expand whole threadGREAT STILA NEWS, GIRLS!alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:38AM

i hope they bring back TUTU blush, and HEATH e/s.mermaidmaenad10/3/2007 12:49AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:50AM

yes.. i found it and bid for it, but it would be easier if they would just bring it back to the ROPmermaidmaenad10/3/2007 12:55AM

I think it's more new stuff than bringing back old, unfortch.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:50AM

; (mermaidmaenad10/3/2007 12:55AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:47AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:51AM

cutetatlicupcake10/3/2007 12:44AM

Dear Stila, bring back the trios, specifically the purple holiday trio! THen I will love you againmethod10/3/2007 12:43AM

cool bananasAliceinVodkaland10/3/2007 12:42AM

Mmmmm.... bananas.Isolinde10/3/2007 12:43AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:43AM

pleaassseee tell us!!! pweasey poo?fatcatandrat10/3/2007 12:42AM

*pulls out the torture implements* No matter what we do, eh?Isolinde10/3/2007 12:41AM

yay!!! and can you at least tell us how long we have to wait til we find out about the surprise too?sara1310/3/2007 12:40AM

probably tomorrow she saysalyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:41AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:42AM

lol, but I'm on the west coast.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:43AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:44AM

yeah I think that's prolly fair. alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:44AM

okay, then I won't have to send my henchmen to beat it out of you. :)sara1310/3/2007 12:41AM

2nd lol So I'm guessing it really WAS the last warehouse sale, huh? darn!muluver10/3/2007 12:42AM

at least at THAT warehousealyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:43AM

alyheartsyou, get your mind out of the gutter! LOL sara1310/3/2007 12:49AM

look at me, already wanting a warehouse sale lol oink oinkmuluver10/3/2007 12:48AM

The warehouse guy was nicer to you than to us!!! what did you do eh eh? ;)alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:48AM

it could be carson. the warehouse guy had told me ontario but it was back in july before it was suresara1310/3/2007 12:47AM

damn, Ontario is FARTHER than the old warehouse... but Carson would be closer hee!muluver10/3/2007 12:46AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:45AM

Oh, jk. Screw Canada. JK! Love you!...but CA is closer...alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:45AM

Reeeally. Time to make friends with Canadian MUAers...alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:45AM

I heard it's going to be in Ontario, CA (california, not canada)sara1310/3/2007 12:44AM

No. =( Secret island, I think. Guarded by a laser...alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:44AM

hmmm where is the new warehouse? do you know by any chance?muluver10/3/2007 12:43AM

yes, I wouldn't count it out for the future! :)sara1310/3/2007 12:43AM

by the time you assemble them, you will probably know too lolalyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:42AM

YAY YAY YAY!!! ::puppy eyes for the secret:: at least tell us WHEN we'll find out... ♥calisurfergrrli10/3/2007 12:40AM

I already know.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

but when are WE going to find out? lolmuluver10/3/2007 12:40AM

yah silly, when will WE know???calisurfergrrli10/3/2007 12:43AM

Freebies for everyone?!? Wow that's coolmuakitten10/3/2007 12:40AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:39AM

me! :Dalyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

c0nstellati0n10/3/2007 12:41AM

It's good, it's good.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:41AM

2009? Whatever happened to 2008?kuponut10/3/2007 12:39AM

Those have already been announced...companies plan things years in advance I imagine.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

I know MAC already knows their stuff wayyy in advance.alyheartsyou10/3/2007 12:40AM

I know. They are the ones spilling the beans. To get people all worked up. marketing gimmick.pugmommy710/3/2007 12:54AM