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Gels/Soaps -Suave -Everlasting Sunshine

on 11/17/2018 12:56:00 AM


I absolutely love this scent and am horrified to find that the respective shampoo and conditioner are discontinued. The scent is sweet and, true to its label, sunny. It’s a vanilla type scent but less a foody smell and more of a semitropical floral Eau d’Italie Morn to Dusk type. Cleans well, lathers gently, rinses clean with no tightness of dryness. I’m seriously considering using it as shampoo if I can’t find any of that in the future. They also make this scent in a clinical-level deodorant and it is superb.

Cleansers -Trader Joe's -Spa Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil

on 11/16/2018 11:55:00 PM


I had to write a review because this is literally the best face wash I've ever used!!! I have oily skin so it really helps with that & it's gotten rid of any little bumps or texture on my skin. My skin hasn't felt this nice in a long time. I'm so happy with the results I've gotten from this face wash!!!!

Highlighters -wet n wild -MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

on 11/16/2018 11:39:00 PM


So this product is amazing like honeyyyyyyy!!!! This hilighter gives you a nice dewy wet look on your face the color is amazing it’s like a nice gold with pink undertones it wet n wild is doing there thing they bringing there A-Game this hilighter comes in different shades so it works for a variety of skin tone I most definitely recommend this product I got it for $4 at Walgreens. Please follow my YouTube channel @envynicki I do makeup tutorials and product reviews.

Moisturizers -La Mer -Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Creme

on 11/16/2018 11:08:00 PM


I'm glad I received this as a promotional gift -- I had heard amazing raves about La Mer but this product was a huge disappointment.

It's fairly moisturizing, but offers NO other benefits for your skin. But for my hands, I honestly find Aveeno ($8 at drug stores!) to be both more moisturizing and more pleasant to apply. I can't use this anywhere but my hands because it's so heavily fragranced that it irritated my skin almost everywhere else. (That's esp. notable since my skin isn't sensitive in general.)

I might be willing to overlook the flaws if this was an El Cheapo brand you could pick up at Target or CVS, but given the astronomical price, I expect an amazing product. This is NOT it, no matter how many celebrities tell magazines that they love it.

Fragrance -CHANEL -Antaeus For Men


This is an all time classic. Definitely a mature scent for men. This is a powerhouse! I probably would not have appreciated or enjoyed this scent in my 20's, that's for sure! I appreciate it now though. I find I am drawn to the more mature and grown up men's scents, over the overtly sweet concoctions which prove to be popular lately. I have this in EDT and After Shave Moisturizer, using the after shave is strong on it's own! The scent contains lavender, a leather accord, and wood and spice notes. The base is warm with labdanum, clary sage and Indonesian patchouli.

Lip Treatments -NUXE -Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm with Honey and Precious Oils

on 11/16/2018 9:58:00 PM


Because of the rave reviews, I bought one on sale at the Shoppers (12$CAD, regular price around 17$ for 15g). The texture is thick and almost gritty, pleasant smell (slightly lemony). I enjoy this product but having tried Aquaphor and Blistex Medex, 2 best lip balms of all time according to me (Carmex, Rosebud Salve did nothing for me), this one comes across as alright. I do feel that it is just a little less moisturizing than Aquaphor or Blistex, it does slightly dry up my lips after few hours. I will not repurchase because of the packaging (dipping my finger in the pot is simply annoying).

Moisturizers -Cetaphil -Moisturizing Lotion


This is another item in my 'cant' live without' category.

This is always in my household and is used an eye cream and a hand cream by me. This cost me £8 and I have had the same bottle for going on 2 years in my nightstand, as that bottle is used solely for my eyes, and there's still loads left. It's better than any pricey eye cream iv'e used.

The packaging isn't the flashiest, but it does what it says on the label

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Fragrances -TOM FORD -Neroli Portofino


One of the most stunning things I have ever smelled in my life :)

Packaging is glorious and slick like Mr Ford himself.

The scent is unisex. is way too overpriced and thus, this is only something I've ever had as a gift, and I would not buy it again. Especially when I still prefer Farenheight by Dior, which has been my fave for over 20 years.

Cleansers -Simple -Water Boost Micellar Water


I will NEVER BE without this now.

I like to alternate a sink cleanse, with a cleanse sitting in bed at night, to keep surprising my skin. Whether i'm cleansing in bed or not, this gets used. My routine is either:

sink wash: Origins cleansing oil, clinique extra mild liquid soap,. Then Simple micellar water boost, cetaphil lotion as an eye cream, and cortas rosewater to finish.

Olive oil to soften eye makeup, Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover, Johnsons 5 in 1 wipes, simple micellar water boost, cetaphil on eyes, cortas rosewater

In the morning when I wake I apply a slick of oil around my eyes as an eye mask, and then tone the entire face with this and rosewater instead of washing my face in the shower - especially in winter.

I have tried every micellar out there and this is hands down the best ive used. No irritation at all to my sensitive skin. It leaves your skin comfortable and no tight feeling

Lotions/ Creams -Eau Thermal Avene -Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream

on 11/16/2018 9:25:00 PM


I have dry skin and I live in the cold Canadian weather. This cream is thick and moisturizing. I put it on at night only (too thick for daytime use). It is creamy, it spreads well, and it is unscented. I got it on sale for 12CAD$ for 40ml tube at the Shopper's. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a thick face cream that is not too oily (vs Nivea).

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