Oh, that makes it more interesting if there are more new shades in there.


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expand whole threadStila girls, details on the two new smoky palettes on stilacosmetics.com r/osara1310/4/2007 1:53PM

Oh, that makes it more interesting if there are more new shades in there.Seal2410/4/2007 2:08PM

These look beautiful!lellogollilla10/4/2007 1:59PM

Grr. I was hoping for Chime or DaffodilCantMakeupMyMlND10/4/2007 1:57PM

For what it's worth, chime & daffodil aren't that great IMO. both go on kind of unpigmented & chalkysara1310/4/2007 1:58PM

2nd. Although I think you can still get them at the web site.stilagrrrl10/4/2007 1:59PM

do I need castle, sky, or wand, stilagrrrl?sara1310/4/2007 2:00PM

Wand is pretty but I don't have the others...I don't think any are must-haves though. :)stilagrrrl10/4/2007 2:04PM

NP. :)stilagrrrl10/4/2007 2:05PM

okay. thank you!sara1310/4/2007 2:05PM

Ooh, thanks! I love Junebug...wouldn't hurt to have another. LOL.stilagrrrl10/4/2007 1:56PM

wait, I have an e/s named poise and it's purple...?alyheartsyou10/4/2007 1:56PM

poise is purpley :) you're right. the palette isn't all greens.sara1310/4/2007 1:57PM

gotchaalyheartsyou10/4/2007 1:58PM

Poise was sort of burgundy-ish to melittlemitzik10/4/2007 1:57PM

oh. either way. alyheartsyou10/4/2007 1:57PM

$%@#% I wanted June Bug! And I was right, it was Poise.littlemitzik10/4/2007 1:55PM

june bug is nice! I know a lot of stila's greens aren't as pigmented but J.B. is nicesara1310/4/2007 1:56PM

Bah... now I might have to get it just for the colorslittlemitzik10/4/2007 1:57PM

I knew it that it was Java LOL from the pic. thanks :DSophia1710/4/2007 1:55PM

Thank you :)jostrows10/4/2007 1:55PM