Today's scent: leftover Piver Heliotrope. Today's random factoid: r/o

Not so random. After reading the thread about perfume and job interviews, I found this 2002 article on perfume and impressions of job applicants. The cite is:

Cczesny, S., & Stahlberg, D. (2002). The influence of gender-stereotyped perfumes on leadership attribution. European Journal of Social Psychology, 32, 815-828.

As you can see from the table (be sure to read the note to see what the numbers indicate), female applicants fared best when wearing no perfume, next best when wearing typically masculine perfume. Both male and female applicants who wore typically feminine perfume did the worst. There's a second study in the same article that looks at the moderating role of sex of interviewer, and it turns out that female interviewers will be more forgiving of female applicants with typically feminine perfume, but male interviewers will not. This is only one study, but it's worth taking seriously when thinking about whether or not to wear scent to a job interview.

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