What lipcolour would you pair with this eye look? ++

Hey MUA! I did a strong purple eye today and though I'd try it with a vampy purple lip. But it looked wrong to me, so I tried a nude. Which also looked wrong. I ended up giving up and going with a brown, but I'd like to know what MUA thinks. Should I have gone bright red? Cool pink? Something completely different? What lip would you pair with a bright purple eye? Thanks in advance :)

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Three tries before I gave up today:

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comments questions, obviously CC welcome of course

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expand whole threadWhat lipcolour would you pair with this eye look? ++Enkida11/5/2013 4:23AM

nude!!!rose123411/5/2013 10:45PM

Love it with a nude lip on you. trisheee11/5/2013 11:47AM

For you? Orchid pink or light magenta or plum roBeth11/5/2013 10:08AM

Which lippys are these? I vote nude for day and vamp for nightmakami11/5/2013 9:06AM

left to right: rimmel cutting edge, catrice teddy brown, p2 vibrant brownEnkida11/5/2013 9:48AM

nude-mauveLyrA23611/5/2013 8:52AM

Brown or nudemerryj11/5/2013 8:30AM

I like nude and think a vamp matte would look killer alsoblackhalo11/5/2013 8:25AM

I like them all! But nude is my favoriterc63011/5/2013 8:17AM

I'm always all about the vamp!missusjones11/5/2013 7:39AM

nude!lfrueh11/5/2013 7:18AM

You look so stunning in dark, medium or nude lip! That is unusual to look so good in allCaprig11/5/2013 6:46AM

Thanks all! Went with rose coral (peachy pink) for today, will do vamp for the evening :)Enkida11/5/2013 5:37AM

What products did you use on that gorgeous purple eye?alli91111/5/2013 5:30AM

Thanks! Guerlain les violets: bottom and left shades, + LM plum smoke in the crease :)Enkida11/5/2013 5:36AM

im on the bolder side so i would go with something like mac show orchiditsnotmakeupitsme11/5/2013 5:28AM

wow, that would be great! But I own no colour like that ;__;Enkida11/5/2013 5:35AM

I'm in the minority here but I say a mix of brown/nude alli91111/5/2013 5:09AM

I guess that means rosey nude.alli91111/5/2013 5:31AM

VAMP!!panties11/5/2013 4:39AM

Rose, berry, or vamp!spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:36AM

VAMP!Baldufita11/5/2013 4:28AM

Rosethecharm11/5/2013 4:24AM

2nd, or peachposhpepper11/5/2013 4:27AM