How to keep mu looking good through the day with combination skin? rop

I always wear mineral foundation, have done for over 10 years and love it. However, throughout the day I find my foundation can start to look patchy especially on t-zone where I am oilier. I powder with Rimmel Stay Matte but after a bit it can start to look cakey which I hate the look of. I use a water based mattifying primer underneath (dont like silicons).

My question is how can I continue to use my usual mineral makeup but keeping oil control through the day and not just with mattifying powder like Stay Matte?

Also, along the same lines how can I keep my makeup looking fresh all day?

Thank you

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expand whole threadHow to keep mu looking good through the day with combination skin? ropprettypolly403/4/2014 9:25AM

I use blotting papers - love the Clean and Clear ones, also love Starbucks napkins for thisSeattlemama3/4/2014 2:05PM

I use mineral makeup as well and the thing that has always helped me is spraying some+++kamiller19723/4/2014 11:24AM

Is Mario Badescu Facial Spray you mentioned good for combination, acne skin? Can I also use my ropprettypolly403/5/2014 7:58AM

I have very acne prone skin and this doesn't make me break out at all! +++kamiller19723/5/2014 12:51PM

Paula's Choice Shine Stopper is amazing at mattifying. ROPgorhamd3/4/2014 11:38AM

Thank youprettypolly403/5/2014 6:42AM

gently pat on baby powder to finish the look and blend out with a fluffy brush! no oil, makeup lastsjustinetindall3/4/2014 10:48AM

this is my problem with powder foundations. they always go patchy/cakey and just don't last++TooLittleInfo3/4/2014 10:15AM

2nd this. I was a die-hard mineral powder foundation wearer and I loved the initial look of it but +cccchloe3/4/2014 11:37AM

I would try a different primer or even a sunscreen on your nose area.kragey3/4/2014 9:38AM

I use LRP Spf30 for face & body everyday on my face have done for years. Pls rec a matte ropprettypolly403/4/2014 9:44AM

pbi: which LRP SS are you using? the fluid ones are better for combo skinjaguayanflawer3/4/2014 9:47AM

This one 9:48AM

The one I've used and works well on combo skin is this++jaguayanflawer3/4/2014 10:03AM

Just bought it but the SPF 30 version :)prettypolly403/5/2014 5:39AM

maybe try another setting poweder - stay matte makes me a cakey/oily messdddoxie3/4/2014 9:35AM

Its the best powder I've used for me but unfortunately doesnt last longprettypolly403/4/2014 9:36AM

Can you blot and touch up?mikmik903/4/2014 9:26AM

I have blotting sheets and hate them, they take the oil away for a bit but my mu looks a patchy messprettypolly403/4/2014 9:33AM