Stash (sort of). I was organizing and inventorying. I grew from three full boxes to about six +

almost full boxes. DH snuck up on me with the camera. I'll have to take photos of the nice neat (lol) boxes. Out of this whole mess, I only purged about 30. A drop in the bucket.

I've acquired quite a few polishes since these pics were taken. I need to put them on a spreadsheet.

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expand whole threadStash (sort of). I was organizing and inventorying. I grew from three full boxes to about six +troydelway7/13/2013 5:31PM

Love these pics! I've definitely been there missykeyana7/14/2013 5:07PM

These are the cutest pictures ever! Love 'em :DTwoapennything7/14/2013 3:56PM

HAHAHAWWWW. This post is adorable! This was SO me last week when I was reorganising :Dlennyray7/14/2013 10:44AM

Haha! This was me tonight. I feel your pain. ;)ktp7897/14/2013 2:31AM

caught in the act, lol! thats a cute picture!patricew7/13/2013 8:28PM

awesome stashtwisted857/13/2013 7:15PM

Get thee a Helmer!mayonegg7/13/2013 7:14PM

In love with your walk-in. Loving your stash as well :)stolenglimpse7/13/2013 5:56PM

Thanks! I'm not exactly sure what this room was originally +troydelway7/13/2013 6:16PM

Ooh - I love your closet! Nice stash, too. julia9417/13/2013 5:53PM

Thanks!troydelway7/13/2013 6:16PM

Great pictures! thanks for the smilejessiesgirl7/13/2013 5:53PM

:)troydelway7/13/2013 6:16PM

Fun!!! I destashed about 10 bottles today....and bought 12. Go figure. ;)dressagediva7/13/2013 5:49PM

Yeah. I bought four today without even trying.troydelway7/13/2013 6:17PM

Love it....Looks like someone is camera shy! Lovely stash! And I love the color of your walls too!!!skraft8137/13/2013 5:45PM

Thank you. I was cleaning the room because we are getting +troydelway7/13/2013 6:17PM

nice collection! love stash shots!bettygrable727/13/2013 5:35PM

Thanks. The NB is a bad influence. troydelway7/13/2013 6:18PM

So cute to see you playing w your stash!blitherypoop7/13/2013 5:33PM

:Dtroydelway7/13/2013 6:18PM

sorry for the large photostroydelway7/13/2013 5:33PM