Red She Said / Sheer Minerals collection thoughts..

Went to MAC Pro on Robertson today to check out Red She Said, Manish, and Sheer Minerals.

Red she said - I think people will like this collection overall. It has a lot of variety, and IMO, the beauty powders and nail polishes are gorgeous.

If you love MES, I imagine you'll love these as the colors are actually unique from what's offered before. These have three stripes of colour, with the middle colour having close to ZERO payoff and mucho, chunky, glitter. Basically, don't buy these if you like the middle shade, and the middle shade only. I find MES to be messy, chalky, annoying with low colour payoff - and they didn't disappoint me any more than usual. I tried my best to get the purple (my favorite color!) to work, and it crumbled upon tapping it with a Q-tip and barely left any pigment on my hand.

The Lipsticks
Pretty, but nothing unique at all. One of them, the dark purple, had horrendous glitter in it. I didn't try it on my lips, perhaps its better on the lips and you can't feel the glitter. The red is to die for and quiet, please is the friendlier version of vanity's child.

The new dazzleglass, dynamite, is penny colored. I love copper so I thought I tried this - not bright like Electra, but it does make quite the statement. This dazzleglass looks chunkier than the others - the shimmers stuck out like big, chunky glitter on my lip. Not cute! DATENIGHT was ALREADY sold out! ...Before the collex even launches, wtf. Baby sparks was almost sold out, as well.
With it are sugarrimmed, date night, and love alert. Plenty of reviews/pics there.

IMHO, these are the stars of the show. I am a very yellow-toned (with green undertones) NC43, and both managed to fit me. Stark Naked is simply gorgeous. Those of you worried that it may be too cool, have no fears and try it regardless. Stunning. I had purple eyeshadow on when I tried it, so maybe that's why it was so beautiful, but it's just unique and gorgeous. The effect of it looks like you just stepped outside from the freezing cold, but a little bit more interesting with the pink/purple pearl.

Enough said reminds me of soba, but even more universally flattering. It's a simply gorgeous, light, true golden brown with gold pearl. It's beautiful in the pan and will warm you up big time. It's so natural looking as a bronzer, paler girls this is your call for a contour! Others, please try this out as a bronzer or all over colour. Beautiful!

Fluidlines, Brows, Mascara
These are all perm or repromotes.

Nail polish
Beiged Bliss is gorgeous - but that's the type of colour I always wear!!

There's not too many new things here.

Soft & Gentle was supposed to be "gilded peach bronze" but the one at my store was beige.. It was like NC25, but shimmery. Where's my tea on specktra's swatches are v. accurate. We all know that MSF's range a lot in colour depending on the veining. Um, the "veining" on this one is strange. So Ceylon and Petticoat ARE in this collection, they both look great.

Sheer Sheen finish
These are nice, kinda like beauty powder loose (IMO). The colours aren't anything to write home about. They are just a smaller (I think?) version of Of Beauty.


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