Suqqu fall eyeshadow swatches! PIC OBESE ++

These were made in-store with my phone so not ideal, but you get the spirit. EX-15 reminded me of Hanamari in concept, but has different shades (we compared them side by side at the counter). EX-16 and EX-17 are quite unique against the rest of the range. Curiosity: apparently the pink in EX-16 was inspired by the red shade geisha use around their eyes to ward off evil spirits. :)

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expand whole threadSuqqu fall eyeshadow swatches! PIC OBESE ++nmezza8/30/2013 2:21PM

Want 17! Oh my!flatropical8/30/2013 3:54PM

thankfully (or not) the ex-16 is the only one that speaks to meEnkida8/30/2013 2:50PM

It would look stunning on you. :)nmezza8/30/2013 2:56PM

teh SEKSthecharm8/30/2013 2:42PM

IKR? <3nmezza8/30/2013 2:43PM

Tysm for these, i think i have to have hatsushimofredlmccorkle8/30/2013 2:41PM

Hatsushimo was my favourite at first sight.nmezza8/30/2013 2:44PM

Ohhhh, thanks for these swatches!!Shryh18/30/2013 2:41PM

My pleasure. :)nmezza8/30/2013 2:43PM

Thank you!!! Ordered EX-15 but must have EX-17. Sooo pretty!Koren8/30/2013 2:41PM

It is gorgeous!nmezza8/30/2013 2:43PM

The swatches look so much nicer than the e/s in the pan. Still not my shades though. :(bastet8/30/2013 2:34PM

Hopefully you'll be able to pet them in person soon though. :)nmezza8/30/2013 2:38PM

I'll definitely check them out. By the way, should I call and have them set aside brushes for me?+bastet8/30/2013 2:41PM

Not usually. I can ask on Sunday and let you know. nmezza8/30/2013 2:49PM

Thank you! :)bastet8/30/2013 3:34PM

those are so pretty. Do you think the two colors in 16 are close to the colors in Shi beach grass?vampiressrevenge8/30/2013 2:27PM

I can compare them side by side, but can already say the gold is darker and richer.nmezza8/30/2013 2:28PM

0:) can you take pictures? *bats eyelashes at you*vampiressrevenge8/30/2013 2:33PM

Sure. It's getting dark here though!nmezza8/30/2013 2:33PM

TY! I have 15 on the way. 16 looks like the Christmas set in gold which I have, hmm. I still want +anitacocktail8/30/2013 2:24PM

It is so pretty, Neicy! <3nmezza8/30/2013 2:25PM

I have the sping palette too, is it like that? Doesn't matter, it is on the way, lol!anitacocktail8/30/2013 2:27PM

I didn't get the spring one. The patterns on this one are prettier. :)nmezza8/30/2013 2:29PM

I thought the opposite! But it is good to have both!anitacocktail8/30/2013 2:30PM

I love that too. Reminds me of my past. Ok, time to make another order. ;/anitacocktail8/30/2013 2:31PM

I love the fact that this collection is inspired by geisha makeup. :)nmezza8/30/2013 2:30PM

EX17 it is then! Need to find funds now........dizzielittlerascal8/30/2013 2:24PM

:)nmezza8/30/2013 2:25PM

<3 okay *breathes* I'm going to try to dupe EX16 first before buying itmadeupstories8/30/2013 2:24PM

No! Just buy it, lol.anitacocktail8/30/2013 2:25PM

I am of the same opinion. ;)nmezza8/30/2013 2:26PM

She will get it !anitacocktail8/30/2013 2:27PM

shut uuuuuup D'''''':madeupstories8/30/2013 2:27PM

Haha! Give in!anitacocktail8/30/2013 2:30PM