well, it's all up to individuals to decide how they should spend their money and what is worth for t


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expand whole threadOT but i see the huge collections and i wonder what kind of job/careers these women have? ROPDiTZYCubanItA8248/8/2007 8:46AM

well, it's all up to individuals to decide how they should spend their money and what is worth for tsmallpanda8/9/2007 1:00AM

smallpanda8/9/2007 12:58AM

voravons8/8/2007 9:04AM

It's a hobby for me and I really don't spend money on anything but MU ++ebwolk8/8/2007 9:04AM

DH sounds fun!!joeybunny8/8/2007 9:06AM

He's my best friend. He said "You need some 'Retail Therapy' go buy that chanel thing you wanted" &#ebwolk8/8/2007 9:12AM

awwwwwww! =D he's a good guy! joeybunny8/8/2007 9:16AM

Some people collect shoes or bags, some collect makeup. cavewoman8/8/2007 9:04AM

I do have a huge collection, that I have accumulated over years....beaniewienie8/8/2007 9:04AM

I would be a little hurt if you asked me to post my collection...beaniewienie8/8/2007 9:16AM

I have a huge collection but it has taken years and I also have a compulsive spending problem.mpapa8/8/2007 9:03AM

i'm 23 w/ a full time prof job and a part-time fun job.. i have r/oarchgirl068/8/2007 9:01AM

WoW and MUA aren't that different when you think about it...joeybunny8/8/2007 9:04AM

lol true. but i've been a bitter gf before because of it. lolarchgirl068/8/2007 9:05AM

my ex-BF didn't speak to me for a month when Halo 2 came out...LMAO!!joeybunny8/8/2007 9:07AM

Well, mu is an interest like anything else... Some ppl like to spend $ on it, never mind their jobsrocketqueen8/8/2007 8:59AM

I don't agree on the view that some people have, that it would be more disgraceful to spend >rocketqueen8/8/2007 9:05AM

ITA. People are quick to assume that spending on m/u means you have a spending problem :(supko8/8/2007 9:11AM

Occasionally I wonder but really... I just enjoy the pics. These are the same ppl we turn to when ++supko8/8/2007 8:58AM

I guess I see it this way: You could have a million dollar mu collection but live in a sh*t housevoravons8/8/2007 8:58AM

I'd rather wear shit on my face than live in a shit house! that's crazyjoeybunny8/8/2007 8:58AM

DITTOoldieslvr188/8/2007 9:07AM

2nd..I know people that rather have a nice LV purse and a crappy car.. Thats nutz to meDiTZYCubanItA8248/8/2007 9:00AM

But if they're happy, what's the problem? If someone sets mu as a first priority, what's the strangerocketqueen8/8/2007 9:00AM

For this example that Voravons gave, it's a problem ++joeybunny8/8/2007 9:03AM

Yes, to YOU it is - but your views are not the standard, so why bother? Each to his own...rocketqueen8/8/2007 9:06AM

A house really isn't fundamental to some people, that's the thing. But I agree; if someone's happyrocketqueen8/8/2007 9:22AM

oldieslvr188/8/2007 9:19AM

I wasn't being judgemental, I love everyone's MU collections ++joeybunny8/8/2007 9:15AM

You didn't insult me at all, I just have a view of life that says that >rocketqueen8/8/2007 9:12AM

And neither are your views, or anyone else's here - I was just trying to defend my POV =( ++joeybunny8/8/2007 9:10AM

I guess my use of "home" was taken too literally, I just meant ppl have diff. priorities w/ their $$voravons8/8/2007 9:06AM

no I understood what you meantjoeybunny8/8/2007 9:08AM

I disagree. As long as the crap home is in a decent neighborhood so your MU won't get stolen. :-)ebwolk8/8/2007 9:05AM

