Instead of using a regular terry cloth towel to dry/wrap your wet hair after a shower, use a T-shirt, preferably all cotton. Gently squeeze excess water from the hair, but don't wring your hair out, just scrunch and squeeze upside down. Apply a little bit of mousse or leave-in (product is optional), then create a 'plop' with the T-shirt. What you do is lay the shirt out flat on a bed or chair or whatever, bend over so your hair is laying on the center of the T-shirt and lower your head until you touch the surface. Then, you gently wrap the T-shirt over your hair, secure it and stand up and go about your business until you're ready to deal with your hair. When ready just undo the plop and gently arrange your hair but try not to destroy the waves or it will frizz.

I probably didn't explain as well as someone else could. There are a zillion websites that explain it and some even have step by step diagrams. Even if you don't do the plop thing, using the T-shirt to blot hair dry will help cut down on frizz since it won't rough up the nhair cuticle as much a towel.

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