I wrote to them personally to try to get to the bottom of the rumors that stila is going away. I knew they couldn't be true, and here's that they had to say:


Hi Alyson-

Let me be the official bearer of great news - stila is here to stay!

We're finishing up a move into a brand new state-of-the-art warehouse that will give us real-time inventory for the first time ever! Yes, we've finally arrived in the future.

We're also about to launch (hopefully tomorrow) our revamped website that will plug into this new warehouse. Here you'll find our new smoky eye color extensions (emeralds and bronzes to add to the best-selling classic).

Right behind that we have an exciting calendar of product launches that includes a huge expansion of our eye color assortment - a cool new lip & cheek innovation - and a bunch of other things that I'd get in trouble for spilling the beans about.

You may also be happy to hear that the stila girl is coming back in a big way. You'll see more of her on all our products and the related marketing.

Meanwhile, our product development team is busy planning out rollouts for 2009 and beyond...

So get excited! We certainly are!


There was also something else that I can't tell you because it's a secret and it's a cool surprise that I don't want to ruin!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU'LL NEVER GET IT OUT OF ME NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO!

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expand whole threadGREAT STILA NEWS, GIRLS!alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:38AM

i hope they bring back TUTU blush, and HEATH e/s.mermaidmaenad10/3/2007 12:49AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:50AM

yes.. i found it and bid for it, but it would be easier if they would just bring it back to the ROPmermaidmaenad10/3/2007 12:55AM

I think it's more new stuff than bringing back old, unfortch.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:50AM

; (mermaidmaenad10/3/2007 12:55AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:47AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:51AM

cutetatlicupcake10/3/2007 12:44AM

Dear Stila, bring back the trios, specifically the purple holiday trio! THen I will love you againmethod10/3/2007 12:43AM

cool bananasAliceinVodkaland10/3/2007 12:42AM

Mmmmm.... bananas.Isolinde10/3/2007 12:43AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:43AM

pleaassseee tell us!!! pweasey poo?fatcatandrat10/3/2007 12:42AM

*pulls out the torture implements* No matter what we do, eh?Isolinde10/3/2007 12:41AM

yay!!! and can you at least tell us how long we have to wait til we find out about the surprise too?sara1310/3/2007 12:40AM

probably tomorrow she saysalyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:41AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:42AM

lol, but I'm on the west coast.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:43AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:44AM

yeah I think that's prolly fair. alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:44AM

okay, then I won't have to send my henchmen to beat it out of you. :)sara1310/3/2007 12:41AM

2nd lol So I'm guessing it really WAS the last warehouse sale, huh? darn!muluver10/3/2007 12:42AM

at least at THAT warehousealyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:43AM

alyheartsyou, get your mind out of the gutter! LOL sara1310/3/2007 12:49AM

look at me, already wanting a warehouse sale lol oink oinkmuluver10/3/2007 12:48AM

The warehouse guy was nicer to you than to us!!! what did you do eh eh? ;)alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:48AM

it could be carson. the warehouse guy had told me ontario but it was back in july before it was suresara1310/3/2007 12:47AM

damn, Ontario is FARTHER than the old warehouse... but Carson would be closer hee!muluver10/3/2007 12:46AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:45AM

Oh, jk. Screw Canada. JK! Love you!...but CA is closer...alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:45AM

Reeeally. Time to make friends with Canadian MUAers...alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:45AM

I heard it's going to be in Ontario, CA (california, not canada)sara1310/3/2007 12:44AM

No. =( Secret island, I think. Guarded by a laser...alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:44AM

hmmm where is the new warehouse? do you know by any chance?muluver10/3/2007 12:43AM

yes, I wouldn't count it out for the future! :)sara1310/3/2007 12:43AM

by the time you assemble them, you will probably know too lolalyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:42AM

YAY YAY YAY!!! ::puppy eyes for the secret:: at least tell us WHEN we'll find out... ♥calisurfergrrli10/3/2007 12:40AM

I already know.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

but when are WE going to find out? lolmuluver10/3/2007 12:40AM

yah silly, when will WE know???calisurfergrrli10/3/2007 12:43AM

Freebies for everyone?!? Wow that's coolmuakitten10/3/2007 12:40AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:39AM

me! :Dalyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:41AM

It's good, it's good.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:41AM

2009? Whatever happened to 2008?kuponut10/3/2007 12:39AM

Those have already been announced...companies plan things years in advance I imagine.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

I know MAC already knows their stuff wayyy in advance.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

I know. They are the ones spilling the beans. To get people all worked up. marketing gimmick.pugmommy710/3/2007 12:54AM