OK, so I'm a total loser...

...for putting my makeup in secksy poses and taking pictures, but I thought you guys might understand...

They do look secksy, no?


(clockwise from top: Going Bananas, Eyepopping, Wondergrass, Big T, Bang On Blue, Passionate, Romping, Fab & Flashy)


(left to right, top to bottom: Bang On Blue, Passionate, Big T, Romping, Wondergrass, Fab & Flashy, Eyepopping, Going Bananas)

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expand whole threadOK, so I'm a total loser...raquel136/8/2007 11:57AM

oh so...BeatriceKiddo6/14/2007 4:40AM

Color Wheel and Water color paints! I want them!sarita6/8/2007 12:16PM

Hehe... I was so tempted to pose a little brush and make it look like a watercolor setraquel136/8/2007 12:22PM

Hot Damn! those look almost as good as your Glossimer Photos!ebwolk6/8/2007 12:14PM

Hehe... thanks!raquel136/8/2007 12:21PM

wow, that looks like a professional ad!syeung26/8/2007 12:13PM

:)raquel136/8/2007 12:19PM

ohhh can you list the colors? Great photos! U should be a photographer for MAC :)oO_PaNd0Ra_Oo6/8/2007 12:12PM

Of course! I just updated the original postraquel136/8/2007 12:18PM

Faboulous photos!!! Looks like a commercial advertisement. Spectacular!dropsofjupiter6/8/2007 12:09PM

Thanks!raquel136/8/2007 12:15PM

Wowwww!GimpyPoop6/8/2007 12:07PM

:)raquel136/8/2007 12:15PM

These are too fabulous :Dhelloheartbreak6/8/2007 12:07PM

Thank you!!raquel136/8/2007 12:15PM

I LOVE it. Your make-up porn is truly on a whole different level. [bows]cherryglass6/8/2007 12:04PM

Wow, thanks!raquel136/8/2007 12:13PM

That looks awesome! Great photos!Kelly 6/8/2007 12:02PM

Thanks!raquel136/8/2007 12:13PM

Oooh!stilagrrrl6/8/2007 12:02PM

:Draquel136/8/2007 12:13PM

wow! awesomeeeee! haseena6/8/2007 12:02PM

:)raquel136/8/2007 12:12PM

you should not be allowed to post pictures they only create lemmings (j/k i LOVE your pix) TYoNlyPaNtiEs6/8/2007 12:01PM

is the teal blue only a PRO item or part of the CShock collection TIAoNlyPaNtiEs6/8/2007 12:03PM

These are all C-Shock, so that's Big Traquel136/8/2007 12:04PM

They look like dancers :)ImCastingMagicMissiles6/8/2007 12:01PM

Hehe... they kinda do, huh? Like they're doing a can can (OK, I'm losing it)raquel136/8/2007 12:11PM

Awesome colors, I would love to be able to wear colors like that, Cant wait to see some EOTD pics ++Chelle1026/8/2007 12:00PM

Soon, I hope. I've been doing the same boring makeup for the last 3 daysraquel136/8/2007 12:10PM

i wish mac's product pics were that good lolCland6/8/2007 12:00PM

:)raquel136/8/2007 12:09PM

OK, need to know abt your cam and light prefs/settings! great pics!supko6/8/2007 11:59AM

It's a Nikon D40 and... (about to get more loserish... rop)raquel136/8/2007 12:09PM

You are very talented!!!! dropsofjupiter6/8/2007 12:14PM

that rules! don't feel like a loser :)supko6/8/2007 12:11PM

Hehe... OK, geek thenraquel136/8/2007 12:12PM

great pics--they look professional!!Cindyrella12126/8/2007 11:59AM

Thanks so much!raquel136/8/2007 12:08PM

those are GREAT pictures!miataylee6/8/2007 11:59AM

Thanks!raquel136/8/2007 12:07PM

I love your picsjillyjill6/8/2007 11:59AM

:)raquel136/8/2007 12:07PM

purdy :) those are great pics!WriterGal826/8/2007 11:59AM

Thank you!raquel136/8/2007 12:07PM

wow!! those pics are totally gorgeous!!! i love the colors. so prettymlalak6/8/2007 11:59AM

Thanks!raquel136/8/2007 12:06PM

Someone at one of the big cosmetics companies needs to give you a job. You are good.hullabaloo6/8/2007 11:58AM

That would be awesome. If I could get a job either doing makeup or taking pictures... *sigh*raquel136/8/2007 12:03PM

that rocks!jnzmom6/8/2007 11:58AM

:)raquel136/8/2007 12:03PM

great photos! you could frame those for your vanity :) love the colorsbberryberry6/8/2007 11:58AM

Thank you!raquel136/8/2007 12:02PM

it looks so professional! great camera and great setup! :) and c-shock is out now? tiafoxykitten016/8/2007 11:58AM

Thanks! I got them at the LA Pro store. They get collections a week earlyraquel136/8/2007 12:01PM

awesome pics!! Did you get any of the lipsticks?Padmita6/8/2007 11:58AM

No... I'm not a lipstick gal. I keep telling myself I'll pick some up, but then don'traquel136/8/2007 12:00PM

did you have a look at the coral one at the store?Padmita6/8/2007 12:01PM

:( No... I didn't even lookraquel136/8/2007 12:02PM

no problem!Padmita6/8/2007 12:04PM