Hmm. I already have a lot of neutrals. Is Burberry Midnight Brown must-have?


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expand whole threadHmm. I already have a lot of neutrals. Is Burberry Midnight Brown must-have?spookydeuce8/22/2014 3:10AM

It's pretty but you probably already have colors that are very similar. Very dupeable.NatalieA8/22/2014 9:05AM

i wouldn't get it cuz it mimics dark shadows and i don't need thatblooiejagwa8/22/2014 8:59AM

Mine doesn't get used much and will probably purge. I love Porcelain and Gold Trenchsuzq258/22/2014 8:17AM

pbi: i've been contemplating porcelain for months +Federov8/22/2014 9:04AM

Peachy beige on me - a perfect eye brightening one and done shade on me. NC20ishsuzq258/22/2014 9:59AM

Mehhhh. Purged my Burberry- too sheer and shiny. partymartyw8/22/2014 7:57AM

I bought it due to the hype and although it is pretty, it isn't a much have. 3110hello8/22/2014 7:33AM

I have it and almost never reach for it. But I'm kinda over Burberry texture these days. nekochama8/22/2014 7:31AM

It's my favourite one and done colour. It really depends on what colours flatter you tbhiceburger8/22/2014 7:03AM

I don't own it but from pics it looks nice but not must have. Worth a try tho! +ivresse8/22/2014 5:13AM

I see. :)spookydeuce8/22/2014 5:45AM

The only Burberry I love and kept was Taupe Brown. Midnight Brown never looked rightdizzielittlerascal8/22/2014 4:26AM

Why is that?spookydeuce8/22/2014 4:46AM

Not sure if it was the texture or the colour, but I looked really tired when using itdizzielittlerascal8/22/2014 5:13AM

Whereas Taupe Brown is matte, and is a gorgeous formuladizzielittlerascal8/22/2014 5:13AM

Thanks for your thoughts.spookydeuce8/22/2014 5:44AM

You know I have a lot of e/s, I still find this one very special:) +laitae8/22/2014 4:16AM

Ahh, I don't know if I should give it a go or not. :/spookydeuce8/22/2014 4:48AM

Then go for it as you will be wondering about it if you don't buy it LOL +laitae8/22/2014 4:59AM

I'm actually considering a swap for it.spookydeuce8/22/2014 5:06AM

Even better:)laitae8/22/2014 5:07AM

Here is the good comparison (not my swatches)poneyhot8/22/2014 4:12AM

Looks warm in this pic.spookydeuce8/22/2014 4:21AM

To be fair, RBR DHB and MAC Satin Taupe are pulling warm in this shot toomikmik908/22/2014 5:51AM

Do you have a counter where you live? I would definitely try if you have doubts...poneyhot8/22/2014 4:57AM

Nope.spookydeuce8/22/2014 5:04AM

Do you want me to make swatches comparing it to some of suqqu browns? ++poneyhot8/22/2014 5:11AM

Thanks! :Dspookydeuce8/22/2014 5:44AM

Will do, but in several hours ok? :)poneyhot8/22/2014 5:18AM

Oh, could you? :)spookydeuce8/22/2014 5:12AM

I've CP'd to a few really is pretty ;)missusjones8/22/2014 3:59AM

Honestly, no.MyLittlePwny8/22/2014 3:37AM

Oh, and if you like blues, their midnight blue is just amazing!poneyhot8/22/2014 3:21AM

Not sure about must have, but it's very beautiful :) I know some people dont poneyhot8/22/2014 3:19AM

I've never tried their e/s, only blush. The thing is Midnight Brown looks++spookydeuce8/22/2014 3:54AM

But it has no purple in it..poneyhot8/22/2014 4:01AM

Hmmm.spookydeuce8/22/2014 4:04AM

It is taupey. It has silver sheen to it making it coller than it looks in the pan...poneyhot8/22/2014 3:56AM