Help me decide... I can only have *one* (pre ordering for the GWP & Goodwill sale)... ++



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expand whole threadHelp me decide... I can only have *one* (pre ordering for the GWP & Goodwill sale)... ++MissAshleyBeth3/4/2014 10:25AM

Palette !Mulaty3/4/2014 3:16PM

The colors in the palette are beautiful! I would get that.JenPhil13133/4/2014 1:56PM

Oh shoot... you had to post that?! I have Younker's here (owned by Bon Ton) so now I must figure outkimk3/4/2014 11:48AM

I adore that palette, I was surprised at how nice the matte formula issubtlelikeatank3/4/2014 11:29AM

when is the sale? nice choicesproductjunkie763/4/2014 11:12AM

I belive it starts around the 15th?! They're offering it to me early for the presale! Woot woot!MissAshleyBeth3/4/2014 11:26AM

awesome. They give you a coupon if you bring in something to donate?productjunkie763/4/2014 11:33AM

palette for sure!! so pretty and portable :)mkb12253/4/2014 10:37AM

The palette!Isis303/4/2014 10:31AM

I'm sorta loving that e/s palette, too. *chants... Do NOT Need! Do NOT Need!*Branny433/4/2014 10:27AM

It's on sale! Need! After my empties for the month of Feb, I deserve it! :)MissAshleyBeth3/4/2014 10:28AM

sale, you say? *blink*Branny433/4/2014 10:29AM

Lancome preorder event for GWP & 15% off for the Goodwill sale (Bon Ton) WINNING!MissAshleyBeth3/4/2014 10:31AM

AHA! I don't have acess to Bon Ton! *whew* That was close...Branny433/4/2014 10:32AM

I would get the e/s palette :)jaguayanflawer3/4/2014 10:25AM

pretty palette!!!bellyhead3/4/2014 10:28AM

I loved Taupe Craze but it was too much glitter for this girl...that's why I'm drawn to this one!MissAshleyBeth3/4/2014 10:28AM