Rp Mail haul pics OTD. ro

Totoro bento boxes CP'd from Japan by a lovely MUAer :)



Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment


Maquillage Dramatical Gel Liners

GY831 (this looks more blue than it is) and RD662 (this is a little more of a blackened red irl, it reminds me when swatched of a red version of what Beauty Marked looks like in the pan)






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expand whole threadRp Mail haul pics OTD. roAlbion12/18/2008 6:58PM

I got the gel liners yesterday too !! Lovely haul :)babygenius12/18/2008 7:29PM

You have Delineate, right? How does it compare to RD662?HusbandStillWontBeHappy12/18/2008 7:28PM

***dies for the bento***krazybird12/18/2008 7:12PM

TOTORO BENTO!!!! I want it sooo bad now! :omunchlaxy12/18/2008 7:10PM

They are on eBay but theyre quite pricey (hence I waited and asked for them in a CP).Albion12/18/2008 7:13PM

lucky.....munchlaxy12/18/2008 7:15PM

It didnt make *that* much of a difference tbh on the price. Totoro stuff seems really $$$ roAlbion12/18/2008 7:16PM

yeah, I got some totoro stuff last year, and it was all pretty expensive... It was movic thoughmunchlaxy12/18/2008 7:17PM

which seems more expensive to begin with....munchlaxy12/18/2008 7:17PM

dying to try Shiseido Tsubaki..where did you get it?smashbox212/18/2008 7:07PM

Hmm, Ichibankao I think. I love it, Ive used it for a long time, I got the smaller sizes to roAlbion12/18/2008 7:13PM

omg I LOVE Totoro!!! I wish I could get that gray liner, its gorgeous! :(CashmereDrive12/18/2008 7:04PM

If you can shop online there are many places that sell it :)Albion12/18/2008 7:13PM

thing is i cant use paypal and they all require it :(CashmereDrive12/18/2008 7:16PM

Hmm not sure if these specific places have it but I believe roAlbion12/18/2008 7:17PM

really? ty!CashmereDrive12/18/2008 7:23PM

Sigh, i think u are the few ppl i've seen who pulls off red liners nicely! i got GY though,nice shadwombat12/18/2008 7:03PM

I think most people can its just a matter of finding the right shade of es to roAlbion12/18/2008 7:04PM

zomg I love GY831. Gorgeousness. Can you wear them as e/s?stargazer_LiLy12/18/2008 7:01PM

I can't see any reason why not.. they seem to wear like iron. I did read one review roAlbion12/18/2008 7:02PM

Interesting, thanks!stargazer_LiLy12/18/2008 7:04PM

nice! Those boxes are so cute--what's in them?elainey00712/18/2008 6:59PM

Compartments, theyre essentially lunch boxes.Albion12/18/2008 7:00PM

love them!!elainey00712/18/2008 7:02PM

OMG those boxes are cuuuuuute!lolakitten12/18/2008 6:59PM

2nd! I <3 Totoro!belletrist912/18/2008 7:08PM