I don't understand this outfit.. It is obviously cold enough to wear a wool coat, why the open toe?


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expand whole threadI don't understand this outfit.. It is obviously cold enough to wear a wool coat, why the open toe?rutgersgirl11/5/2013 9:01AM

This is a pet peeve of mine.Mazenderan11/5/2013 2:55PM

Idk but I love the coat and bag. Maybe it's more like SoCal cold where it's never really that cold.leelina11/5/2013 12:58PM

I love it. I live in Northern California and wouldn't think twice about that shoe choicestaya711/5/2013 11:45AM

Yup.leeyao11/5/2013 1:50PM

I like this look, besides, clearly it isn't cold enough to need gloves or a scarf.lepin11/5/2013 10:20AM

I like it, but I know what you mean, it's not very practical.amhammond200311/5/2013 10:19AM

Lol, that's me. I'll wear a wool coat with bare legs. One guy I worked withleslie11/5/2013 10:09AM

I guess her feet don't get cold. I have that with my legs so I wear tights/OTK socks in winter.artoo11/5/2013 10:03AM

california and florida maybe in early october in lower latitude costal cities like SF or VA Beachnocturnefata11/5/2013 10:02AM

SF? no i don't think we'd wear a wool coat with open toe. maybe for show but not if you are rolitolemur11/5/2013 1:15PM

I have, and I see it downtown at work all the time (corporate cosmetics), even ppl who take BART.leeyao11/5/2013 1:51PM

I never do litolemur11/5/2013 10:06PM

We'd never need a coat that heavy in FL! Especially October, it'sFLolive11/5/2013 11:33AM

what's to understand? my feet get incredibly hot so I do that alotorganizer11/5/2013 10:01AM

This isn't SO bad, actually!peonia11/5/2013 9:49AM

S. Florida. People wear open toes all year round because it is never ever below freezingbipolar_express11/5/2013 9:43AM

on the other hand, I don't get Uggs with shorts in 90 degree, jungle weatherbipolar_express11/5/2013 9:44AM

I WILL NEVER GET THAT TOO!!! LIKE WTH ... sorry for the caps lol roor8411/5/2013 11:16AM

I'd wear that. Looks nice.unnecessarydramaqueen11/5/2013 9:36AM

My toes are never cold so I do that a lot lol even in snowschnauzer11/5/2013 9:30AM

yum_yum11/5/2013 9:20AM

California. I see it a lot skinnycow11/5/2013 9:08AM

2nd for Florida, doesn't bother me thoughclkid311/5/2013 9:09AM

3rd for TX, I honestly do wear my wool coat with open toe heels for work during fall/winterndnchick0311/5/2013 9:25AM

yah I don't even try anymore. This summer in Hong Kong (almost 100 deg temps, high humidity) +madeupstories11/5/2013 9:03AM

that makes me itch just thinking about it!d3pthofdarkn3ss11/5/2013 9:30AM

Yeah, you never see those in real lifeannabetch11/5/2013 9:02AM