Somebody didn't tell my Saks that they should try harder to win over customers (long) r/o

So it's F&F and for the first time ever, you can do it in the whole store w/o a card from an SA. So I should have spent mucho bucks, yes? Um, no. I could not get arrested in the Tysons Saks today, and I don't know why I'm surprised because that is *always* what happens to me there (except, for some reason, when I'm carrying a Chanel bag, go figure *grumble*).

They had only a single SA for the whole handbag section, yet there were more shoppers there than I've ever seen there outside of the morning of Black Friday sales. And while there were lots of SAs all over the cosmetic and fragrance counters, true to form most of them were just chatting among themselves in groups, leaving many counters completely unattended.

So all I bought was what I had intended to buy: a replacement Cle de Peau concealer (my 3rd - it's awesome stuff) and the 1oz EDP of the new EL Amber Ylang-Ylang (the parfum was divine but $65 beats $300 when it comes to EL for me). And the only reason I was able to get those was because I stood around the (unattended) Cle de Peau counter and played with the display until an SA from another counter saw me and took pity. Good for her, because she got the sale on both products, since the EL counter was also unattended (surprise).

If this is how they are during their big sale that is supposed to make people want to buy more stuff, then they are doomed, at least at that location. Dopes.

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