thoughts on CZJ's outfit? i don't know what to make of these pants with zips ++

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expand whole threadthoughts on CZJ's outfit? i don't know what to make of these pants with zips ++gizmorules11/5/2013 2:10AM

The pants are inappropriate for the rest of the outfit. She'd look great in a slim dark jean.morningviewangel9911/5/2013 4:05PM

she got dressed quickly and went out. it's badmariam111/5/2013 10:28AM

she probably just grabbed the only coat she had handy to run out with and it was too dressynocturnefata11/5/2013 10:03AM

She dresses beautifully. I'd hate for someone to snap a photo of me on a random grocery store trip.unnecessarydramaqueen11/5/2013 9:38AM

The pants are too casual for the rest of the outfit. It looks almost like sweat pants or r/opattyk11/5/2013 9:08AM

I hate everything but the scarf. (she looks very upset and discombobulated)bipolar_express11/5/2013 8:46AM

I dislike the shape of the pants but I like the shoe, jacket, scarf combodreamsofshoes11/5/2013 5:53AM

she's probably one of those people who really dresses up when she dresses up and the r/oyum_yum11/5/2013 5:04AM

I will admit i have similar sweats for walking the dog. i don't dress them up with peacoat/boots thomoosie11/5/2013 4:07AM

It looks like she was just running errands and didn't really put much thought into her outfit ro bijoux2711/5/2013 2:42AM

just wondering if these weird pants are some new trend? gizmorules11/5/2013 2:48AM

I liked it until I saw the lower half. makeupjunkie45211/5/2013 2:37AM

The only positive I can find is that I like her scarf. IMO, this is a good example of how black canyouwillneverfindme11/5/2013 2:16AM