Who wants N Collection swatches? ROP (long)

First of all, let me tell you that I had a ball. I love neutrals, so I would have bought the entire collection if only I had an unlimited budget (ho hum :-) ). If you like color, you'll probably be bored by this collection. The SAs were so sweet and let me make all the swatches I wanted. My review of a few select items are below, followed by pictures of my swatch sheet (on white paper).

Warmed MSF: beautiful brown and gold. Nice bronzer if it doesn't turn orange on me.

Light Flush MSF: This is the one I really wanted, and on my swatch sheet it looks like a pretty pink. When I used a tissue to swatch a larger amount on my arm, it came out really red. Also very glittery. You'll need to use a skunk brush with this one. SA suggested using it more as a blush

Nanogold e/s: yellowish bone color flashes pink. Got this one.

Modest Tone: basic "flesh" tone--matches my skin tone pretty closely (NW20). Got this one.

Sublime Culture l/l: very pretty dark mauvy red but looked dupeable to me

Groundwork paint pot: pretty medium brown. Does not look anything like the swatch on mac website.

4N l/g: reddish brown, looked like a tiny hint of reddish purple. I'm at odds as to whether I like this or not on me.

3N l/s: matches my lips exactly. So...didn't do much for me.

And now the swatches. Please excuse the lighting. I took the pics in my car.

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expand whole threadWho wants N Collection swatches? ROP (long)magicnmystery1/9/2008 2:34PM

TY! I am cracking up picturing you doing this.....dedecakes1/9/2008 6:52PM

Thanks, you rock! lainetm1/9/2008 5:43PM

thanks!enjoythesilence1/9/2008 5:14PM

Awesome! Thanks sooo much!bcbabe1/9/2008 4:36PM

Do the MSF's have chunky glitter?lovermac1/9/2008 3:23PM

Thank you so much! I love neutral e/s and these are perfect!SquirrelQueen1/9/2008 2:57PM

Thank you so much! I want warmed and 3N!!Poutiful1/9/2008 2:56PM

you are a trooper! *is impressed*carbonbased1/9/2008 2:50PM

THANK YOU!! I want is ALL!!!!LuckyRedLisa1/9/2008 2:45PM

YAY for you and understanding SAs! Thank you! ♥vengland1/9/2008 2:45PM

Thank you!Did u see MSF Naturals maybe?lenna00131/9/2008 2:43PM

I didn't look, sorry. I already have one so didn't need anymagicnmystery1/9/2008 2:44PM

you are so awesome, ty for the swatches!candied1/9/2008 2:42PM

*head spinning* thanks so much!! i LURVE nudes!!!ocelot11/9/2008 2:41PM

lemming killedshaymprince1/9/2008 2:40PM

OOO thank you soo mucchhnenabuggy1/9/2008 2:40PM

thank you so much for this.alizeeeee1/9/2008 2:38PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Neutrals are my favorite!lovemetenda1/9/2008 2:37PM

I require modest tone, rich flesh & 3N l/s (and I never would have known w/o your awesome pic, ty!)librarian_girl1/9/2008 2:37PM

thanks! waah I was hoping light flush would be lighter :(dictatorprincess1/9/2008 2:37PM

me too. I was disappointed. I think with the right brush it would be ok, but I had to pick onemagicnmystery1/9/2008 2:38PM

thanks- is Warmed more brown than gold?krazybird1/9/2008 2:37PM

yesmagicnmystery1/9/2008 2:38PM

ty :)krazybird1/9/2008 2:39PM

WOW!!! thanks a lot, those are awesome!trulylovely1/9/2008 2:36PM

you're sweetie for doing this, thanks so muchcyndiinphilly1/9/2008 2:36PM

Love those except the very darkest ones. Thanks for postingmissmelaniem1/9/2008 2:36PM

The dark ones are what I'm after! lolmacaddict341/9/2008 2:41PM

YAY!! Thanks for the swatches! I was interested in 5N l/s but it looks like it ++macaddict341/9/2008 2:36PM

no, I think it was more brown. I might go look at it again, it certainly did not go with the ++magicnmystery1/9/2008 2:39PM

aww...on the MAC website it describes it as a sheer plummy brown :(macaddict341/9/2008 2:40PM

go try it. I think I look awful today so that could have been part of itmagicnmystery1/9/2008 2:42PM

I'm going Friday :)macaddict341/9/2008 2:48PM

THANK YOU!!!!! I've been dyin' to see actual swatches of this new bunch!! I'm a neutral 'ho too! kimk1/9/2008 2:36PM

Thanks for those- looks like ill be passing on this collectionditzycubanita8241/9/2008 2:35PM