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expand whole threadSOTD / Thoughts? / What are you doing today? / HAGD!lovelyhazel8/22/2014 7:13AM

JS Fancy Nights/warm incense vanilla and I really like it/didn't work today so just hanging aroundkahou798/22/2014 5:26PM

Ava Luxe Oeillet Blanc/Spicy carnation/Leaving now to get a hair cut then dinner. HAGE.sunflower188/22/2014 5:12PM

Penhaligon's Lily & Spice/ smells like the stargazer lilies in my garden/ hanging out with son..++sensualsusanna8/22/2014 3:56PM

Jacomo Art 08/delicious ginger cardamom/trying to clean + organize as DD moves out for college/HAGD!SadassaUlna8/22/2014 2:53PM

Vanilla Incense by CJ/lovely vanilla+myrrh/ working at my office but I get to leave early!!cdlloyd8/22/2014 2:28PM

JLo Glow / clean, pretty / I have a day off to bum around - yay / you too!chloepoodle8/22/2014 2:26PM

baiser vole essence/loving, going to wear everyday for while/helping a client with common core mathSentientGlitterCloud8/22/2014 2:14PM

Jennifer Aniston One/nice, energizing for me/grading papers again. Enjoy your day!mutzi8/22/2014 1:21PM

the first JA?SentientGlitterCloud8/22/2014 2:13PM

Is there more than 1?sensualsusanna8/22/2014 3:53PM

Yup +jt_in_canada8/22/2014 4:05PM

Nemat White Musk oil/longstanding favorite-skin scent/working/HAGDlittlegnome8/22/2014 1:04PM

28 La Pausa/ big love/ having kitchen and laundry floors installed/ HAGD!zoe668/22/2014 12:51PM

Michael/love!/Working :S Maybe some coffee will perk me up. Have a great day allfeelingpeachy8/22/2014 12:49PM

Brit Red/LOVE/Lunch with BFF--Have a great day! <3lipglossjunkee8/22/2014 12:19PM

Duelle | HG always | Enjoying old NYC stomping grounds. Will prob hit Bond and diptyque, HAGD!tinkerbelloncrack8/22/2014 12:00PM

I adore Duelle. The edt is HG. Which version do you prefer?gigi278/22/2014 12:48PM

will be Black Orchid or Wood Mystique / middle eastern / gallery show opening this eveningglamdiva8/22/2014 11:55AM

Dzing/Yay! It's the weekend!/getting hair trimmed and movie date w/dh tonighttsth8/22/2014 11:42AM

Lol, I thought you meant what am I thinking about "anything" :-ptsth8/22/2014 11:43AM

Lol! That works too. Take one of those fun cars to the movies!lovelyhazel8/22/2014 12:48PM

Miss Me/ powdered sugar/ back to school prep/ HAGDSwordOfDestiny8/22/2014 11:41AM

ombre dans l'eau/this got me into rose scents/ toddler playdate then lunch / HAGD too!jt_in_canada8/22/2014 11:40AM

Bruno Acampora Musc/soapy! unisex too/not muchnoisome8/22/2014 11:34AM

nothing (i can't at work)/having lunch with an old friend at a new restaurant/HAGFD!chloie98/22/2014 11:11AM

Aziyade/ Always feels right/ Listening to a book/ Good Day! shioban8/22/2014 10:58AM

MdO Vanille / grocery shopping?debrsl8/22/2014 10:33AM

Beige/love/going to a wedding at the Museum of Science later today/HAGD!redbeemerbabe8/22/2014 9:55AM

Sounds like a neat place for a wedding!kelly98/22/2014 10:02AM

2nd! That sounds like a lot of fun! Is this the wedding the blue dress is for?lovelyhazel8/22/2014 12:47PM

Yes! I had to have it tailored because of those 35 pounds I lost. Fits like a glove now.redbeemerbabe8/22/2014 2:51PM

What a fabulous reason to have to have something tailored! :) Hope it's fun!lovelyhazel8/22/2014 3:46PM

Third and Beige is a perfect choice. Any good frag shopping in Beantown?chloepoodle8/22/2014 2:30PM

I'm sure there's plenty, but DH hates shopping more than anything, and I refuse to drive in Boston.redbeemerbabe8/22/2014 2:52PM

Gucci Flora 1966/soapy-clean rose-patch, loving it! Spending the day with my Mom, HaGD!cavewoman8/22/2014 9:40AM

Either Flowerbomb again or Addict/both sweet and deep/online dance class/HAGD!kelly98/22/2014 9:29AM

That class sounds interesting! Tell me more, please!cavewoman8/22/2014 9:38AM

I used to be part of a belly dance troupe until I moved away years ago, but now they have online +kelly98/22/2014 9:49AM

How fun, and yes, thank you! I am a Zumba instructor r/ocavewoman8/22/2014 10:02AM

Pacifica California Jasmine/realistic pure jasmine/puttering around my house/HAGD all!DinaC8/22/2014 9:26AM

Love Peace & Juicy Couture, but my hair gel smells like Tam Dao. I smell wonderful. :)arachne8/22/2014 8:55AM

I love Love, Peace &Juicy Couture :)cdlloyd8/22/2014 2:53PM

Jour d'Hermes/I want to live inside the bottle/working. ostensibly. :pkentauride8/22/2014 8:41AM

Tocca Margaux / quite obsessed with it!? / worrrrrrrkraspberrychip8/22/2014 8:33AM

Erotique/creamy sandalwood/baking plum and frangipane tarts for the church fete/hagdBigEars8/22/2014 7:39AM

Who makes this please?sensualsusanna8/22/2014 3:57PM

Dita VonTeese (or however you spell her last name)lovelyhazel8/22/2014 5:16PM

I really like Erotique. I'm so glad you tried/liked it so I could take the plunge. :)cdlloyd8/22/2014 2:27PM

I love plum and frangipane! Eat an extra portion for me.gigi278/22/2014 12:50PM

The tarts sound delicious! Have fun!lovelyhazel8/22/2014 12:46PM

Après l'Ondee/perfect on summer storm days/work then happy hour and yoga with a friendjunglepeachpie8/22/2014 7:21AM

I have a sample of AL'O, I am going to have to pull that out today, as we are having storms too!lovelyhazel8/22/2014 7:27AM

Will be Ibiza Hippie/love it/just work, then going out for gourmet burgers with a friend. HAGD!kris4life48/22/2014 7:19AM

Burgers sound delightful! Can I be the friend? Lol!lovelyhazel8/22/2014 7:27AM

Haha, sure! :)kris4life48/22/2014 9:33AM

Vero Profumo Onda/when I finally grow up, it will be my signature scent/as little as possible :).U2!Ajduska8/22/2014 7:19AM

Lol! Love this whole comment. How are you feeling lately?lovelyhazel8/22/2014 7:25AM

Very ready for this pregnancy to be over. I'm having a planned c-sec. on Monday, so not much ropAjduska8/22/2014 7:38AM

Wow! I thought you had a few more weeks. That was quick! I will ++lovelyhazel8/22/2014 8:22AM

Thank you so much :)!Ajduska8/22/2014 8:43AM

Let us know about the baby when you are up to it! Congrats (early).chloepoodle8/22/2014 2:29PM