fotd No pressure eye shadow, by terry aqua #3 eye liner, and Nars Dolce Vita lipstick

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expand whole threadfotd No pressure eye shadow, by terry aqua #3 eye liner, and Nars Dolce Vita lipstick2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:16PM

I think this is my favorite FOTD that you've posted.DStuyvesant7/13/2013 6:21PM

Lovely!VioletOblivia7/13/2013 5:31PM

thanks :^) hugs2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:32PM

I'll be doing a teal and purple look with the Mariposa palette on Monday!VioletOblivia7/13/2013 5:43PM

sounds amazing2crazycatladies7/13/2013 6:04PM

TEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ivanabacowboy7/13/2013 5:57PM

I was just about to post practically the same as last poster. Fabulous photo lori😊sezhes7/13/2013 5:29PM

thank you thats so sweet of you 2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:31PM

You look awesome Lori, your hair looks lovely too.krsn897/13/2013 5:24PM

thanks hon :^)2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:24PM

Dolce Vita ls??CelticChick7/13/2013 5:22PM

yes its a wonderful color 2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:24PM

I wish my one looked like that on me :-( it's lovely on youCelticChick7/13/2013 5:30PM

oh I hate when they go on so different thats such a bummer2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:32PM

Very pretty! You did your hair a different color did you? Looks GREAT!ivanabacowboy7/13/2013 5:19PM

yes my friend who is a hair stylist did it for me and I really like it2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:20PM

They did a good job! This is a great color for you and looks youthful!ivanabacowboy7/13/2013 5:21PM

thank you so much :^) yay 2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:21PM

that eye liner is so pretty on you!laurenli7/13/2013 5:19PM

thanks you :^)2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:19PM

Beautiful! one of my fave l/s ever...Conny687/13/2013 5:17PM

yeah its great I really like it its so creamy too2crazycatladies7/13/2013 5:18PM