MUA. I saw SUQQU Fall in person... and decided none of it is for me.+

And then I hauled THREE instead. Surprise!

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expand whole threadMUA. I saw SUQQU Fall in person... and decided none of it is for me.+thecharm11/5/2013 4:21AM

*shakes fist at all the unobtainables* Also, it didn't happen without pics ;)Enkida11/5/2013 4:24AM

behold!thecharm11/5/2013 4:29AM

Ooh, you got the duo in Love fascination as well! Do you like it?alexandra020211/5/2013 6:52AM

Yusssss I dothecharm11/5/2013 6:54AM

SO MUCH PRETTY! :Dspookydeuce11/5/2013 5:56AM

THE BOtTOM LEFT! omg!!!! Are these on the sheer side like Shi?alli91111/5/2013 5:10AM

they're buildable. more pigmented than Shi. Hard to compare. Unusual texture.thecharm11/5/2013 6:53AM

OOH! upper right hand corner quad with purple! OOOOOH. <333Enkida11/5/2013 4:37AM

it's called Art of Parties and the purpahl is so glittertasticthecharm11/5/2013 4:39AM

... also it figures I would spring for a palette with a name like that XDEnkida11/5/2013 5:40AM

*cries* Well. at least it's good for the wallet that I can't access THREE :-PEnkida11/5/2013 5:38AM

Ohh! Turn of events! lol.spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:23AM

it's a major plot twist. I had no idea Bangkok had THREE. Nor did I know I would lem it all.thecharm11/5/2013 4:25AM

They have some very shiny pretties. :D I'm wary about buying a palette though because of the++spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:27AM

Spooks u must report back since you iz my skintwinpanties11/5/2013 4:29AM

*smooches* Hey hottie.spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:33AM

boo to high-maintenance semi-creams!thecharm11/5/2013 4:45AM

I have. They don't feel cream to me either, but if they are++spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:44AM

you totally should--have you felt the es? it still doesn't feel like a cream to me+thecharm11/5/2013 4:41AM

Ahh, I'll have to go for a makeover. spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:40AM

Oh the cream e/s in the palettes. I'm curious to know if it migrates / creasespanties11/5/2013 4:38AM

What am I reporting back on?spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:37AM

xoxoxo xoxoxpanties11/5/2013 4:34AM

P.S. You missed haulage.++spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:28AM

DAT PINK MARSHMALLOW BRUSH *____* and the SUQQU holiday looks nice but I think I'm over them+thecharm11/5/2013 4:31AM

Yeah, it was fine, just very subtle. But that's kinda what Suqqu goes for.spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:44AM

SAs do that. So weird. Did you like what she did?thecharm11/5/2013 4:42AM

The SA made me over with set A but she applied it in a manner than I wouldn't have.spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:41AM

whoo hooO! you go, spookeh. I'm sure they're both amazing for you. Do want to see FOTD.thecharm11/5/2013 4:38AM

I'm in love with that brush. Used it this morning with my powder.++spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:34AM

I live dangerously so I got 2.thecharm11/5/2013 4:28AM

You'll probably be fine though as you don't have rubby lids like me.spookydeuce11/5/2013 4:28AM

here's hopin'thecharm11/5/2013 4:30AM