What do you do when you get to work and look in the mirror and hate the look you created in the +

morning? :(

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expand whole threadWhat do you do when you get to work and look in the mirror and hate the look you created in the +emese111/5/2013 3:36AM

cry, then remove.thekeri11/5/2013 12:19PM

Oh my gosh, did the same thing this morning! The problem can be r/osparkle11/5/2013 9:20AM

emese111/5/2013 9:31AM

Sometimes I look at photos of eye mu on the internet & they look gorgeous.When I try to recreate +emese111/5/2013 9:29AM

I would wipe it way down and just bit the bullet and live with itCaprig11/5/2013 6:47AM

I'd probably wipe off the lip and blush, leave the eyes alone, and live with itEnkida11/5/2013 4:25AM

:) It's the eye look that i particularly hate. I'm hiding behind glasses now. :)emese111/5/2013 4:37AM

switch out with your prescription sunglasses & say you went to the eye doc earlier ;PEnkida11/5/2013 5:39AM

Try to take some of it off. hottsauce11/5/2013 4:13AM

avoid looking in the mirror for the rest of the day lolskwerlie11/5/2013 3:50AM

Lol, 2ndposhpepper11/5/2013 4:28AM

LOL. 'Fortunately' I have hooded eyes and this time it's an advantage, hiding half of my MU. I also+emese111/5/2013 4:01AM

I carry powder, tinted lipbalm so I'd wash my face and put those on insteadthecharm11/5/2013 3:48AM

or even just powder over to mute everything, blending with a brush or puffthecharm11/5/2013 4:21AM

I try to wipe most of it off with some paper towels, better to have no makeup than bad makeuplalalasingasong11/5/2013 3:45AM

ITA!realgrrl11/5/2013 3:56AM

good advice!shgirl211/5/2013 3:48AM

If you're pretty experimental-this will happen sometimes. Probably less often if you wear neutrals.shgirl211/5/2013 3:43AM

Yes, this, and it is no big deal, it is just one daymariellafrombe11/5/2013 4:00AM

Thanks! I'm also feeling really down, so I guess I see everything in a more negative lightemese111/5/2013 4:07AM