Got totally ignored at Chanel counter today. :/ Ended up with MJ from Sephora ++

It's like I was was invisible at Chanel! I wanted 2 (3) e/s quads and couple of lipsticks. Left empty handed. :(

Anyway. went to Sephora & got MJ eyeshadow palette in Lolita and lipsticks in Understudy (warm pink-brown, looks like Chanel RC in Mademoiselle on me) and Surrender Dorothy ( true red). Still bummed by my Chanel no-haul but it came to less than what I was going to spend so that's good.

Love the way Lolita looks in the palette (perfect neutrals). Anyone have this?

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expand whole threadGot totally ignored at Chanel counter today. :/ Ended up with MJ from Sephora ++leelina9/11/2013 10:52PM

Were you on 57th? Was it NYFW, busy? I am so sorry ++Lelia49/12/2013 7:36AM

I hate hearing this!! If I ignored a client at my counter I would be fired for sure! Ropnotacliniquegal9/12/2013 3:25AM

this was me at Chanel. 3 workers. i stood there for 20 mins. finally 1 helped me.goforthejugular9/12/2013 12:43AM

I wouldn't wait 20 min and I'd send a note to the supervisorknitsnbytes9/12/2013 7:12AM

Must be something about us! Funny. What did you get?leelina9/12/2013 12:54AM

This is why SAs need sales goals. I don't even ignore men who breeze past my counter.A88A9/11/2013 11:30PM

Probably my own fault too. Need to be more aggressive! :)leelina9/11/2013 11:40PM

I have seen the MJ display so many times and I love the MJ brand but the r/overybecca9/11/2013 11:08PM

Didn't appeal to me at first either so we'll see how I feel in daylight tomorrowleelina9/11/2013 11:09PM

Probably missing a lot of contextual background info, but why didn't you tell the SA you wanted ++alexap39/11/2013 11:07PM

I did. They were helping others & sort of nodded. Then completely ignored me even +leelina9/11/2013 11:08PM

Oh I get it now. Sorry, I got confused. Well good thing you left then!alexap39/11/2013 11:12PM

I am lemming it! Same thing happens to me at Chanel counters. I have to go to Murale :( saarahkb49/11/2013 10:58PM

Lolita seemed prettiest/most wearable to meleelina9/11/2013 10:59PM

Me too! The tease is nicer on than I expected, but Lolita was my favorite e/s. loved role play l/s! saarahkb49/11/2013 11:01PM

I wanted to try Role Play but SA steered me towards darker colors for fall. Tease ++leelina9/11/2013 11:06PM

The berry eyeliner is gorgeous, I don't care much for the glosses. Under eye pens are superbsaarahkb49/11/2013 11:46PM

Berry sounds so gorgeous. I have the YSL plum cream liner. Do you know if they're similar? TY +leelina9/11/2013 11:58PM

im so pushy, if a SA doesnt come to me I'll just straight up go to them and tell them what I want +anonamizz9/11/2013 10:57PM

Same here lol, I didn't even realize I was pushy, but come to think of it I totally amkochanie9/11/2013 11:13PM

I tried feebly waving to catch their eyes. No dice.leelina9/11/2013 10:58PM

Which quads did you want at Chanel?koushi9/11/2013 10:55PM

Raffinement, Seduction (if they had it) and Premier Regard or Mystic Eyesleelina9/11/2013 10:57PM

Gurl, you need Raffinement! I want Seduction and Enigma :) you have good tastekoushi9/11/2013 11:02PM

I may just order online. Enigma looks stunning too and perfect for fall/winter. Smokey!leelina9/11/2013 11:04PM

LOL don't feel bad I'm usually invisible at sephora and end up at Macy's or Nordstrom genarod9/11/2013 10:55PM

PBI: I have to beat them off with a stick at Sephora, lol, what gives?koushi9/11/2013 10:55PM

I wish I knew++genarod9/11/2013 11:01PM

Awww, that's awful :(leelina9/11/2013 11:43PM

Maybe you have the worst store ever! I would avoid itkoushi9/11/2013 11:01PM

Lol it's odd. It gets a lot of foot traffic so I guess they're rushed but +genarod9/11/2013 11:04PM

Same. I'm a magnet at Sephora! That's how I ended up with all those. leelina9/11/2013 10:57PM

oh I wanted to hear how it is2crazycatladies9/11/2013 10:53PM

Lolita? It looked very wearable. Only 1 middle shade has some glitter/fallout +leelina9/11/2013 10:56PM