Poll: How long do you keep your mascara before tossing it? +++

I've always heard 3 months. I just read something that said 6 months. Now, I'm not so sure what to do?

I normally keep mine between 3-6 months. Thanks!

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expand whole threadPoll: How long do you keep your mascara before tossing it? +++mommygirl59/11/2013 11:26PM

Whenever it dries out or starts to get goopy. I don't really go by date.sheust9/13/2013 1:40AM

Whenever it dries out. Varies greatly among diff mascaras joy859/12/2013 10:40PM

About 4 months. trisheee9/12/2013 3:05PM

min(dry out, 3 months)cilucia9/12/2013 10:00AM

3 or 4 monthsmellifera 9/12/2013 6:54AM

2 months or lesssmurfettesg9/12/2013 1:30AM

Until they dry out...But now I only use trial size GWPs and that takes me about 2-3months aksaiyo9/12/2013 1:07AM

til it changesDeedrr 9/12/2013 12:39AM

Mine tend to last about 4 months before they're dried up and unusable.kragey9/12/2013 12:34AM

i think it usually ends up being around 6 months. basically until they start being dryanonamizz9/11/2013 11:49PM

2ndlechickpea9/12/2013 12:23AM

3rdabbygal9/12/2013 2:16AM

4th!habana9/12/2013 7:44AM

5thpetitepunk99/12/2013 10:49PM

3 months. I am not risking an eye infection petagirl9/11/2013 11:49PM

3 or 4 months. I try to be careful about it I guess I'm paranoid!cgw19/11/2013 11:42PM

However long it works but ends up being 3-4 monthsleelina9/11/2013 11:41PM

6mts, as stated on the packaging. but I'll usually run out in 4mtsbergamott9/11/2013 11:35PM

i keep them until they are empty or until i just flat out don't like them honestly lolgenarod9/11/2013 11:30PM

This! lolcassie119/11/2013 11:44PM

3rdkoushi9/11/2013 11:44PM

4thshauneexo9/12/2013 12:11AM

5th, I've got around 3-4 on rotation & keep them till they're dry/ flaky/ clumpy/ get bored of themAncatje9/12/2013 7:41AM

2-3 months chocolatecupcake55689/11/2013 11:27PM