Embarassing and possibly scandalous question but I am confused: please help

I have been reading reviews here for a long time and didn't post much. I started posting again (I come from the food board) and asked a question the other day about more perfume reading and someone suggested I see a list of blogs (thank you!)

Well, they all link to each other, I clicked lots of them and reading one after the other I stumbled upon something that I found rather alarming today.
On one blogger I read the following and it made an impression:
At first I didn't understand what is being mentioned but then I clicked on the link there and still confused read the whole thing again and again.
And I see on that link that someone who has been writing about perfume is talking about getting offered payment and gifts for writing glowing reviews and that in fact this is standard practice, but the readers do not know it!

Excuse me, I am new to this whole thing, but if this is the case isn't this illegal or at the very least unethical?

I have been reading those people for a little while and have been getting my desires and curiosity up to try all these new things (I started with asking about Fracas).
Now, if they're getting paid to say those things, am I not cheated?
The blogger says it is not all of them who do this, so I am asking you: how then would I know who is honest and who isn't? That's only between them and God!

Help me please, I am very confused and sorry if I asked what seems like a silly question.

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