LMAO! ok, I can't argue with that! joeybunny8/8/2007 9:05AM

yes, as long as a person can afford it, what's the BFD? supko8/8/2007 9:03AM

i agreevoravons8/8/2007 9:01AM

I mean that some ppl like h/e mu, but buy clothes at Target. They spend here, scrimp there. voravons8/8/2007 9:00AM

me too and i've said that to a few. probably offended them rooldieslvr188/8/2007 8:55AM

get your head out your ass??? I'm thinking to each his own :)joke8/8/2007 8:58AM

amen, jokemelissaginParis8/8/2007 9:03AM

:)))oldieslvr188/8/2007 9:02AM

I'm 20 with a decently large stash and I work 2 jobs and go to school ++joeybunny8/8/2007 8:58AM

i have 2 jobs and go to school too :) oldieslvr188/8/2007 8:59AM

woo! go us! *high fives* I'm also a very careful shopper ++joeybunny8/8/2007 9:01AM

what gets me more is the coveting, the way ppl act proud of it in their pics ropoldieslvr188/8/2007 9:01AM

But why not act proud? This board is abt makeup, is it not? It's not about guilt or shame.supko8/8/2007 9:02AM

yeah i just clicked on someone's profile in this post and she's got what i just describedoldieslvr188/8/2007 9:03AM

I have an expensive collection and I'm done. No more $500 hauls r/ophillygirl8/8/2007 8:54AM

I don't have a huge collection but it has steadily grown ++hippychick0u8128/8/2007 8:54AM

Id totally kick myself knowing i could have bought a NEW car for the price of makeup..lolDiTZYCubanItA8248/8/2007 8:54AM

exactly! how about the money I spent on shipping swaps i did not even want?phillygirl8/8/2007 8:57AM

tualmarebelde8/8/2007 8:51AM

I see where you're coming from. But I just enjoy it for what it is! I cn live thru other people!evekk8/8/2007 8:51AM

No, I wonder when they can ever get around to using 1/100th of it. It must just sit there drying outLPomona8/8/2007 8:51AM

sad thing is I wear cosmetics maybe once a month.phillygirl8/8/2007 8:58AM

me 2! thats why im really trying to be careful with what i buy..i have enough to last me for a WHILEDiTZYCubanItA8248/8/2007 9:04AM

lonely makeup lolMissOleiane8/8/2007 8:51AM

plus most collections are years in the makingkatt358/8/2007 8:48AM

yeah but still.. Its not all going to get used.. I mean really? some people have 100-200 lipsticks++DiTZYCubanItA8248/8/2007 8:53AM

My point exactly. LPomona8/8/2007 8:54AM

shame..I dont have much ..I mean i have a good amount but not nearly as much as some people..DiTZYCubanItA8248/8/2007 8:54AM

That's what I worry the most about. Things going bad. It keeps me from buying more.cherry_malotte8/8/2007 8:53AM

and everything has a life line..so..it WILL all eventually expire.DiTZYCubanItA8248/8/2007 8:59AM

amen!melissaginParis8/8/2007 8:50AM

I wonder about this too. I spend a lot & my collection isn't nearly as large. I don't really know??cherry_malotte8/8/2007 8:48AM

some just plain have money lolMissOleiane8/8/2007 8:48AM

Yea I figure I dont know alot of things about alot of ppl ;-) Im enjoying downsizing myselfcingels8/8/2007 8:47AM

2nd - I love cleaning out my collection. It feels so good to unload things that are not getting usecherry_malotte8/8/2007 8:53AM

well, it's accumulated, and much of it could be gratis or RAOKs joeybunny8/8/2007 8:47AM

ITAvoravons8/8/2007 8:48AM

damn.. a 30k collection would be stressfulnikkilici0us8/8/2007 8:46AM

Maybe they are like me & have credit cards that cry when I take them outpapercuts8/8/2007 8:46AM

lolpinkchocolatekiss8/8/2007 8:55AM

that would be me, too!ballerine8/8/2007 8:47AM