Xmas set conundrums! Suqqu or Shu? If suqqu, which?? Rop for suqqu swatches :) ++

Conundrum - to go for a sparklier, more bright and complex version of my favourite colour blue, or spend the same amount of money on an equally beautiful set of colours which are equally wearable and complex, and will add more variety to my collection?

The former would be SUQQU Xmas set A (pinky blue)

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The latter: the Shu collection, the green/purple eyeshadow set:

Going to throw SUQQU Xmas set B in the mix too. I feel like the green is pretty but may look a bit murkier on me in some angles (see first pic):

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expand whole threadXmas set conundrums! Suqqu or Shu? If suqqu, which?? Rop for suqqu swatches :) ++ivresse11/5/2013 8:58AM

Suqqu! :D Although I got the B set! lol! :ptoto85011/5/2013 9:40AM

Toto!! Herro! Did you see my pm? +ivresse11/5/2013 9:50AM

*squishes you tightly* Yes and I meant to reply back but I haven't had the chance so far...:-/ ++++toto85011/5/2013 9:54AM

This is the easiest question I'm likely to answer all day: Suqqu Set A.cilucia11/5/2013 9:37AM

Hahaha. Glad I could give you that satisfaction. Thanks love!ivresse11/5/2013 9:50AM

SUQQU A set! Clear and pretty. the Shu sparkle is nice but the undertone is muddy on your pale skinEnkida11/5/2013 9:20AM

Woop! You put my irrational feelings into words. Purchase of suqqu a - justified! XDivresse11/5/2013 9:51AM

Absolutely suqqu A!!!!!!!! i don't think B or the Shu would be as lovely on you tbhthecharm11/5/2013 9:18AM

Yayness. That's my preference too. Are you getting any hun?ivresse11/5/2013 9:52AM

I don't think so. Now that swatches are popping up I don't think the SUQQU will flatter methecharm11/5/2013 10:03AM

I'm leaning towards the Shu!!FreddieR11/5/2013 9:00AM

Oh nooes you guys are pulling me in opposite directions! I am even dragging SO into this too, heheivresse11/5/2013 9:04AM

lol!! I think both would be glorious on you, just loved the tones in the Shu more XDFreddieR11/5/2013 9:22AM

the blue suqqu palette is amazing on you and I don't think it would+madeupstories11/5/2013 8:59AM

Yay!! Someone to vote for passion over reason, hehe. ++ivresse11/5/2013 9:03AM

exactamally! I also think that with Shu it's deceptive 'value for money' +madeupstories11/5/2013 9:06AM

yeah. the most special shades are the teeeeny pans. Shu is not living up to KL 2012 tbhthecharm11/5/2013 9:23AM

*snuggles* yes the silver and gold are boring! And the packaging is so light and feels a fragile+ivresse11/5/2013 9:13AM