with very little product. It does not contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is an irritant for me. It leaves a clean and slightly smooth feeling to hair upon rinsing, so there is no squeakiness. It feels very much like having used a light conditioner, which may be great for some as it could eliminate a hair care step.

This product is supposedly a clarifying shampoo. However, ultimately I found that after about two weeks of use, my oily hair didn't feel as clean as I was used to, and my face started getting more oily also. So, on one hand, I think this bodes well for anyone who has more normal hair / scalp / skin who wants a fresh, clean feeling without over stripping. On the other, it seems this product is not well suited as a daily shampoo for oily scalp types like me. I definitely won't repurchase, but I still think this is a super shampoo that is worth trying.

Concealers -Cover FX - Cream Concealer

on 2/19/2017 3:45:00 PM


I'm fair skin so any mark will easily show on my face. Since I got my iud I have broken & got acne scars . I've used quite a few concealers and not quite seemed to help or last long. For awhile I was using ABH cream concealer & it did the job but it made me very oily & spotty. Here I go again another round of going through concealers. The Sephora employee (God sent!) recommended I gave this a try and WOW. I have never felt so flawless ! Not once has it moved after I put on my foundation or got oily. I even slept with it on on accident & I didn't break out! I really reallly recommend this product!

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Eyes -Unlisted Brand - House of Lashes Boudoir Mini

on 2/19/2017 3:27:00 PM


So, I went down the rabbit hole of searching for the perfect eyelashes.

Back in the early 2000's, I used to get individual lash extensions. This was a new thing at the time, and I was fortunate to have someone very skilled apply them. But, IMO, even when its truly extension lash meticulously glued to a single eyelash, over time it damages the eyelashes. People's experiences may be different than mine, but for me, after almost a year of extensions, my own lashes were thin. Not thin like pulled out, the diameter of lashes decreased to where they were very spindly, and not as stiff as they were before.

I went for more than a decade without going back to extensions, but, this past Christmas I was given a gift certificate to a lash and brow salon, and I succumbed. What I found was that my life circumstances had changed enough to where not only would the monthly upkeep take its toll on my budget, but I didn't enjoy the effect enough to justify the extra care it took to keep them looking nice.

On the other hand, I liked how they looked. A LOT!

I tried strip lashes. First Ardell 120's,and they weren't bad. But, a friend asked me if I had on false eyelashes (not a good sign, I didn't think) and even though my own lashes are pretty long (11-12 mm or so) the Ardell were lots longer. And they would lose their curl if I got them wet.

Then I tried Red Cherry 747XS lashes that are short (why I chose them) and they turned out to actually be shorter than my own lashes, but they still looked good. They are made from human hair though, and that sounds like that would make them look even more natural, but it really doesn't, because human hair eyelashes that I've tried at least, don't taper at the ends, the hairs are the same diameter the whole length of each lash. So, although these didn't have a spider legs appearance, I didn't love them as much as I'd hoped I would (plus they were too short and will lose their curl if washed)

I'd bought a batch of 6 pairs from Amazon, and I figured when I worked my way through them I'd try something else. But, way before the third pair, I stumbled across a blog online talking about House of Lashes. And I went onto the HOL website, and lo and behold, they list the dimension of each style they sell! Their site isn't super user friendly, like the ones this review are for are a scaled down version of the "Boudoir" lashes that are part of their "Premium Luxe" line. The Premium Luxe are synthetic hair, as opposed to some of their other lashes in their "Classic" line that are human hair. But, you can't find the Boudoir Mini's if you click on the Premium Luxe, category. Nope, they're over with the "mini" section instead.

Anyway... all this to say, I searched by length, thickness, and wanted synthetic as opposed to human hair, and these are the style I chose first. The dimensions are: Band Length: 30mm
Lash Length: 5mm (Inner), 11mm (Center), 11mm (Outer)

Like another reviewer said about another style of HOL lashes, they look amazingly dramatic but yet natural at the same time. They are very very comfortable to wear.

As for the style I chose, the most dense area of lashes are at the center of the eye, giving them more of an "Anime" appearance instead of a cat eye with a flared wing. I recently ordered some that have more of a wing, but have not received them yet. I'm going to upload a photo of me in profile wearing the Boudoir Mini's. I really love them.

To put them on I use black extra strong glue by Kiss iEnvy. This will last a couple of days, and there have been a handful of times I've left them on overnight, but mostly I take them off each night. It is so great to not need to use eyeliner! It sounds contradictory, but by using these lashes I've actually simplified my makeup application routine. No eyeliner on the top, just shadow liner on the bottom lash line, and no mascara anywhere :)

I use DHC cleansing oil anyway, so it was a natural choice to take off the lashes, but I think any emulsifying oil cleanser that rinses off without leaving a film would be fine. I put a little oil over top of each eye, and rub gently, the lashes slide right off. Then I sit them on the edge of the sink, put a drop or so more of oil on them while I take off the rest of my makeup, then rinse the lashes, dry them on a tissue, and pop them back in a lash case til morning. They can be re-used many many times.

So, if you're interested in strip eyelashes, go to their website, and you can search by dimension and style. I know Sephora carries some of the exclusive to Sephora styles, but those are more over the top, (which might be what you're looking for, but, I'm 61, and really not in situations where I need to have that kind of look) and the Sephora ones cost more too. The lashes for this review were $10 per pair (with a purchase of three) and free shipping.

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